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  • Marketing 16Sales Promotion &Personal Selling

  • Sales Promotions and Personal selling -- 16Sales Promotion ObjectivesTypesPersonal SellingSales Management


  • Sales promotionWhat is the goal?BehaviorActionReinforce loyaltyIncrease consumptionProduct trial or switchIncrease purchase frequency

    See Ex. 16.1, p. 545

  • Consumer Sales Promotion ToolsCoupons$/ off, 2 for 1, in-store, grocery, mailRebatesDelay; Mail; Data; Ltd submission (2%)Some manufacturers ignore or make it difficult to receive rebatePremiums (lagniappe)Prize insideLoyalty Marketing ProgramsFrequent flyer, buyer, sleeper, eater


  • Consumer Sales Promotion ToolsContests and Sweepstakes



    On-line sales promotionsCollect data, encourage e-commerce


  • Sales Promotion Objectives(Consumer)Encourage product trial

    Encourage continued buying and usage

    Encourage purchase and usage of related products

    Support IMC strategy

    Build a marketing database


  • Trade Sales Promotion ToolsTrade AllowancesIn exchange for performing some functionPromotion, StoragePush MoneyTrainingFree merchandiseStore demonstrationsTrade shows, conferences


  • Sales Promotion Objectives(Trade)Add channel partners

    Induce partners to carry more stock

    Enhance channel support

    Strengthen channel relationships


  • Personal SellingWhat is it?Direct communication between a sales rep and prospective buyer to influence purchase.When is it used?Complex & Expensive productsFew customersAdvantages/disadvantagesDetailed and customized messageLimited, but accurate reachHandle objectionsClosing


  • AdvertisingRelatively ImportantPersonal SellingRelatively Important

  • What makes a good salesperson? Empathy: Understand/read customerEgo Drive: Inner need to persuade othersEgo Strength: Self-assured (to deal with rejection) and Self-efficacy (control own success)Interpersonal Communication Skills (listening, asking questions, explain clearly)Enthusiasm (for yourself and customers)


  • Trade selling(Existing Customers)Type of Sales JobMissionary selling (Promotional)Technical selling (Highly technical products)New business selling (New Business, Rainmaker)Relatively Important CharacteristicsRelatively Less Important CharacteristicsAge, maturity, empathy, knowledge of customer and business methodsAggressiveness, technical ability, product knowledge, persuasivenessYouth, high energy and stamina, verbal skill, persuasivenessEmpathy, knowledge of customers, maturity, previous sales experienceEducation, product and customer knowledge--usually gained through training, intelligenceEmpathy, persuasiveness, aggressiveness, ageExperience, age, maturity, aggressiveness, persuasiveness, persistenceCustomer knowledge, product knowledge, education, empathy

  • What to look for in hiring: (Not in Particular Order)EnthusiasmOrganization SkillsAmbition Goal OrientedLeadershipWork EthicProblem Solving SkillsPersuasiveVerbal SkillsSales Experience Not product specific

  • Process of personal sellingGenerate leads

    Qualify prospects

    Approach --direct contact, establish rapport

    Customer needs analysis: Learn to ask questions & LISTEN!!!!

    Presentation develop and propose solutions

    Handling objections

    Closing the sale



  • Personal selling and relationship marketingShift from transaction point of view, focus on:

    Relationship or consultive selling


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