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CREATIVITY AND ROI Mark Hancock #dmaZEDTalks @holycow in 15 minutes…

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ZEDTalk 3: Creativity & ROI


  • 1. CREATIVITY AND ROI!!in 15 minutes#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow

2. the sub-atomic particleof creativity is the Idea#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 3. What is an idea?!!!#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 4. #dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 5. Whats the Greatest Idea of the last 100 years?CARSJWT/Tracey Follows 2013#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 6. INTERNETMORE POPULARLESS POPULARMORE POPULARLESS POPULAR#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 7. Old things in a new wayorNew things in an old wayOTHERWISE ITS JUST AN OBSERVATION!There are definitions:#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 8. An idea is the meaning betweenwhat is and what could be thatconnects people#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 9. Surprise, delight, teach, shock, inspire,move and enthrall and exhilarate ideas have the power to change theworld, start wars or save lives.Never underestimate their potency.Various#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 10. Whats the ROI of a.Basket ball?#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 11. KOBE = $220m#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 12. Whats the ROI of a.Piano?#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 13. ELTON = $400m#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 14. Whats the ROI of a.Camera?#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 15. ANNIE = $20m#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 16. Better questions:1. Where do they come from?2. How do we know if weve had one?3. What is their value?4. How can we get more of them?5. What might stop us?#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 17. 1. Where do they come from?#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 18. There are techniquesJames Webb YoungThe habit of mindwhich leads to a searchfor relationshipsbetween facts becomesof the highestimportance in theproduction of ideas.#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 19. There is hard workJohn HegartyAn idea is a thought orplan formed by mentaleffort#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 20. 2. How do we know if weve had one?#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 21. There is actual science: The AHA Moment1) Appears suddenly2) Can be processed smoothly3) Elicits positive affect4) It appears to be true#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 22. 3. What is their value?#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 23. Basket ball?Remember this?#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 24. Indifference is the enemyof marketing expenditureA provocation:#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 25. Potent ads live longer:Successful ideas stick in the mind longer.They have slower decay rates.Jon Leach 2011.#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 26. Ads that win awards are11 times more effective.IPA 2010They deliver value:#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 27. A lot of value:Over 2 years, advertising in the UK forJohn Lewis generated 261mincremental revenueIPA VOLUME 21#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 28. Sustained over time:In China, advertising forDove generated 25.5mincremental revenue over16 monthsIPA VOLUME 21#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 29. IPA 2013"Creatively awarded campaigns area more reliable investment - theyachieve greater effectivenesslevelsEfficacy has been proved:Peter Field#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 30. 4. How can we get more of them?!!!#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 31. Patronage:Gaius Cilnius MaecenasCarlo de MediciVincenzo Giustiniani#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 32. #dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 33. #dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 34. #dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 35. #dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 36. #dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 37. Let us remember that most of the worlds great worksof art are the fruit of spendaholic patronage bymagnificos who knew how to tell the accountantswhere to goThe best argument in favour of generosity is that noone remembers a skinflint fondly.Jonathan Jones, Guardian#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 38. 5. What might stop us?!!!#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 39. A provocative idea is the magic.It's not linked to media spend.A marketer's only exposure to risk is tonot develop a powerful creative idea.Bert Moore, CSO Lowe WorldwideA warning:#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 40. The best ads tend to come fromthe highest-margin agenciesLaurence Green. FallonA correlation:#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 41. What value does procurement bring at this point?MEDIA80%10%10%AGENCY FEEPRODUCTIONWHY ????#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 42. WTF??????* Signing on fee of 1m* Reduction in agency fees currently paid* Minimum 10% saving via consolidated buyingJULY 2010#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 43. Ted Levitt nails it:Consumers dont really need communications; it is a commercial,rather than a customer, imperative.What consumers need is better products, improved service, easierlives, a cleaner world, and more health and happiness.#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow 44. THANK YOU#dmaZEDTalks Mark Hancock @holycow