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1. Managing Your Outsourced PartnerDont forget - this time you're the client! Its your work and it needs to be done your way!Never Sacrifice. Set Daily, Weekly, Monthly meetings to review quality and productionand also address any outstanding or problematic issues.Develop a chain of command for your process and team. Set Daily targets. Have a clearand concise disciplinary action plan.Ensure that at least 1 US staff member is available to coordinate/assist the outsourcedteam. Implement and Develop an ongoing training program.Implement and Develop an ongoing training program.Documentation of responsibilities, workflows, communicationand chain of command.Mandate that an on-site outsourced manager be assigned toyour project/team. Develop a Quality Assurance Plan thatyour overseas partner must follow and report on.The whole point of outsourcing is that it is very cost effective, which means you should always get things your way.

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