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April Rose Manato


  • Republic of the Philippines

    Polytechnic University of the Philippines

    Quezon City Branch

    Prepared by:

    April Rose M. Manato BBTEIT 4-1

    Submitted to: Prof. Sheryl Morales

  • Acknowledgement

    I would like to share my joy and gratefulness to the people who became instrumental in accomplishing this pre-service teaching


    To all my students, for being participative during our daily lessons and allowing me to become part of their lives;

    To my cooperating teacher, Ms. Abegail P. Estrella, for her

    unconditional support and guidance during my practice teaching period;

    To all the teachers, master teachers and head of TLE Department in Commonwealth High School, for their

    assistance and welcoming us to become part of their family;

    To our Sintang Paaralan, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, for serving as our ground in honing our skills and

    talents in the field of education;

    To our advisers, Prof. Sheryl Morales and Prof. Marilyn Isip, for their efforts encouragements to give our very best;

    To my loving mother and two brothers;

    To my classmates and co-student teachers, for their help and

    being my companion through thick and thin;

    And most importantly, to our Almighty God, for providing love, care and wisdom in everything we do.

  • Table of Contents

    Certificate of Completion Acknowledgement

    I. Statement of Purpose of the Portfolio II. Prayer of Pre-service teachers

    Teachers creed Personal Education Philosophy

    III. Resume Community Involvement

    IV. Personal Insights on the pre-service training experience V. Brief Description of the Site of Practice Teaching

    Mission Vision Goals and Values Organization Chart

    VI. Sample lesson plan/learning guide/plan book a. detailed lesson plan b. semi-detailed lesson plan c. brief/outline lesson plan

    VII. Lesson plan used during final demonstration a. pictures of teaching materials used b. pictures during the final demo c. sample of students output

    Additional entries -Daily Time Record -School Site -Pictures

  • I. Statement of Purpose of the Portfolio

    The main purpose of Pre-Service Teaching Portfolio is observation of the learning environment and its stakeholders. The student teachers have to be familiar with the school and classroom facilities, organizational set-up,

    faculty, administration and the non-teaching personnel. And most importantly, the heart of educative process, the students/learners. The learners behavior is the first priority to be observed by the student teachers. From the observation, the student teachers shall develop the appropriate teaching strategies and methods needed to apply. It includes the growth and development of skills, talents, knowledge of every learner. Student teachers were expected to cooperate and involve in the school activities. They also shall learn to build

    good relationship with their cooperating teachers and students. This portfolio is a compilation of statements/documents used to fulfill the pre-service teaching of the BBTEIT senior students, A.Y. 2014-2015. It reflects all the experiences of a future educator before they enter the arena of teaching profession. A well-organized portfolio serves as an important resource when you are applying for a job.

    It showcases your accomplishments and skills to indicate the value to offer to the school districts you have targeted. A portfolio is an added tool to secure a job offer - not just

    any offer, but an excellent offer.

  • II. Prayer of Pre-Service Teacher

    Lord God, Thank You for all the blessings You provide us each day

    So that we can serve and teach others. We are asking for the knowledge and wisdom

    so that we can be your instruments to teach Your children very well.

    Lord, by Your great love and kindness,

    Lead me to be patient and understanding. Give me enough strength to face every uncertainty.

    Guide me to the right decision so that I may influence my students with

    Good, appropriate and pleasant characters.

    And help me to share and dedicate my life For building the future generations.

    I pray that I may inspire my students, Love them unconditionally, and

    Care for them as my own children.

    Lord God, all the praises and glory is Yours Forever. Amen

  • Teachers Creed

    I am a teacher. I accept the challenge

    to be sagacious and tenacious in teaching every student,

    because I believe every student can learn. I accept the responsibility

    to create a learning environment conducive to optimum achievement

    academically, socially, and emotionally.

    I actively pursue excellence for my students and myself.

    I provide a model of decorum and respect that Guide my students as well as honors them.

    I affirm superlative expectations for my students and myself.

    I cherish every student. I am a teacher.

    I change the world one student at a time.

  • Personal Education Philosophy

    Educating others is a passion. It is a desire to make a meaningful

    change in every aspect of life.

    In learning there is ability to change, a change which drives every

    person to become a better citizen of this nation and to become a leader of

    God. In order to learn, we must have proper education. Education comes

    from school, family, environment and in spiritual beliefs. It needs to be

    governed with passion through channels. The learning channels are the

    Teacher, Methods and Principles in Teaching and the most important, the


    The teacher must gain sufficient knowledge and must never stop

    learning by his own. He must be guided by general aims of education and

    must be guided by the wisdom comes from above.

    A teacher must aim to produce quality students which possess love

    of country, citizenship, moral values, proper discipline and faith in God.

    Knowledge is acquired by strong motivation of the instructor to his/her


    Teaching is the noblest profession in the entire world. It is the great

    producer of competitive leaders and faithful servants that our nation greatly


    Teaching is the responsibility of the teacher and Learning is the

    responsibility of the Learner.



    Objective: To be able to perform my duty as a practice teacher that would allow

    applying my knowledge and skills with values.


    Effective communication skills

    Human relation skills

    Computer literate

    Office procedures

    Basic Stenography (English)

    Educational Background:

    Polytechnic University of the Philippines Quezon City Branch

    Bachelor in Business Teacher Education


    Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy

    Madrid Blvd., Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro

    Year Graduated 2007

    Bansud Central School

    Poblacion, Bansud, Oriental Mindoro

    Year Graduated 2003

    Seminars Attended:

    GrassRoots Budgets Process Consultation of National Youth Commission

    Sulo Riviera Hotel, Matalino St., Quezon City

    EdukCircle 2014

    Ateneo de Manila University

    Software Freedom Day 2014

    Polytechnic University of the Philippines

  • Personal Background:

    Birthday : April 28, 1991

    Age: 23

    Birthplace: Poblacion, Bansud, Oriental Mindoro

    Religion: Roman Catholic

    Father: Alberto M. Manato

    Mother: Mary Melody M. Manato

  • IV. Personal Insights on the pre-service training experience

    My experience as a practice teacher became helpful for me to

    realize that it is totally different when you are in front of a class,

    teaching your students from the plan that you wanted to achieve.

    At first, I thought it is very much easy to teach. But, when I began

    to teach in actual, the reality is it is not that easy.

    There is one thing that I always remember: Do not enter the

    classroom without a Lesson Plan. It is a friendly reminder from

    the school principal, department head, teachers and my cooperating


    It is always better to have a lesson plan. But due to some

    unexpected circumstances, not all that is written in your lesson

    plan is perfectly achieved. You have to make sure that you always

    a Plan B, C or D. You must always be ready for some adjustment.

    Before teaching, you need to be reminded of the following factors:

    time, subject matter, instructional materials, and behavior of the

    students, classroom and the teacher itself.

    I also observed that building a good relationship with your

    co-teachers and higher authorities is very essential. They always

    remind us to show respect to the people inside the school.

    I always remind myself that at the end of the day, I made my

    students inspired in studying.

    Students are also inspiration to the teachers to become a

    better educator. Teacher must never stop learning. A teacher

    assists the society to find the meaning and purpose of each


  • V. Brief Description of the Site of Practice Teaching

    Mission,Vision, Goal, Values

    (Commonwealth High School)

  • Brief Description of the School Site

    Commonwealth High School


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