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  • 1. Marriage in AncientMesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Canada

2. In Ancient Greece marriage were set up bytheir parents. Girls married at the ages between 14-18years. Men married at the ages 20 or 30yrs. A set of rituals were set for the happy couple. The first ritual started with a bath then thegroom would go to the brides house in a cart.Then they would feast at the brides fathershouse. Then the groom would take the brideto his parents house. Then the grooms parentswould shower them in nuts and fruit. 3. Thefather gave the groom money, goods andestate, her skills Most girls where married at the age of 14 andtheir husbands were 30 years. There was a three part ceremony which was3 days long There was a pre-wedding which wascalled proaulia then there was the realwedding which was called the gamos thenthere was the post-wedding which was calledepaulia 4. Thefather of the household was the headof the house. The wife supervised the house and theslaves. Most Greek parents arranged the weddingfor their children. Many children wanted to go to school butthey didnt The majority of the kids who went toschool were boys. 5. The men would have to pay the wifes familymoney, goods and estate. If the wife cheated on the husband thendivorces was automatic A divorce can happen in two ways by a wifeleaving or a husband asking the wife toleave. 6. Marriages in Ancient Rome were not veryromantic. It was an agreement though thetwo families. Men married in early 20s and woman wouldbe married in their mid or late teens. The parents would consult their close friendsabout it. A marriage would not happen unless thebride and groom were Roman Citizens 7. The eldest man ran the religiousceremonies, taught his son how to farm, andmade the decisions. Even when his kids got married and grew up hewas still the boss. He was in charge of the problems in the house. Kids were taught to respect their elders, and begood citizens. Slaves were also in families households. But theywere fed, did all their jobs that they were to doand they wore the clothes that the owners gavethem. 8. Adivorce was just like amarriage, simple, they had to say that theywere getting a divorce in front of sevenpeople. Divorce was common because since adivorce was easy to call then it was verycommon in Ancient Rome. The wife would want her money, goods andestate. The wife would then go back to herprotection of her father. 9. Thewoman would be 14 or 15 years old andthe man would be around the ages anywherefrom 17-20 years. They were encouraged to marry youngbecause life span was short. The bride would move her things to thegrooms house. The bride wore a long dress made out oflinen that was covered in a long bead-net. 10. Whena woman was pregnant she would laydown by her husband. Twins were very special The birth of a child was a celebration as wellas a concern. 11. The woman would move back to herparents. They could remarry and have more children.the man can bring another woman whilestill married but woman could not. 12. Girlsgot married at the age of 14 The marriage in ancient Mesopotamia tomodern Canada because they both have theman or woman propose to the woman orman. Then they have the wedding. After the wedding they both find a housetogether. 13. Womancould go anywhere and everywherewith her husbands permission. Children were respected by their parents. Big families would have slaves. All the people in Ancient Mesopotamiaenjoyed to eat!!!! Beef, lamb, pork, goat, duck and geese werethe common meat that rich families andate. Poor families rarely ate meat. 14. The woman got all her valuables back. Divorce was usually called by the husband. men sometimes had to pay a fine. A woman could be thrown out of the housewith no money and naked. 15. In BC people can get married at the age of 19and older, in Alberta people can get marriedat the age of 18 and older, In Ontario peoplehave to be 18 and older, In Quebec peoplehave to be 16 and older, and in NewBrunswick you have to be 18 and older. Same gender marriages got legal in 2005. 16. Children boys and girls can go to school andhave the education they need. Children and families can have a verycomforting home. When families separate then the kids go withthe mother. Children have very much freedom. Childrens have many rights. 17. Steps to figure out. Figuring out were the children will go The one anothers financial information. If people want to divorce they got to court. 18. Web SiteView live Web page Marriages in Ancient Greece. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Apr. 2013. Ancient Greece Marriage. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Apr. 2013. The Roman Empire in First Centry. Devillier Donegan Enterprises, n.d. Web.11 Apr. 2013. Life of People. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2013. Roman Familes. N.p., n.d. 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