map making essentials todals. #1 what map element tells you the subject of the map?

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Map Making Essentials

Map Making EssentialsTODALS

#1What map element tells you the subject of the map?Title

#2Put your pen or pencil on the map so it points north.Now point it south. What should be included on a map to help you find which direction is north?

Orientation = Compass Rose

#3Is this map current and up to date?What could help you find out?


#4Who can we blame if the map is not accurate? Is there a piece of information to help you figure out who you would call to report a mistake?


#5Are there special symbols or colors to help you use this map?Where are they found?What can you learn from using this map?

Legend (key)

#6Choose two different places on the map. What can you use to determine the distance in miles between the two places?


Large scale vs. small scale maps

Why would someone use a map like this? Come up with 2 3 uses.

2. What interesting or important features are included on the map to help someone use it effectively for the reasons you listed for #1?

Assignment I Want the world map1. Continents2. Oceans3. TODALS Map essentialsContinents and Oceans Rap

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