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A presentation outlining the economic and environmental benefits and dangers of drilling for natural gas in the New York State portion of the Marcellus Shale


<ul><li> 1. Marcellus Shale<br />Looking at natural gas drilling through an Economic and Environmental lens<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. The Marcellus Shale<br />489 trillion cubic feet of retrievable gas in Marcellus Shale<br /> 3. 4. 5. Global Potential Economic Benefits<br />Versatility<br />Natural gas is a growing industry<br />U.S. consumed 22,844,374 million cubic feet of natural gas last year alone<br />Cleanest burning fossil fuels<br /> 6. Local Potential Economic Benefits <br />NY state alone consumed 393 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2008, making up 33% of their energy consumption<br />In state production would directly decrease in state consumer cost<br /> 7. Broome County Study<br /> Over the next decade:<br />792 million in new wages<br />16,000 new jobs created<br />$85 million in state and local tax revenues<br />+<br /> 8. Problems with the study<br />Does not take into account economic impact of environmental damage<br />Does not take into account economic impact of other industries e.g. fishing, recreation<br />Does not take into account economic impact of health care costs<br />Study was conducted by out of state company<br /> 9. Impact on Agriculture<br /> 10. Endangering Precious Resources<br />Only .3% of the worlds water supply is usable for human consumption<br />Methane gas has been found in municipal water sources located near drilling sites.<br /> 11. Fracking Fluid<br />Companies are not required to disclose fracking solutions<br /> 12. Spills and Wastewater<br />Sewage treatment plants are not equipped to process the industrial waste water and associated chemicals. <br /> 13. Kills Fish and Other Animals<br /> 14. 15. Jobs<br />Who will get these new jobs?Not people from local communities.<br /></p>