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A guide for those of you looking for some thoughts, strategies and guides to marketing on Pinterest.


  • 1.Pinterest MarketingMarket to people the way they wantto be marketed towards by flaunting your passion

2. Pinterest allows you to customize virtual pinboards in a simple, clean manner. Stats you should know: 3rd biggest social network in the world Mostly women (male population growing) 3. Your boards can be of anything. Well use mysite,, to demonstrate how youmight build a following through Pinterest overtime. 4. We market to college students. 5. College Students like Graffiti.We made a board of graffiti around Philadelphia. 6. Maybe a student would ask, what do college students do inPhilly? Well, on Pinterest we can tell them in the form of a pin. 7. But whats that?! Not surprisingly, cute animals with wittycaptions are popular among students. Humor+Cute=Success 8. Pinterest is not about selling. Like all socialnetworks it is about sharing. You want toleverage the knowledge and experienceyouve accumulated with your products tobring your potential customers value. 9. Customers only have so muchattention. We are all looking to get the best return on our attention paid. 10. But cute puppies and pandas dont translateto dollars! Nice try slideshow, I think Ill stickto pinning coupons and products. 11. Before we dive into how to pin your products,lets check out some advantages of pinningitems that may be irrelevant to your productbut very relevant to your customer base. 12. Every time somebody shares my original pin, my board is placed at the bottom of the post. 13. 4 people repinned our post, completelyirrelevant to our core service, to theirfollowers. But look a little bit closer. 14. When somebody repins they are forced to choose which boardof their own they will repin it to. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, we are not having our brand shared with all friends or followers, rather a targeted group of followers that are interested in the theme of the original post. 15. This is also at the bottom of the board. A preview shot of the board it was repinned from. A quick look at these pups could draw somebody in. Maybe even, another college student thatjust happens to be following another college students boards? 16. Make sure youre following the right people. When you know what sort of customer woulduse your products and you follow them onPinterest, you can get a better feel for whatelse theyre into. 17. Alright, but what if we have some greatproducts that would look awesome on thissite? Glad you asked, lets take the Philly: Land ofthe Veggies board for example. On this boardwe post pictures from the finest vegetarianfriendly restaurants in the city. 18. When you click on a picture once, it zooms. If you click it again it takes you to the source of the picture. We link these fromeither the businesses Yelp page or website to drive traffic for them. You can do the same from your blog or website. 19. Add a price. In the description type in $(and amount item costs) 20. Look what happens. The price is up in the top left forpeople to see when scrolling through. Golden rule here: Be honest. 21. Interact. Respond. Like. Follow people. Build relationships onhere. Taken out of context, the comment below could be takenas a bit unusual. Carol was adding her caption to a picture of 2 chipmunks talking to each other. 22. How do I pin? Download the Pin It button to yourtoolbar from Pinterests site. Go to About and click Pin it button 23. Once its in your toolbar you can link from almost any site.Pinterest does allow sites to block pinning if they please. Yes,Facebook is one that does not allow it. 24. When you click the Pin It button, Pinterest will bring upevery picture on the screen. Just: 1)Click the picture you want 25. 2) Choose a board and a caption 26. 3) Push the red button 27. Lets not forget to link your account to other social networks. Add your Facebook and Twitter account sopeople can get more information on how you can help. 28. Get started Drive Traffic 29. Build Relationships 30. Create Awareness for your brand 31. Humanize (dont bug people) 32. Enjoy. Remember, people are signing ontoPinterest to surf pictures and tell their friends I want that. 33. By the time you see this the number of peopleon the network may change drastically. Its the3rd largest social network in the world. Itsextremely simple to use, and its a place to connect with customers. 34. Invitation? If you need an invitation to the site or just want to talk about how your shop could usePinterest, e-mail me [email protected] and Ill do my best to help. Good luck!