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<p>Moss ball where they found ? Marimo ball is very interesting aquarium plant. Commonly called a Moss ball, Cla dophora ball, Lake ball. Moss ball was discovered in the lake Zell. The lake is situated in the Alps in Austria. Lake Zell is completely frozen winter. This aqu arium plant was discovered in the 1820s by Dr. Anton E. Sauter. In the wild Moss ball is found in many lakes of Iceland, Scotland, Japan and Est onia. Particularly large moss ball performs in Japan. If you look at the map, we can conclude that Moss ball occurs only in cool lakes with crystal clear water. What are the requirements to Moss ball ? Moss ball, unlike other aquarium plants are algae. Belongs to the genus Cladopho ra. Like all plants algae is not demanding. Most aquarium plants need strong lig hting. But Moss ball grows well in low light. I do not need high-temperature wat er. Grows well in cool aquarium. You can grow Moss ball with tropical fish too. Moss ball is very flexible in terms of temperature. In what tanks can grow Moss ball ? You can grow Moss ball in all tanks. Suitable for cultivation of each tank fille d with water. This need not even be a glass tank. However, in glass tanks Moss b all looks nicer. Very popular are sphere. In the sphere, we can grow moss ball w ith tropical fish. Very nice looking goldfish swimming in a sphere with moss bal l.</p>