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INTRODUCTIONMapro Foods Private Ltd. Is a fruit processing and beautiful hill is 100kms from company , which is situated at panchgani ( near Mahabaleshwar ) a panoramic station of western India. Panchgani

pune and 250kms from Mumbai and is just off the Golden Quadrilateral. Panchgani was established by the British for the education of their offsprings resulting into a hub of schools. It is knows for its famous schools. This beautiful hill station of India possesses the health, housing and other amenities and attracts more than a million visitors every year. Mapro is in the fruit processing business over more than forty years and it is known for quality and innovation in the industry The Brand Mapro is a Well recognized brand in India. The Company has Shown organic growth over the last four with decades sustained representing profitability sound financials


.The Company was founded by visionary Shri Kishore Vora, a Pharmacist, and at Present is headed by Shri Mayur J. Vore who is the Managing director of the Company.Shri mayur J. Vore , an alumunus of II MB , is Vora by Heading The Organization for last 20 years and has enhanced the Vision of Kishore zone of the Nation. MAPRO has also developed innovative Fruit Jesllies ( Soft Confectionary with Fruit Juice & Fruit pectin ) Our Nursery: What began as a party time hobby has now becomes a passion. While we have a sizeable the collection of rare species, it is our cacti green house that steals the show. Over two hundred grafted & flowering varieties have been collected form different parts. For those who roses, a walks in our rose garden3

transforming Mahabaleshwar, into Fruit processing


is a must.( Over 50 varieties bloom in season ) Some plant which row Well in Mahabaleshwar are available for sale.

Mission and valuesMapro will develop, produce, package & sell food products, with high regards give to our customers by implementing and continually improving Quality Management system & food safety management system to meet & exceed customers expectations

HISTORYOver 40 years ago, in small town of Panchgani, near Mahabalesshwar, a businessman named Kishor Vora decided to make some Strawberry Jam. Today his Hobby has born fruit in the shape of Mapro . One of the most modern,4

hygienic, quality conscious Jam and fruit products Manufacturing Concers in Western Mr. Vora could have rested easy on success of his Fruit recipe. But he wanted to on develop innovative ideas such as Vegetarian Jelly Sweets, fruit cubes with fruit Juice and Rose syrups with Rose patals. All for the first time in country . Mapro naturally grew on its founders philosophy of good, wholesome nutritious, value for money, and above all, a touch of imagination ingredients that have made it a market leader and a household name today.

Mapro Jams:5







Squashes and Toppings are not only know for this wholesome taste and quality but also due to their health properties and their higher natural fruit content. Mapro is today Indias largest processor of fresh Strawberries in the form of Jams, Crushes, Syrups, Squashes and Toppings Strawberry Crush, Is used in Variety of delicious items such as milk shakes, sherbet, lassies, Ice- cream , falooda, Deserts, Fruit Salads & Mock tails Strawberry Jam with whole fruit is an Exclusive Specialty Gingerale and kokum syrupsmade form the fruit extract not only

prepare a soft drink but are know as appetizers and have antacid properties.6

Khus syrups are made form vet verra roots and Rose Syrup ( our largest seller ) is made using natural Rose pertals. Both knows for their Properties Barley Water, squash & Cordial are made using Lemon Juice contain Vitamin c Strawberry Squash and Orange Squash are made form very nutritious fruits. Kesar ( Saffron ) Syrup is made using Saffron from Kashmir, the worlds costliest spice. Thandai Syrup is made with Almonds and Spice including Saffron from Tradition North Indian recipes. Mapro Sweets: are made from Fruit Juices and Liquid Glucose are known to be Pioneer Vegetarian Soft Sweets in Indian. Recently we have Introduced a Dessert Toppings Today Mapro is leading Supplier of tasty as well as Coiling

nutritious fruit product to the International market. Mapro is know to care for its employees. Mapro is a7

home where there is mutual understanding between employee and employer like members in the family. It features a blend of hard work and dedication. It is now in the process of certification under ISO 9000. Mapro Foods Plans To Spread To Spread Its Wings:







makers of squashes, Jams and confectioneries is looking for a pan national presence for its products. The 25 years old brand, primarily known in the Country Under his, 16 cities in the north and 10 cities in the south will soon start stocking Mapro brand products. Mapro foods CEO Mayur Vora told FE that

the focus is now on the northern and southern regions after establishing a presence in cities8







strategy adopted by the it is more bullish on its foray in to northern and southern regions rather than penetrate into the hinterland of Maharashtra. In the north, We are beginning with Delhi and will subsequently take our products to cities like Kanpur, Lucknow and those in Punjab. The forty in the southern market will begin in six months. Where initially we are targeting 10 cities, Mr. Vora said. The company is in the process of establishing a sales force to a monitor the spread in these regions. The strategy is to have a single distributor for each city to ensure product

placement in the supermarks, Shopping malls. Dry fruit shops and general grocery stores. In order to track the movement of products from9

the distributor to the retailer, Mapro is putting in place an online module which will enable the sales force to feed daily sales trends And figures A single distributor for the city and vicinity enables us to exercise better control over the inventory and also ensures better on brand building activates, Mr. Vora said the company will concentrate on point of- sales promotion rather than embark on a grandiose brand building activity print and electronic media, He said Mapro as a brand was small to sustain a large scale media blitz. That is why the

initiatives have been restricted to point ofsale. Since Mahabaleshwar is a premier hill station in Maharashtra attracting tourists by the thousand, brand building is conducted through free10

tasting counters for jams, crushes, syrups, squashes And us to confectionery he added Footfalls at our factory premises enable promote our brand through word- ofmouth which to a large extent has brand through word-of-mouth which to a large extent has been instrumental in our success in the western region,Mr. Vora said. Mapro foods has a turnover of Rs 10 crore and is looking at a 50 per cent growth annually, according to Mr. vora. The company plans to increases its manufacturing capacity by adding

around 5,000

tonnage to the existing 2,000

tonnage capacity at Mahabaleshwar. Fruit processing player Mapro foods, known for its strawberry crushes and Jams, is planning to get into the frozen vegetables sector soon.11

The company has set the ball roiling at its new plant near Mahabaleshwar by blast freezing 2,000 tone of methi, palak,okra and patra leaves. Mayur Vora, MD Mapro Foods said the first pilot consignment of frozen vegetables was being exported to the US through a third Party. Once the dmod picks up, we will begin to freeze more vegetables, he said . There is a huge market Overseas for frozen vegetables that have not been processed. Blast freezing helps retain the flavor

without adding any kind of additives. With a shelf life of six months, the consumer could cook the vegetables normally like fresh vegetables, Vora said. Besides vegetables, Mapro has frozen 300 tone of fruit this year. The12

company is currently

processing 20 tone of vegetables per day.

Around 50% of the growth would come from existing products and remaining growth would come from new products. We are trying to reach out to farmers and get them to farmers and get them to introduce new varieties such as brussel sprouts, broccoli and red cabbage. Many of them are currently growing sugarcane, he said. Growth would also

come from the growing domestic market and demand from retail chains that are increasingly looking at sourcing vegetables. Mapro has already received enquiries from Retail and other smaller chains. The company is currently supplying to Desai Bandhu and Mothers Recipe. Vora said the company13



vegetables from Gujarat and Nashik. We are in

the process of forming a seeding market. Once the exports pick up, we would start catering to the increased demade both in exports and overseas, he said. An intensive quick freezing freezing facility that will be operational soon would

help prevent distress sales of vegetables, he said. Factory Mapro, the well- known company that makes delicious jams, sauce, sherbets has its factory on Mahabaleshwar Panchgani Road. Here the visitors are given the details on how the production of their goods takes place. From here, you can also buy their fresh products Mapro Ice- creams :14

Weve recently setup a Mapro Ice- cram counter. Mouth watering Strawberry Honey ( Sugar free ) we serve delicious milk shakes too! For a refreshing drink you could try our Mocktail corner, And for six months a years, fresh Strawberries with Gram!!!!

Free Counter


Here you can then tire Range of products Jams, Sweets, Grushes, squashes, Mocktails all free of any charge or obligation go ahead, dlight yourself ! Mapro Plant Nursery What began as a part time hobby has now becomes a passion while we have a sizeable that steals the show. Over two hundred grafter & flowering varieties have been collected parts. For those who love15


a walk on our rose garden is a must .

Over 50 varieties blomm are available for sale. Cold Storage: Before you go, Shop factory fresh Mapro Packaged goods at a special price .From fresh fruit and vegetables are available in season. Why not take a literal Field Tour?

Yes , walk

right through our strawberry fields biofertilizers For a a forest

and watch the way . We grow our fruits and vegetables using more adventures sprit , we arrange

trek ( with prior intimation of course ) . Trained guides point out enticing sights and sounds to the fascinated city dwellers . New Project : Mapro foods private Limited , one of the leading food processing companies of India , is planning16

a growth plan to multiply its presence across geographical regions and product lines it is setting a state of art ( SOA) food processing complex at wai , Distt. Satara ,Maharashtra Which is 70 Kms. From Pune and 20 kms from Panchagani / Mahableshwar . It is setting a state of art ( SOA ) food processing complex at wai, Dist. Satara , Maharashtra which is








Panchagani / Mahableshwar . CONCLUSION He sees India as a large market and is planning to a extend its reach to the different parts of country. Quality is the key , believe some of the leading players in the industry today and mapro17

is up to it . It lays great emphasis on quality and has been certified by BVQ for both HACCP and ISO 9001:2001 for over three years now. Being in the industry for years , the company

knows what it takes to succeed in the market . Vora has witnessed the FP industry going through different phases ,Speaking about growth and transaction in the industry , he said , The growth over the last few decades has been slow and also on a low base. The reason was that the industry was concentrating on non traditional or foreign foods. The market for traditional, non-traditional processed foods is expected to grow by at least 20 per cent and 10 per cent respectively in the next five years. 18