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Presented by ClearEdge Marketing CEO & Founder, Leslie Vickrey, at the New York Staffing Association (NYSA) Webinar on September 22, 2014. Topics covered: - Connecting with new buyers with a target account program - Ensuring your website is effective, regardless of the device - Launching referral campaigns that drive connections


  • 1. Marketing for Where You WANT TO BE3 Proven Ways to Get Leads & GrowPresented by:Leslie Vickrey, CEO & FounderSeptember 22, 2014Confidential Information. Copyright ClearEdge Marketing 2014.

2. Your Presenter, Leslie Vickrey CEO and Founder of ClearEdge Marketing, an agencyspecializing in outsourced marketing solutions forstaffing and HR technology companies 8+ years in business Serving clients across four continents Staff from coast-to-coast (30+) 18 years managing marketing operations or providingconsulting services for companies such as Spherion,Harvey Nash, TechServe Alliance, Bartech, CRi, AonHewitt RPO and Fieldglass Co-founder of ARAa mentoring organization forattracting, retaining and advancing women in tech( & FounderClearEdge Marketing 3. Q&A on Twitter We want to hear from you during this webinar and after Send us a tweet with the following in front of the message:@clearedgemktg It will show up on our Twitter profile, open for the public toview We will reply during the webinar or after Follow us at Also follow us on Facebook: LinkedIn: 4. Todays Agenda Connecting with new buyers with a target accountprogram Ensuring your website is effective, regardless of thedevice Launching referral campaigns that drive connections4 5. Do you have aformal leadgenerationprogram?5Poll #1 6. Target Account Programs: TAPs6Inavero InsightCUSTOMERS EXPECT EXPERTISE.While the right skill match is the number onefactor in placement success, clients rankknowledge of their industry as second inimportance to ensuring a successful placement.TAPs offer companies a fun, engaging platformfor explaining their expertise. What Is It? A scheduled weekly mail-based or drop-inprogram for targeted accounts 4-8 weeks, depending on target andservice/solution Branded Components: A weekly postcard andgiveaway tied into a campaign theme Calls-to-Action: Get appointments, landing pagesplaying new role for solutions-based campaign,including online advertising (LinkedIn) 7. TAP Benefits7 Targeted & Concentrated Puts business development team in front of key decision makers Allows teams time to focus on specific businesses and needs Training for Your Sales Team Arms sales staff with purpose and materials Offers a training tool for new sales staff eager to learn the business ROI Is Easy to Measure Offers a simple way to measure marketing message effectiveness Plan on a 30% return (if program and best practices followed!) 8. TAP Sample: Campaign Overview Outreach Cycle8Touch Item Follow-upTouch 1Fold-over Direct Mail Introduction Piece:How Far Will You Go to Source JavaDevelopment Talent?Follow-up call & e-mailTouch 2HTML Email:How Hard Will You Work To Build YourJava Dream Team?Follow-up call & e-mailTouch 3Drop-off Notecard + Low-end GiveawayHow Quickly Can you Access the JavaDevelopment Talent You Need?Follow-up call & e-mailTouch 4HTML Email:How Much Will You Sacrifice to Hire SkilledJava Resources?Follow-up call & e-mailTouch 5Drop-off Notecard + High-end GiveawayHow Long Will You Wait for JavaDevelopment Resources?Follow-up call & e-mailFold-over Direct Mail Introduction PieceHTML EmailsDrop-off Notecards + Giveaways 9. SAMPLE TAP: Campaign ScheduleMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYJuly 201314 15 16 17 189Kick off call/Rep Training19 2021Touch Point 1 HTML Email22 23 24 25LAUNCH! Push First HTMLEmail to List26Follow-up Phone Calls &Emails2728 29Follow-up Phone Calls& Emails30Follow-up PhoneCalls & Emails31Follow-up PhoneCalls & Emails1 Follow-up Phone Calls &Emails2 Follow-up Phone Calls &Emails3August 20134Touch Point 2 Notecard & Giveaway5Prep Packages Giveaway & Notecard6Deliver Package7Deliver Package8Deliver Package9 Follow-up Phone Calls &Emails1011 12Follow-up Phone Calls& Personal Emails13Follow-up PhoneCalls & PersonalEmails14Follow-up PhoneCalls & PersonalEmails15Follow-up Phone Calls &Personal Emails16Follow-up Phone Calls &Personal Emails1718Touch Point 3 Notecard & Giveaway19Prep Packages Giveaway & Notecard20Deliver Package21Deliver Package22Deliver Package23Follow-up Phone Calls &Emails2425Touch Point 4 HTML Email26Follow-up Phone Calls& Emails27Push Second & LastHTML Email to List28Follow-up PhoneCalls & Emails29Follow-up Phone Calls &Emails30Follow-up Phone Calls &Emails. END CAMPAIGN. 10. 10TAP SAMPLE: Mailer (local message) 11. TAP SAMPLE: Metrics Report11 12. Critical Success Factors TAPs12 Executive buy-in and oversight List quality Target real buyers of your services Sales buy-in Creativity Track/share results and ROI Going all the way in terms our outreach Making all the calls, all the visits.70% of the populationneeds at least 5 contactsbefore they'll trust youenough to grant you anappointment.Make the 5th Call 13. TAPs: Right or Wrong for YOUR Business? Can your business create and concentrate13on a narrow, targeted list of strongprospects? Do you have a sales team with thediscipline and reliability to follow acarefully designed outreach program? Are you willing to put some investmentinto a creative program that will catch theeyes and ears of top prospects? 14. Is your websiteresponsive?14Poll #2 15. What Is Website Optimization? Ensuring a Sharp, Adaptable Design This is more than how the website looksits also about ensuring it performs forusers across a wide range of devices: computers, tablets, phones, smart TVs,etc.15 Enabling Strategic SEO Ensuring the website can be found through the search engines and onlineresources key audience use to find information, products/services, jobs, etc. Creating, Maintaining Valuable, Fresh Content Providing informative content across the entire site and through a variety ofmediums: videos, blogs, whitepapers, case studies, news releases, socialmedia, etc. 16. Sharp, Responsive Design16 A good, professional we site is the cost ofentry in business today Poor websites will limit business,partnership and recruiting opportunities Websites that do not adapt withtechnologies and users limit your audience Mobile-able websites are critical forengaging with job seekers 77% of job seekers use mobile job searchapps Career Network Survey 3 out of 5 job seekers have searched forjobs on their mobile device in the pastyear Survey 17. Optimized Web Design Example17 18. Top Website Design Trends to Take Into ConsiderationResponsive Design Large Image Backgrounds When a website is responsive, it means that the layoutof your website will adjust to whatever screen size onwhich you're viewing it. This flexibility allows for abetter user experience to get around a website,whether youre on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.Sample site: Weve all been to sites that have beautiful, full pagestunning images that really make an impression.More and more businesses are putting largephotographs as backgrounds of their websites toreally give the site visitors an idea of what thecompany is about (i.e. culture). Sample site:www.psci.comParallax Scrolling Infinite Scrolling Parallax scrolling is a technique in which thebackground moves at a slower rate in the foreground,creating an illusion that looks like it is 3D. Many websites have started to employ this technique,but if overused, it may look gimmicky. If you considerhow this technique will make your website moreinteractive with the audience, it can be verysuccessful. Sample site: You may recognize this technique when you arelooking at Google Images. Infinite scrolling meansthat as you scroll down the page, the websitecontinues to load. It allows users to remain on the same page instead ofhopping between many different pages within yourwebsite. Also, it's much faster to continue to load onelong page than to load multiple pages. Sample site:www.almazcapital.comIts important to know the pros and cons behind each trend (from an SEO and development/maintenance perspective) and fullyunderstand the terminology when working on your website project.18Trends courtesy of HubSpot 19. Engaging Content19 Original Content Content that is unique to your expertiseand business will attract an audienceSMEblogs, articles Testimonial Content Content that demonstrates your businesssuccess and abilities is criticalCasestudies, testimonials Multimedia Content Websites that tap into multimedia (video,social, chat, etc.) are more engaging tousers today 20. Engaging Content: Surveys, Blogs, Infographics and More20 21. Critical Success Factors in Web Optimization Consider your Audience. Develop messaging and content that21resonates with your diverse audiences. Willingness to Invest. A good website requires time, resource andinvestment. Ongoing Content, SEO Work. A website is dynamic and must remainso to succeed. SMEs. The very best websites rely on original content contributions(blogs, posts, articles, videos) from subject matter experts. Ghostwriters can help ensure regular cadence.Go Beyond the Basics 22. Website Optimization: Right for YOUR Business!22 Do you communicate on your websitewith prospects, job seekers, partners andclients? Does your website work (responsive)across various devices? Is your content fresh and engaging? 23. What % of your placementscome from referrals?23Poll #3 24. Referral Programs24 What Are They? A program that rewardsemployees orconsultants in cash orprizes for referring newtalent to the business 25. Referral Program Benefits25 Expands the Resources Fueling theTalent Pipeline Talented people are often friends and family withother talented people Insiders have insight into who will work well withinthe culture Ties Staff or Consultants Closer to theBusiness Employees get to take part in bringing new talentto the business Reminds Staff of the Value of Talent Businesses that are always on the hu


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