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Building great businesses depends on team innovation. But innovation doesn't only happen because of an innovation process or because of one particular person. Each team member can contribute with creativity, experience, knowledge for creating within the team something new, something amazing for the clients and for the company. A structured approach for coaching the team to become aware of their strengths and how they can grow and innovate together it is a good start for the companies taking the innovation road for their products. More details on:


  • 1. Building LongTerm Innovative

2. QuickTime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.Wikispeed 3. Innovation? Come up with a new way of solving a problem Applies to product, process, business 4. Innovation Myths Happens over night Comes from one innovative person ...who does his thing in a corner Its very visible 5. Innovation Reality Its iterative and incremental Comes from a team Includes copying ideas Applies to Products, Processes, Business Models 6. Me: Maria Diaconu Founder and CEO Mozaic Works Entrepreneur, Startups mentor Founder of AgileWorks community Former: Software Developer, Quality Manager, Coach, Trainer 7. Innovation Ingredients Culture Innovation Framework Ideas Experiments Projects 8. Culture Transparency Collaboration Diversity Safe environment Courage Focus Execution excellence 9. Experiments Projects Ideas Cu lt ur eInnovation Framework 10. Ideas Ideas are free Collect them Make them visible 11. Refine ideas Business CaseExpected Benefits Estimated cost of implementation Risks involved 12. Culture for Ideas DONT:Laugh at others ideasAttribute ideas incorrectly DO:Communicate vision, constraints, needs 13. Experiments - Why Validate hypothesis Learn fast Discover relevant information 14. Experiments - How? Hypothesis Measurable Criteria (when possible) A Relevant Duration 15. Experiments: Culture If it succeeded, what did you learn? If it failed, what did you learn?Failure is good, as long as you learn from it 16. Projects: Why? Innovation just for its own sake is useless Increase revenue Decrease costs 17. Projects: How? Incremental & iterative approach With PM or selforganized 18. Projects: Culture Execution excellence Stop starting, start finishing Empower the team 19. Experiments Projects Ideas Cu lt ur eInnovation Framework 20. Start innovating! Twitter: fireladyM 21. Photos Attribution