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  • Sophistication of Offerings is Increasing

  • ManpowerGroupTM is the world leader in innovative workforce solutions. We leverage our global reach and local expertise of tens of thousands of people across more than 80 countries, making it possible for businesses to access the talent they need when they need it.ManpowerGroupTM Solutions provides clients with human resources outsourcing services primarily in the areas of large-scale recruiting and outcome-based workforce-intensive initiatives, thereby sharing in the risk and reward with our clients.ExperisTM is the global leader in professional resourcing and project-based workforce solutions. With operations in more than 50 countries, we deliver 53 million hours of professional talent specializing in IT, Finance and Engineering to accelerate clients businesses each year.Right Management is the global leader in talent and career management workforce solutions. Through our innovative and proprietary process, we leverage our expertise to successfully increase productivity and optimize business performance..Manpower is the global leader in contingent and permanent recruitment workforce solutions. We provide the personal flexibility and agility businesses need with a continuum of staffing solutions.

  • Innovative Workforce Solutions that Power the WOWWe power the world of work through innovative workforce solutions:We help our clients win.

  • The leader in global service delivery

    With a footprint of nearly 3,900 offices in 80 countries and territories, we provide local, national and global companies with the experts who understand market-specific labor customs, regulations, tax laws and economic trends.

  • ManpowerGroup Russia&RegionRussiaKazakhstanUkraineBelarus12 Offices in Russia&RegionSuccessful operations since 19949500+ associates/ 1200+ clients

  • Training & DevelopmentOutstaffingOn-site HR servicesOutstaffingProfessional RecruitmentExecutive Search & SelectionTemporary Staffing ServicesMass RecruitmentVolume Recruitment

    Search and SelectionManpowerGroup Services

  • Recruitment Department StructureMass RecruitmentIndustrial Mass RecruitmentExecutive Recruitment

  • Training / Certification (if required) Candidates FlowExecutive SearchReferralsAdvertisingInternetHigh SchoolsPhone Interview1st InterviewAssessment - Center, TestingSigning of Labor Contract with ManpowerGroup (if required)Preliminary Examination2nd InterviewManpowerGroup Project Team CV screeningProfilingEmploymentManpowerGroup Database Recruitment Flow Chart

  • Our process to find and match the right candidates uses

    Tiers of selection133123The Candidate Experience

    All potential candidates are screened to ensure we are able to find them gainful employment. We also undertake full interviews, assessments and references with each applicant.Candidate Attraction

    Multi-channel approach to attract candidates via a diverse range of mediums including internet based attract campaigns, referrals from existing staff and high street branches across Europe.Candidate Care and Management

    Suitable candidates receive a full job pre-brief and we can tailor an induction package for individual requirements. Our employees will also receive ongoing performance evaluations and free training and up-skilling packages.Candidate Recruitment Talent Match selection process

  • Professional Recruitment Mass Recruitment Staffing

    Manpower : Capabilities

  • Temporary Staffing With Temporary Staffing service, ManpowerGroup supplies the Client with skilled, efficient and productive employees who understand the value of performing high quality work. RESULTCLIENT RecruitmentPlacement / ReplacementEmployment / Laying offManagement & ControlOverallProcess ManagementPayrollingManpowerGroupAdministrative Processing

  • OutstaffingWith this Service, ManpowerGroup becomes an employer for the people whom the Client wants to work for the company but who are to be employed indirectly. RecruitmentPlacement / ReplacementEmployment / Laying offManagement & Control RESULTOverallProcess ManagementPayrollingManpowerGroupCLIENT CLIENT Administrative Processing

  • Services and SolutionsServicesSolutionsSimple Complex

  • End-to-End Solutions for the Employment LifecycleComprehensive range of solutionsIncrease productivity through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction strategies at every stage of your business evolution Concentrate on your core business activities - leave the rest to us

    ManpowerGroup Solutions

  • Talent Based OutsourcingTalent Based Outsourcing is not a specific offering. TBO is a commitment to craft a solution that responds to a specific client need. It may be specific enough to be characterized as an offering (contact centers) and may be comprised of core and adjacent capabilities (e.g. HR expertise, process expertise etc.)

    In Talent Based Outsourcing solutions, we deliver and manage flexible, competitively-priced teams of talent to deliver a discrete task, function or service. Most of the time, this solution is closely integrated in our clients operations, a concept which we call in sourcing.

    We provide this offering in many different areas, such as:Contact Center solutionsFix and Repair solutionsIT Help Desk solutionsCost per unit solutions within manufacturing or logistics sectors

  • Talent Based OutsourcingReception



    HR AdministrationRecruitmentProject CoordinatorFloatersPermanent RecruitmentTemporary RecruitmentSearch & SelectionMaintenance of functionTrainingsHR AdministrationManagementKey Account ManagerDatabase

  • RPORecruitment Process Outsourcing is an offering that allows us to take on all or part of a clients permanent recruiting operations, potentially including: workforce planning, recruiting strategy, sourcing and screening, candidate assessment, interviewing, candidate management, offer negotiation and on-boarding.

  • Consulting ManpowerGroup offers a wide range of consulting services:

    Recruitment Audit HR Audit Planning and Optimization of Staff Size Competence Assessment of Candidates and Personnel Loyalty Assessment of Personnel Development of Competency Models Call Center Organization / Audit Labour Safety Organization / Audit Labour Legislation Organization / Audit Career Transition Consulting Specialized Salary Surveys as well as a number of other offerings.

  • Key Account Manager (KAM) is responsible for ensuring consistent and efficient delivery of Services to the client, also KAM is responsible for all contractual issues that might arise.

    Recruitment Consultants ManpowerGroup specialists, who are focused on the special segments of business as: Retail, Automotive, Sales, Marketing, Finance & Banking, IT & Telecom, Logistic, B2B, and HR and many others. Work flow with our clients

  • Engagement Call with hiring managerCandidate(s)SubmissionCandidate SourcingBehavioral Based / In-depth InterviewTalent assessmentClient Interview scheduling activitiesVerifications and referencesOffer/contract management activitiesOn-boarding activitiesFull recruiting process life cycle

  • Full recruiting process life cycle

    Engagement Call with Hiring Manager

    Talent Assessment

    Candidate Sourcing

    reviewing the job requirements establishing success profilesunderstanding department structure and culturesetting timing and communications protocolsreviewing recruiting strategies

    building a specific sourcing plan to maximize all available sourcing channels executing the sourcing plan to identify prospective candidatesusing various prescreening responses or assessment results to assess candidate

    Behavioral Based In-depth Interview

    obtaining an accurate measure of past performancedetermining if the candidate possesses the desired characteristics / soft skills

    Candidate Submission(s)

    submitting candidates who have passed the assessment and interview stepsFull recruiting process life cycle

  • Full recruiting process life cycle

    Client Interview Scheduling Activities

    Offer/Contract Management Activities

    References/Verificationsmanaging scheduling and communication activities between the candidate and the hiring managerobtaining scheduling preferencesassisting in developing and coordinating interview teamsconfirmation of work history provided by candidateindependent assessment of prior work performancepreparing of the written offer letter or contract documenthandling verbal extension of the offer / contractany negotiation activities

    On-boarding activities

    New Hire PaperworkEquipment and System Access RequestsWarm e-mails and calls to New Hire prior to First Day

  • Company alignment core values, industry leaders

    Proven global managed services programs Scalable and flexible solution capability Approach to global analytics coupled with industry thought leadership

    Financial strength and stability

    Strong and experienced dedicated account team

  • We have been preparing to be the Industry Star

    The Human Age is creating complexity and new demands for Productivity, Innovation and TalentComplexity needs to be confronted with SolutionsWe are well positioned to do this since: We have a strong strategyWe have been investing and building our global capability, coordination and collaboration (scm, glt, combined assets)

    The competitors can copy us use the words but it will take time for them to catch up because they dont have the operating model, organization and talent we have to bring this to life.

    Weve done a lot of work and weve changed a lot - now it is time for us to