mapping maycomb to kill a mockingbird. take notes you will be creating a map of maycomb based on the...

Download Mapping Maycomb To Kill a Mockingbird. Take Notes You will be creating a Map of Maycomb based on the notes you take while reading To Kill a Mockingbird

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  • Mapping MaycombTo Kill a Mockingbird

  • Take NotesYou will be creating a Map of Maycomb based on the notes you take while reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

  • There are over 50 places & events you can include on your Map!

  • 50!

  • AtkinsonAtticus OfficeAuditoriumAveryBankBaptist churchBarber ShopBarker's EddyCalpurniaCamilla GardenCarolineCemeteryCollard Patch(es)CourthouseCrawfordDeasDeer PastureDew Drop InnDuboseDump

    EwellFinchFinch's LandingFireFirst Purchase M.E.Fish PondFootball fieldsGarden(s)Grade schoolHarrisHaverfordHigh schoolJacobsJailJitney JungleKnotholeLamppost LittleLulaMain Residential Street

    Maycomb TribuneMeridian HighwayMethodist ChurchMorphoditeO.K. CafOld SaurumOuthouse(s)Pecan treesPost officeRadleyRailroadRed geraniumsReynoldsRiversRobinsonSide StreetSykesTateTim JohnsonTree houseTyndall'sV.J. Elmore'sZeebo

  • Sotake GOOD notes!

  • To make your OWN Map

  • It may take a couple of tries to get everything in the right place

  • But keep at it!

  • You may even get desperate and look for help online, but Ill be honest: these maps wont help you pass.

  • Plus, breaking Copyright Law will result in an instant ZERO.

  • Just do your best and dont all.ever.

    Thats the definition of Do Your Best.

  • You May Surprise Yourself!

  • You Will Be Graded On:Detailed NotesMap DraftsAccurate Page #sDeductive ReasoningProfessionalismOriginalityTime Management

  • The Inevitable Question:Why are we doing this?

  • This assignment encourages you to read carefully, take good notes, and then use your notes to help understand the setting of the book. Plus, this long-term project requires time-management and organizational skills.Oh, yeah.and because Im a challenging teacher and this is a BIG grade!BIGHUGE

  • Dont panic too much though

    As long as you keep up with your notes, this project can be a lot of fun!