manifest destiny westward expansion alexander kent markham 4 th 2-16-12

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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny Westward ExpansionAlexander Kent Markham 4th 2-16-12

Manifest DestinyDefinition: The belief that America should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific. John L. OSullavian created the term in a paper in 1845. He was a journalist.

Oregon CountryOregon Country was in the Pacific Northwest, North of CaliforniaWashington, Oregon, Idaho, and parts of Montana and Wyoming came from Oregon CountryFrom Adams/Onis treaty with BritainOregon trail was 2,000 miles/ started in Missouri/ went across Mississippi river, Rocky mnts., Great Plains, Snake River ValleyFifty-four forty or fight: line refered to what lin democrats thought was the U.S. owned, slogan in 1844 election of Polk

TexasDavy Crockett was a frontiers men with shrewd common sense when he lost his senate seat in Tennessee in 1835 he moved to Texas 1830 when Mexico banned U.S. citizens from settling in Texas and When they put a high tax on U.S. productsStephen F. Austin: brought 300 families to TexasThey decreed that no more U.S. citizens could immigrate to Texas this angered many Texans and Americans Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became president of Mxico in 1833A battle occurred in which all the Texan defenders died and the fort was destroyedTexas declared independence March 2, 1836 in Washington on the BrazosSam Houston became the leader of the Texan forcesBattle of San JacintoWhen April 21, 1836 Battle cry: Remember the Alamo! Remember GoliadAt the end of the battle Santa Anna signed a treaty that gave Texas Independence Jackson didnt want to annex Texas because he didnt want to inflame the slave issue Texas became a state in 1845Polk was president when Texas was annexed

War with MexicoWhat states are in New Mexico: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, parts of Colorado and parts of WyomingThe Santa Fe trail was a trade route from Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It went across prairies to the Arkansas river and followed it to the Rockies then turned down to Santa FeAs trade increased Americans began to settle in the area Spanish explorers and missionaries influenced Californias cultureThe climate of California is mild, filled with scenic beauty, and is full of natural resourcesAmericans thought that being surrounded by the sea would be safer than if bordered by MexicoThe U.S. thought that the Rio Grande was the border and the Mexicans believed that the Nueces river was the borderPolk called an emergency meeting after the Mexicans attacked Americans and decided to go to war with MexicoFredrick Douglass didnt like the war because it was a way to spread slavery to new territories A flag with a white background with a star and bear on it, Bear Flag Republic.Polk sent Winfield Scott to capture Mexico CityThe treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war with Mexico February 1848 Afterward the border became the Rio GrandeNew statesCalifornia, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, parts of Colorado and parts of WyomingGadsden Purchase 1853 10 million dollarsStates from Gadsden Purchase Southern New Mexico and Southern Arizona

California and UtahGold rush 1849/in California/ people who came were called 49ersThey had to cross the Sierra Nevada mnts. to get to California 49ers came from the U.S., China, Australia, Mexico, South America, and EuropeBoomtown: a town that grew rapidly in population and economySan Francisco grew from a small village to a town of more than 20,000 peopleLevi Strauss was a Jewish immigrant who sold sturdy pants made of denim to miners, invented jeans.UtahThe Mormons took refuge in Utah Joseph Smith was their founder. He got killed by a mob in Illinois in 1844 Afterward Brigham Young became the leader of the MormonsThey settled in UtahUtah became a state in 1896

Cause and effectCauseAmericans accept Manifest Destiny.As east becomes crowded Americans want more land.The West contains fur, lumber, and precious metals.

EffectNative Americans forced off their lands.U.S. war with Mexico.The U.S. extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific

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