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Name : Maya Dayma Roll No. : 02 Subject : Campaign of “Manyavar” Submitted to : Sweety Mam

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Name : Maya DaymaRoll No. : 02Subject : Campaign of “Manyavar”Submitted to : Sweety Mam

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About company : • Formation :1999 • Type : Privately Owned • Headquarters : Kolkata• Indian Leader : Ravi Modi• Chief Visualizer : Shilpi Modi (Wife of Ravi Modi) • Parent organization - Vedant Fashions Pvt. Ltd.• Motto : Earn your Respect • Website -

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Brand Information :

• Brand Products : Ethnic wear , Traditional outfits like Sherwani , Kurta , Indo - western, Kurta and Jackets , Kids wear, Accessories

• Target Group : Men ( 10 yrs to 45 yrs) and recently started their brand for women named “Mohey”

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Campaigns :

• Yaar ki shaadi • Rang Jama de• Jab bhi koi khushi ki baat ho :• Swatantra diwas• Diwali• Convocation • Kurta film : Shopping with wife to impress

someone else• Manyavar No Nahana No Khana

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Social Media connect..

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Outdoor Publicity :

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Slogans :

• “Maan dene se maan milta hai”• “Pehno apni pehchan”• “Rang Jama De”• “Jab bhi koi khushi ki baat ho”• “Earn your respect” is the punchline of this


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• Manas• Kolkata free dress up with uber• 400+ stores including 60 flagship and 12

international stores across 168 cities in India, U.S.A, Bangladesh, U.A.E, Nepal and Saudi Arabia.

• It serves the world’s elite with finest Indian elegance.

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Manas, An Initiative By Manyavar:

• Manas foundation is a non-profit, private charitable organisation to help children with heart ailments, conduct surgeries and treat congenital heart disease.

• It funds 500 heart surgeries every year.

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Journey of Brand :• 2007 – 08 : Launch of an Exclusive Business

Outlet format as Manyavar opens its first outlet outside Kolkata, in Bhubaneshwar.

• 2010 - marked the inauguration of the 100th store in Santa Cruz, Mumbai.

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• 2011 - was a highlight with the establishment of Manas Foundation, a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to support heart surgeries in children.

• In the same year, it crossed borders with the opening of their first international store in Dubai, followed by Bangladesh.

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• 2012 – It reached upto 200 stores. • It inaugurated in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. • Manyavar collaborates with Indian Premier Leaugue to

partner Kolkata Knight Riders. The year’s high was the launch of

• 2013 -  In more than 100 cities. • The 300th store opened in Quest Mall, Kolkata. • Association with IPL grew stronger with sponsoring

Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Daredevils, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

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• 2014 - 333rd store : the grandest Manyavar store in Mumbai.

• It partnered Indian Super League as Associate Sponsors.

• Film advertisements aired across India making it a national brand.

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• 2015 - 400th store in Hazrathanj, Lucknow

• 2016 - The launch of Women’s Celebration Wear label - Mohey.

• Manyavar opened in New Jersey, USA

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My views :

• It creates impact by presenting itself as ‘a mark of respect’, a brand with which consumers can proudly associate with.

• If you look at the origin of Menswear ads or their positioning, it has always been the formal-type.

• The brand has a connection with customers emotionally.

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• Manyavar is an instant hit because :

1. It hopes to be a true Indian brand2. It has touched the Indian Male's biggest occasion - Marriage 3. It also gives the Indian Male to present himself on other Indian "festivities". 

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