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The new, recent, forthcoming and backlist from Mapin Publishing. Celebrate India with a Mapin book!


  • 1. MAPIN PUBLISHINGPublishers of quality books on art, culture and literature of India Catalogue 2011 | 2012Mapin Art | MapinLit | Childrens Books

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ContentsNew And Forthcoming Indian Art in Detail 18 An Unreasoned Act of Being 23 The Imperial Image 3 The Indian Portrait 16 The Vaikuntha Perumal Temple at Kalighat Paintings 4 Jewels on the Crescent 18Kanchipuram 10 The Last Harvest 1 Khunti Korai 21 Victorious Ones 16 Modernism in India: Architecture Krishen Khanna: Images in My Vijayanagara 20 of Shivdatta Sharma 6Time 22 Vishnu 11 Modernism in India: Art, Krishen Khanna: The Embrace of Vision from the Inner Eye 20 Architecture and Furniture of Aditya Love 22 A Vision of Splendour 20 Prakash 7 Krishnas Cosmos 24 The Waterhouse Albums 20 The Purple Lotus 5 Le Corbusier: Chandigarh and the Yankee India 21 The Relationship between Science Modern City 19 Zen of Seeing 21 and Art 8 Lines from an Artistic Life 24 Wonder of the Age 2 Living Traditions in Indian Art 11MapinLit The Marshall Albums 20 An ABC of Indian Culture 26 Memorials of the Jeypore Exhibition Black Wind 27Mapin Art 1883Volume 1 16 Clay Cures 26 Alternate Lyricism 24 Mosques of Cochin 19 Devi 26 The Art of Adimoolam 22 Moving Pictures 21 The Eternal Spring 27 The Artful Pose 20 The Mucukunda Murals 10 The Gathas of Zarathushtra 26 Banaras: Manu Parekh 23 Museums of Rajasthan 16 Going to Wipe their Tears 26 Bhuj 19 New Narratives 23 Jamali-Kamali 27 Bhupen Khakhar 24 Ootacamund 14 Kan 28 The Biodiversity of India 24 Painted Photographs 20 Letters for Paul 28 The Body Adorned 17 Paintings of the Razmnama 18 The Mahabharata 27 Camera Chronicles of Homai Paritosh Sen 23 Vyarawalla 20 Mission to Kabul 28 Parvati 18 Chola Migrations 23 Movement in Stills 26 The Passion of Nikhil Biswas 22 The City Palace Museum Udaipur 18 Neon Fish in Dark Water 28 Poppo Pingel 15 The Dancer on the Horse 23 Rain 27 Power and Resistance 14 Daughters of India 21 Slivers of a Mirror 27 Raja Ravi Varma 13 Delight in Design 17 Spoonful of Grey 28 Rooted Landscapes 12 Dictionary of Indian Art & Artists 22 Sufism and Beyond 26 Royal Tombs of India 19 Elephant Kingdom 17 The Suragi Tree 28 Sacred Spaces 19 The Eyes of the Thar 22 Sensibility Objectified 22 Feet and Footwear in IndianChildrens Books Sojourns of a Painter 22 Culture 17 The Adventures of Rama 30 Sonabai 21 Feminine Fables 24 Captured in Miniature 31 South Indian Paintings 16 The Flute and the Lotus 18 How the Firefly Got Its Light 30 Symbolic Heat 21 Francis Newton Souza 23 In the Indian Night Sky 31 Temple Potters of Puri 15 Geet Govinda 18 The Kidnapping of Amir Hamza 31 Textiles and Dress of Gujarat 12 Gifts of Conquerors 17 Monkey Tales 31 Traces of India 19 Gifts of Earth 17 Rajah: King of the Jungle 31 Treasures of National Gallery of The Great Procession 23 The Traveller, the Tiger, and theModern Art 13 Himalayan Vignettes 21Very Clever Jackal 31 Treasures of the Albert Hall I See No Stranger 18 Museum, Jaipur 16 3. The Last Harvest A RTPaintings of Rabindranath TagoreEdited by R Siva KumarRabindranath Tagore (18611941) is one of Indias bestknown cultural icons. He was an influential national figureof India, whose genius has transcended boundaries. Besidesbeing a poet, he was a novelist, a writer of short stories andplays, a composer of songs, an essayist, and a philosopher.Painting was the last art form to enter his rich creative life.In mid-20th century, Rabindranath was the first Indian artistto be extensively exhibited in the west.This publication is produced in conjunction with threetravelling exhibitions of Rabindranath Tagores paintings,organized as part of Indias National Commemoration of150th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, by theMinistry of Culture, Government of India. The exhibitionsare travelling to eight cities across the world. Along withover 200 works by Rabindranath, this unique volume bringstogether essays by leading scholars from around the world,which lend insight into Rabindranath Tagore as a painter aswell as locate his paintings within the larger framework ofhis multifaceted creative work.R Siva Kumar is an art historian and curator. He isProfessor of Art History at Visva-Bharati in Santiniketan.He has written extensively on modern Indian Art and isthe author of more than ten books.with contributions from France Bhattacharya, UmaDas Gupta, Martin Kampchen, Lars-Christian Koch,Rajeev Lochan, Kris K. Manjapra, Kathleen OConnelland William Radice. NEw240 pages235 illustrations 9 x 12 (229 x 304mm), hc ISBN: 978-81-89995-61-4 (Mapin)ISBN: 978-1-935677-18-5 (Grantha)2500 | $65 | 40 | 45 October 2011World Rights Published in association withNational Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi1 4. Wonder of the AgeA RT Master Painters of India 11001900 John Guy and Jorrit Britschgi This vividly illustrated publication features 110 works by many of the most eminent painters in the history of Indian art. These remarkable paintings, dating from 1100 to 1900, were selected according to identifiable artists, and they refute the long-held view of anonymous authorship in Indian art. Traditionally, Indian paintings have been classified by regional styles or dynastic periods, with an emphasis on subject matter. Stressing the combined tools of connoisseurship and inscriptional evidence, the pioneering research reflected in this book has identified 40 individual artists and their oeuvres through the analysis of style. The introductory essay outlines the origins of early Indian painting of the first millennium, which set the scene for the development of the art of the book. The sections that follow examine manuscript painting as it evolved from palm-leaf to paper, the emergence of traditional painting as an independent art form, and its demise with the coming of photography. Biographies of the artists and a glossary of their major literary sources provide valuable context. The book is a companion volume to the exhibition on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, from September 2011 to January 2012, prior to which it was at Museum Rietberg. John Guy is Florence and Herbert Irving Curator of the Arts of South and Southeast Asia, Department of Asian Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Jorrit Britschgi is Curator of Indian Painting, Museum Rietberg, Zurich. NEw224 pages 165 illustrations, 3 maps 9.25 x 10.25 (235 x 267mm), hcISBN: 978-81-89995-60-7 (Mapin)2100 | $45 | 30 | 32 September 2011South AsiaPublished in association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2 5. The Imperial Image A RTPaintings for the Mughal CourtMilo Cleveland BeachBooks have been treasured for centuries in the Islamicworld, as precious objects worthy of royal admiration. Thiswas especially true in Muslim India, where generations ofMughal emperors commissioned and collected volumesof richly illuminated manuscripts and lavishly illustratedfolios. They assembled workshops of the leading artists andcalligraphers to produce the books that filled their extensivelibraries. Today, those works remain a vibrant part of Indiascultural and artistic history in the sixteenth and seventeenthcenturies.In this revised and expanded edition of his popular 1981book, Dr Milo Beach presents the superb collection ofMughal painting in the Freer Gallery of Art. He adds manyof the outstanding works that entered the collection withthe opening of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in 1987.Together, the Freer and Sackler Galleries, the Smithsoniansmuseums of Asian art, have the distinction of being one of theworlds leading repositories of Mughal art. An introductoryessay examines the Mughal art of the book and traces thecontributions of a succession of rulers in Muslim India. Briefartist biographies and an extensive bibliography completethis updated volume.Milo Cleveland Beach, a museum director, teacher, andscholar of Indian painting, has written, lectured, andorganized exhibitions internationally on paintings fromRajasthan and the Mughal court.FORTHCOMING232 pages264 illustrations9.9 x 12.5 (252 x 318mm), hc ISBN: 978-81-89995-62-1 (Mapin)ISBN: 978-1-935677-16-1 (Grantha) 3500 | $75 | 46 | 52 2012 World Rights3 6. Kalighat PaintingsA RT Edited by Suhashini Sinha and Professor C Panda Kalighat painting evolved as a unique painting style in the rapidly urbanizing cityscape of 19th-century Kolkata. Reflecting a new language, these paintings recorded the changes in lifestyles, values, and a new visual vocabulary brought forth by lithographic presses and studio photography. The artists who developed the Kalighat painting style were traditional scroll painters (patuas). In catering to the transient, urban populace, the artists let go of their linear narrative styles and adopted single pictures with one or two figures. The traditionally inherited techniques and iconography were blended with the use of watercolours and western academic shading, to show frames of a changing society. This volume accompanies the touring Kalighat Paintings exhibition organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London in collaboration with the Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata in late 2011. The V&A, London holds the single largest collection of Kalighat paintings, and this is the first exhibition of the collection in India. Best examples from the two collections, and also contemporary Kalighat paintings are illustrated in this book. Supporting essays reveal the importance of these collections, highlight the era in which this painting thrived, and the techniques that were used by the artists. Suhashini Sinha is Assistant Curator at the V&A, London. Prof. C Panda is Secretary and Curator of Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata. with contributions from Piyasi Bharasa, Dr Lucio Burgio, Jyotindra Jain and Mike Wheeler. NEw112 pages 153 illustrations8.27 x 9.65 (245 x 210mm), flexicoverISBN: 978-81-89995-66-9 (Mapin) ISBN: 978-1-935677-21-5 (Grantha)995 | $25 | 14.9