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  • Market Strategies An important piece of the puzzle



    Field Service



  • Of course we provide regular Distributor Buyer and Sales Team contacts, offering innovative programs to build business through "out-reach promotions" designed to pull-through to the consumer.

    But we also provide field calls on key retailers, building important usable customer data, introducing new products and new programs.


  • There is nothing more important than communication. Many Vendors feel they don't get enough of it from their representatives in the field. When Market Strategies represents you, you'll hear from us often. You will receive a monthly status report for both distributor progress and for our work in the field with retailers.


  • We keep on top of our customer's programs so our vendors don't have to worry about them. Some of the event driven opportunities we cover are:


    Distributor Sales Team Updates

    Distributor Sales Meetings

    New Product Marketing

    Distributor Open Houses

    Distributor Advertising

    Consumer Clubs

    Retailer Events

    Trade Shows


    We have the ability to create and maintain support websites for each of our full service vendor clients, creating and making available product blurbs, product specification spreadsheets, sell sheets and product images for our distributors and their sales teams to share with retailers when building promotions.

  • We do more than just visit retailers. With the relationships we build we're able to offer programs targeted to the retailer's needs. We build an extensive detailed database targeted to your business so you'll know everything about them:


    Store Name

    Store Address

    Store Phone

    Store Email Address

    Contact Name

    Store Size

    Store Rank

    Favorite Supplies

    What they stock from our vendors

    Competitive products they stock

    Price Check Comparisons Special vendor requested data

  • FIELD SERVICE REPORTS You will know what we're doing because we will tell you, every month, in detail.

  • Market Strategies has the capability to reach over 1800 verified stores via email marketing, with over 3300 in our database.


  • Presentation - knowing who the buyers are for your product and having the ability and experience to create a successful presentation.

    Placement - having established relationships with the buyers based upon years of trust and past successes.

    Promotion - bringing our knowledge and experience into play by providing meaningful budgeted promotions and ISOs that will successfully launch the product off the retail shelf.


  • We build and oversee advertising programs, taking responsibility for our distributor's promotions and events so you don't have to.

    Or we are able to administer your programs in a trouble free manner.


  • Currently Market Strategies covers 32 states and were interviewing for just the right partner for the East Coast responsibility. Successful sales growth still largely depends upon the value of one's contacts and when looking for just the right person, that is always foremost in our minds.

    Western Zone Andy Black

    O: 623-847-3991 - C: 623-670-2981 [email protected]

    Central Zone RD Webster

    O: 970-646-1480 - C: 970-980-4767 [email protected]

    Eastern Zone Looking for the right person

    Coming soon...