marketing the 2013 charlottetown festival at confederation centre of the arts

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Marketing report for 2013 annual general meeting of Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Canada.


  • 1. Marketing, Development, Guest Services - July 2013

2. Produces all marketing and communications materials for complex Advertising revenue, group sales, meetings Manages sponsors and member relations Ensures excellent customer service and booking transactions Marketing July 20, 2013 Marketing, Development and Guest Services 3. MARKETING APPROACH Paid Owned Shared Earned Marketing July 20, 2013 4. Paid campaign Charlottetown Festival Illustrations by Steve Adams Marketing July 20, 2013 5. Paid campaign - Print Marketing July 20, 2013 6. Paid campaign Print Moncton Times Transcript Marketing July 20, 2013 7. Paid campaign Moncton Times Transcript Marketing July 20, 2013 8. Paid campaign - broadcast 30-second TV version one 30-second TV version two 5 nights/week CBC CTV in NB and NS Version one viewed more than 3,000 times on Youtube! Marketing July 20, 2013 9. Paid campaign - broadcast Marketing July 20, 2013 Television Budget CTV $30,000 CTV In-Kind $30,000 Live Remotes $8,000 CBC $25,000 CBC Weather bonus Total TV $93,000 Radio Ads on Ocean 100, CFCY Live remotes Ocean 100 and CTV 10. Paid campaign - outdoor Marketing July 20, 2013 11. One big banner! Marketing July 20, 2013 12. Paid online creative Marketing July 20, 2013 Leaderboard Big Box Pre-roll 13. Paid campaign- online Search Engine Marketing CBC The Guardian Chronicle Herald Tourism PEI Discover Charlottetown Travel Zoo Marketing July 20, 2013 Average 3.4% SEM click- through three times higher than industry average Average SEM cost per click $.64 (well under the $1+ industry average) Total clicks 7,350 ++ Total budget $40,000 14. Paid campaign online results Marketing July 20, 2013 The Guardian 253 clicks CBC 1902 clicks Chronicle Herald 96 clicks Search Engine Marketing 4,395 clicks Travel Zoo 704 clicks 15. Owned new website design Marketing July 20, 2013 16. Owned E-newsletter campaigns Evangeline a world premiere 42 newsletters sent out since December 1,400 new subscribers since December 36,000 total subscribers 28% average open rate of newsletters (well above industry average!) Marketing July 20, 2013 17. Owned - Publications Season brochure 270,000 copies distributed on and off-island Enrichment guide 23,000 copies printed for theatre patrons and schools Marketing July 20, 2013 18. New mobile app Marketing July 20, 2013 Huge shift to mobile devices -ipad and Iphone Booking tools Download at Apple store! 19. Owned Evangeline micro-site Marketing July 20, 2013 Total Clicks 4,583 Unique Clicks 3,090 Repeat visitors 1,493 Section Clicks 9,215 Average visit 18.28 minutes 20. Owned Cradling Confederation Cradling Confederation is now at the printers Copies will be sent to Board members with the Strategic Plan Marketing July 20, 2013 21. Owned organic search and web traffic Marketing July 20, 2013 11 of 13 page-one results delivered by Google search on July 13 for Evangeline are owned by Charlottetown Festival! Visits to festival website over the past month are up 47% in 2013 over 2012 Page views are up 81% Pages per visit up 5% New visitors up 5% 22. Shared Marketing July 20, 2013 New Youtube content produced including Journey to a World Premiere Setting the Stage Discovering a classic Raising the banners Anne opening night Evangeline-related videos viewed more than 12,500 times 23. Shared - platforms 24% growth in facebook community since September 2012 Total fan base 7,711 Paid promotion of some posts Organic reach growing Twitter nearly 3,000 followers, high engagement Pinterest adding new content Our seven-year-old backstage blogger Marketing July 20, 2013 24. Earned Consistent outreach to local media Wide outreach to off-Island media News conference in May in Moncton to launch Evangeline in New Brunswick Registered at Canadian Tourism Commissions GoMedia event in Charlottetown in September Marketing July 20, 2013 25. Earned Highlight of the season (or more!) Globe and Mail cover of Arts section Marketing July 20, 2013 26. Coverage of Evangeline The Globe and Mail Toronto Star CBC (many) Radio Canada (several) La Voix Acadienne The Buzz TecheToday Chronicle Herald Moncton Times Transcript The Guardian Marketing July 20, 2013 Extensive coverage in 27. Marketing - other Brochures Ads Menus Signage Website content Newsletters Centre map Posters For Gallery Mavors Showcase Arts education Marketing July 20, 2013 28. Sales Secured many events including Canadian Heritage Foundation in 2014 awards dinner Canadian Tourism Commissions GoMedia marketplace September, 2013 Volume buyers and group sales activities are ongoing Attended Saltscapes the annual consumer show Charlottetown Chamber mixer at the MACK Building-wide cruise promotion plan paid advertising in cruise marketing materials participation in a shoppers guide program. Marketing July 20, 2013 29. LIVE @ the Centre $868,858 ticket sales 35+ performances October to April Most while under renovation in balcony Randy Bachman Royal Winnipeg Ballet Matt Andersen PEI Symphony Orchestra Wizard of Oz Marketing July 20, 2013 30. Development Into the Spotlight - an intimate concert by Measha Brueggergosman at The Mack in March Proposals to attract a major sponsor for Evangeline Most festival sponsors are committed again for 2013 Support continues for gallery and arts education programming 2013 is the last season for Major Festival Sponsor APM; looking for new multi-year sponsor for 2014 and beyond Meet us in the balcony June Members event; 60+ members tested out new balconies, and met 20 cast members Our Development Director has left for a one-year maternity leave and Anita Mercier will fill the role until July 2014. Marketing July 20, 2013 31. Guest Services The Box Office and Front of House are now fully staffed Reconfigured theatre seating plan Two Heritage Guides Trial cooperation at kiosk space fresh paint and Festival graphics guides will assist patrons and cruise passengers Handbook for new staff let us know emailed surveys Update our presence on TripAdvisor, respond to reviews Marketing July 20, 2013 32. Customer feedback via Let us know surveys So far 97.5% rate Evangeline as good or excellent Marketing July 20, 2013 33. Customer feedback via Let us know surveys Excellent evening! Beyond my expectations! I was so caught up with the emotion at the end of the show that it took me a while to bring my self together and stand up to applaud with the rest of the audience. The actors were very talented, the set was well thought out and the director of the musical did a fabulous job! Never a dull moment, only quality acting and singing! I highly recommend it!!! Thank you f or making me discover in a beautiful way this famous story and the sad reality of the Acadian people... who are my ancestors. It made me even prouder of their continuous fight to preserve their language and culture. Sara C. Lvis, Qubec Marketing July 20, 2013 34. A marketing strategy was completed at the end of 2012 Awareness benchmark One year review on August 13 Align with Confederation Centres 2013-2018 plan Principal objectives Enhance the position and scope of Confederation Centre as truly national Play a key role in increasing annual operating revenues Marketing July 20, 2013 Marketing Strategy


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