manifest destiny & westward expansion

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Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion. Miss Springborn Team 6- Social Studies. How do we gain all the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific?. What is Manifest Destiny ?. The belief that the United States should “expand ocean to ocean.”. Manifest Destiny. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion

    Miss SpringbornTeam 6- Social Studies

  • How do we gain all the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific?

  • What is Manifest Destiny ?The belief that the United States should expand ocean to ocean.

  • Manifest DestinyThe American claim is by the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and possess the whole of the continent - John OSullivan

  • WHY?People living in our country thought that we were a special nation and therefore destined to spread across the continent.

  • The Louisiana Purchase

  • Louisiana Purchase- October 20th 1803Why- United States was scared France would not let us use the port city of New Orleans. So. President Jefferson offers to buy the land from France.

  • Cost of the Louisiana PurchaseIt cost $15 million and doubled the size of the United States. In 1804 the cost was $0.03 a square mile In 2008, the Equivalent cost was about $2.57 per square mile.Was this a Good Deal for the United States???

  • Lewis and ClarkAmericans knew very little about this new land.

    Lewis and Clark were sent out to explore the new territory with the help of Sacagawea.

  • A Mission of DiscoveryLewis and Clark kept journals describing the people, places, plants and animals they saw:Rocky MountainsHuge herds of Buffalo, Elk and DeerNew PlantsMany Native Groups

  • The War of 1812Who?- this is between America and Great Britain.

  • War Again?President Madison declares war under pressure of War Hawks in Congress because Great Britain was ignoring our neutrality (staying out of foreign affairs).

  • Important details:Many battles take place along the Canadian border.

    Both Buffalo and Washington are burned to the ground by the British and United States burns York (Toronto).

  • FloridaMany People wanted to settle in this area, but it was owned by Spain.Additionally there were many Seminole Indians in this area who were hostile.

  • FloridaIn April 1818, General Andrew Jackson invades Florida (1st Seminole War)Jackson takes over all of Florida without permission from President Monroe.Jacksons presence in Florida convinced Spanish to sign the Adams-Onis Treaty. U.S. gets Florida.

  • Monroe Doctrine:Warning to all of Europe All of North and South America was CLOSED to colonization (settling by other nations).Written by President Monroe.

  • European ReactionMany European nations were angry because the US was standing up to them.The Europeans also used the colonies as a source of Raw Materials.

  • The Oregon TrailPath that stretched 2,000 miles west through the Rocky Mts.An average trip lasted 6 months. Travelers went from dawn till dusk. Thousands of Americans made the journey.

  • Oregon a State ?Americans living in Oregon wanted to become a stateExpansionists wanted to control all of the land north until the 54th parallel. Settlers used the sloganFifty-Four, Forty or Fight!Eventually war was avoided and the Treaty of Oregon was signed, settling at the 49th parallel.

  • Texas War for IndependenceWhen?- starts in October 1835- Ends in April 1836 lasted 7 months.

  • The Texas War for IndependenceWhy Did It Happen?American settlers living in Texas were being controlled by Mexico. They wanted their independence and refused to become citizens of Mexico.

  • What happens next?Battle of the Alamo

  • Important People to knowStephen Austin, leader of settlers from America. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna- leader of Mexico that attacked settlers in Texas. William Travis, Jim Bowie, Davey Crocket- all fought on Texass side at the Battle the Alamo where 1,800 Mexican troops attacked 189. Texas troops over 13 days.

  • Remember the Alamo became rallying cry of war.

  • The Mexican WarWhen?- President James Polk declares war in May 1846.Why?- Mexico has shed American blood on American soil James Polk. American troops and Mexican troops clashed in a disputed area near Mexican/Texas border.

  • How does this war end? We sign the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: This gave the United States:Mexican Cession later we added the Gadsden Purchase.

  • The Treaty of Guadalupe HidalgoMexican CessionLand given up by Mexico, which is now California, Nevada, and UtahIt also included most of Arizona and New Mexico and parts of Colorado, Texas and WyomingGadsden PurchaseCost $10 million dollarsIncluded Southern parts of Arizona and New MexicoWe needed this land to complete the railroads to California

  • Gold Rush time

  • The California Gold RushIn 1849, GOLD was discovered at a mill. Over 80,000 settlers came from all over to look for gold. These people were called forty-niners. Very few struck it rich.

  • Actual posters from the Gold Rush

  • Places where gold was found

  • The Chart, Map, Cartoon:Using your colored pencils so we can complete the Manifest Destiny map and chart.Louisiana Purchase: 1803Oregon: August of 1848Mexican Cession: 1848Gadsden Purchase: 1853First: Fill in ChartThen: Label all territories, Color each one a different colorThen: Create a Cartoon for the Monroe Doctrine


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