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Market research

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  • NME -Theodore Ingham Mixmag- disco mix club Q-Bauer Media Group Mojo- Emap Top of the pops- Immediate Media Company Kerrang- Bauer Media Group Classic Rock- Team Rock We pop- Egmont Existing magazines There are many music magazines that are available in the UK. All the magazines range from different types of music, aimed at different audiences. Here are some examples of music magazines and their publishers:
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  • Three of these magazines are similar to the type f music magazine which I wish to create. These magazines are Q Top of the pops and we pop these magazines all have features in common Top of the pops Publisher- Immediate Media Company Readership: 263K Circulation: 56K Average Age: 12 Core Audience: Teenage Girls. Top of the Pops magazine has a demographic of 85% girls and the other 15% boys. These readers are likely to be followers of the pop music industry and is within the age range of 11-15 years old. Mission statement- A monthly magazine launched in February in 1995 Q Circulation - 89,450 Readership- 550,000 Median age -29 Mission statement-Q is a bastian for music of substance guiding its readers through just the good stuff in all forms of music each month via its unparalleled access and Q Review, the worlds biggest and best music guide. We pop Circulation- 50,000 copies every 6 months Readership- more than 135,000 Target audience- 13-15 year old girls The magazine is quite cheap and affordable for the target audience, bearing in mind that the audience will not have enough income to buy it weekly. So it is published on a monthly basis. Mission statement-
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  • Reader Profiles: We bring our readers closest to their idols, because were the magazine that knows celebs the best. Every issue is packed with exclusive interviews and photos, as well as brilliant star advice and affordable fashion and beauty. Were the friend our readers can rely on to give them confidence, make them laugh, and share all the juiciest gossip. And thats why BBC Top Of The Pops Magazine is the UKs biggest-selling teen title. Peter Hart, Editor - BBC Top Of The Pops Magazine This reader profile is a quote from an editor of the magazine. The quote creates a sense of involvement of the magazine to the readers because it says that the readers can rely on the magazine. It is made clear that a teen target audience is attracted because of the elements included that young girls would be interested in, for example, exclusive interviews, photos, fashion and beauty. They also target a range of people because the content includes affordable fashion which broadens the target audience.
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  • Reader Profiles: This reader profile is different because it is shown through images and bright colours. Readers will be able to locate the magazine quicker through this because the visual aspects will grab attention. The range of readers is also be more spread because of the different images presented on the reader profile. Stereotypical male target audience is aimed through the items on the reader profile which come across as powerful and perhaps dominating.