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A presentation outlining the economic and environmental benefits and dangers of drilling for natural gas in the New York State portion of the Marcellus Shale


  • 1. Marcellus Shale
    Looking at natural gas drilling through an Economic and Environmental lens

2. The Marcellus Shale
489 trillion cubic feet of retrievable gas in Marcellus Shale
3. 4. 5. Global Potential Economic Benefits
Natural gas is a growing industry
U.S. consumed 22,844,374 million cubic feet of natural gas last year alone
Cleanest burning fossil fuels
6. Local Potential Economic Benefits
NY state alone consumed 393 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2008, making up 33% of their energy consumption
In state production would directly decrease in state consumer cost
7. Broome County Study
Over the next decade:
792 million in new wages
16,000 new jobs created
$85 million in state and local tax revenues
8. Problems with the study
Does not take into account economic impact of environmental damage
Does not take into account economic impact of other industries e.g. fishing, recreation
Does not take into account economic impact of health care costs
Study was conducted by out of state company
9. Impact on Agriculture
10. Endangering Precious Resources
Only .3% of the worlds water supply is usable for human consumption
Methane gas has been found in municipal water sources located near drilling sites.
11. Fracking Fluid
Companies are not required to disclose fracking solutions
12. Spills and Wastewater
Sewage treatment plants are not equipped to process the industrial waste water and associated chemicals.
13. Kills Fish and Other Animals
14. 15. Jobs
Who will get these new jobs?Not people from local communities.