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1. Thank you... 2. MarketResearch.comWe Help You Find the BusinessIntelligence You NeedExpert Research Specialists Get industry specific advice to fulfill your business needsTalk to a SpecialistAlways Buy the Right Report We can open any Report & eliminate the guesswork BEFORE you buy VideoThe Slice & Dice OptionOverview Purchase only chapters, sections or tables in oursubscription based productLike Us on 3. is a great research resourcewith excellent customer service. My dedicated researchassistant maintains regular contact and always lets me know whennew reports that apply to my project plans are available. Iwouldrecommend to anyone!Terry Farchione, Harley-Davidson Motor Company 4. providesaccess to great data. The staffis always willing to help me findexactly what I need. Its niceto work with a great group ofpeople who are focused more onunderstanding my needsthan making a sale.Scott D. Orleck 5. Your site isstraight-forwardand easy tonavigate. I likethe way it is set upcompared to othermarket researchsites.Leah Gilesh, 6. Your supportfolks areWONDERFUL. Judith Ludwig, Ludwig Frei Associates, Inc. 7. Good site for researchers withincompanies who need information quickly.Keeron Emmanuel, Atlanta Gas Light Co. 8. providesour firm with comprehensive,top-line market researchreports. It is not uncommonfor a project to begin with a callto - theircombination of breadth anddepth offers a great deal of value.Bill Shen, Swander Pace & Company 9. Excellent customer service. David Ferguson, Pockettop 10. As a global advertising agency, we alwaysneed a large and diverseplatform of information,often at a moments notice. MarketResearch. com is there for us witha comprehensive databasecovering many industries and geographical markets. I depend on it. Alice Bromley, Senior VP, Director,Information Center 11. The website made it easy to search,review, and compare differentreports from a wide variety of leadingsources. The sales representative that Idealt with at wasactually more knowledgeableabout the report I purchased thanthe sales people who I spoke with from the firm that actually wrote the report! Ian OSullivan,MarketingConsultant,Delphos Inc.