Managing projects managing information

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Managing projects managing information

Managing projects managing informationEszter nagy

We are living in a world which is overloaded with information

Courage to show up(I really want to do something)1.

Find out what is needed and wanted(How can I help?)May the Scope be with you!


ProjectOnce in a whileLasts for defined timeAim is known -> improve processEXPERIENCE (analogies)ContinuousLasts for undefined timeProcess is known -> improve performanceDATA (sorting)


Develop an action planCreate something!


Iron triangle: imagine you are a car mechanic. You know your profession very well, you know everything about how a car works, and you know exactly, which problem and issue with the car is taking how much effort and time. Imagine, on a busy day in the workroom a blue Ford Focus is arriving at your gates, and the driver says: here is 50 000 Ft, I want my car to be done in an hour because I have to go forward. Would you say yes?...Scope, Time and Costs are connected. If you change one, the others have to change too. So you can put the iron triangle onto the equation, which makes it balanced and stabile. So, you should answer to the car driver, after you did calculation on the other two pats (since the scope of the work has changed)7

Develop an action planCreate something!THINK


SMART goal: specific, measurable, achievable/attractive, relevant, time boundWBS: brainstorming, creating subgroups, defining the data in the subgroups, defining expected results, creating system, defning dependencies, time and effort, bargaining


Develop an action planCreate something!


Find aligned teammatesStakeholder analysis

4.InvestorThe pressProject memberProfessional team member

Keep performingFollow-upManaging change(Project ending)5.

5 stepsCourage to show upFind out what is needed and wantedDevelop an action planFind aligned teammatesKeep performing

Always overdeliverDont ever let your idea muscles get lazy