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Marana Automotive bodybuilder company produce special vehicle body superstructures


IntroductionThe Marana Automotive company is founded in 2006 as continuation of a long and reach experience of the founder M.Sc. Petar Tanevsky. In this short history, the company has produced various different delicate body superstructures. Today Marana Automotive works as a design bureau which cooperates with several small macedonian automotive companies in many common projects. This year, the last big project was the production of eight superstructures for vehicles for transport of miners of two domestic open-pit coal mines. Petar Tanevsky has almost 30 years experience in the automotive industry. His professional speciality is the supporting vehicle body structures.

HistoryPetar Tanevskys professional biography before he started the Marana Automotive company, includes the next automotive projects: project leader and designer of the self-supporting body structure of the Sanos 522 Galleon, the only double-decker model of the former FAS 11 Oktomvri (Sanos) bus factory and the first doubledecker in Central and Eastern Europe (source: serbian magazine Auto No.198, Belgrade, 1995), project leader of the Sanos 404, macedonian variant of Mercedes O.404, the best seller before Sanos company bankrupted, cofounder of the former Konfor Automotive midibus company and author of the design and whole superstructure of the model Molika, designer of an original conception of semi elastic truck-cistern superstructure bracket, silver medal of the Brussels world innovations exposition Eureka 2000 for the patent called Fast clamp. To the history of Marana Automotive company belongs the next achievements: conversion of many vans to minibuses with delicate intervention in supporting body structure like: enlargening of the Rear overhang of Mercedes Sprinter, enlargement of the window opening of Ford Jumbo etc., conversions of standard types of vehicles to special purpose, for example conversion of SUV Lada Niva to Funeral, produced by stretching for fantastic 1.150 mm, developing of an original sandwich panel for isothermic panel boxes, reparation of old Sanos buses in modern fashionable Mercedes Intouro style with prefabricated body components (side, front, rear and roof panels), many other special purpose superstructures





Marana Automotive business perspectivesThanks to the former FAS 11 Oktomvri (Sanos) bus factory, the biggest bus factory in the region in the past, the Republic of Macedonia has a rich intellectual potential for automotive industry. Many small automotive companies grew after company bankruptcy. Today the automotive market in Macedonia is small. The need of many kind of standard or special vehicle superstructures is to low, so the biggest companies at the moment in Macedonia are the busreparation workshops. The salary of the workers is low. There are too much facilities for rent. The perspective of the country are in the European Union, but the joining of the Union will late because of the problem Macedonia have with Greece about the name. The Government offers two huge free economic zones near the capital Skopje. In the near future, Macedonia will be a good country for investments and transferring of the profitable automotive production. Marana Automotive is the leader in the state for developing of the special kind of sofisticated vehicle superstructures. Thanks to the reach experience, the knowledge in the Science of the vehicle body supporting structures, the collaboration with the Universities, only Marana Automotive can develop the most complicated superstructures for many different purposes. Marana Automotive have not its own facility, but collaborates with many macedonian companies in production of the superstructures. The mission of Marana Automotive is to find a strategic foreign partner for developing common projects or transferring the foreign partners production in Macedonia.

Contact informationContact person: M.Sc. Petar Tanevski Manager of the Marana Automotive Ltd ++389 71 629 304 Address: ul.Tome Arsovski, br.49/42 MK 1000 Skopje



Photo Gallery

Sanos 522 Galleon, 1995, designed by P. Tanevsky

Sanos 522 Galleon, 2010, 15 years after

Midibus Molika, 2002, designed by P. Tanevsky



Molika, rear view

Isothermic superstructure

Kia superstructure



Lada Niva Funeral, stretched for 1.250 mm, the world record for this model

Repaired old Sanos 415, remake in Mercedes Intouro style

CAD drawing of the repaired buses



Repaired Sanos with new face and powertrain of the Mercedes

Conversion of vans to minibuses



Ford Jumbo with enlarged windows openings

Conversions of vans to 22+1 minibuses



Superstructure for transport of miners, mounted on Iveco chassis

The superstructure Mende, the last Marana Automotive project

Marana Automotive Ltd June 2010 Skopje, Macedonia




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