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  • 1.Market overviewsThe Nordic countriesconstruction industryby

2. We are the leading company in theBaltic states providing Market andExport Intelligence services 3. In shortWe add value with our local knowledge and expertise inmarkets combined with a professional and personal approachMarkets:Baltic states: Latvia, Lithuania, EstoniaNordics: Sweden, Norway, Finland, DenmarkEU: Germany, Austria, France, UK, Spain and other EUEastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic and other CEECIS: Russia and BelarusWe have served over250 clients in their internationalmarket developemntPartners: 4. Our wayWe are a Gateway for businesses entering the Baltic states and an opening for Baltic companies to international markets AnalyzeActMarket Intelligence Export Intelligence Market Intelligence solutions forExport Intelligence services for companies interested in up-to- companies interested to enter date market information on internationalmarketswith clients, competitors, supplierspartner screening and attraction, and markets. sales channel creation andexport management. 5. Finnish marketexpertMarket competencesScandinavian marketBalticGatewayBaltic has expert teamdeveloped a network oflocal market consultantssupporting our clients UK and Northern Russian andwith market Ireland MarketBelarusian market expertintelligence, market expertentry and marketDutch market expertexpansion servicesEastern Europemarket expertGerman and Ukrainian market Austrian marketexpert expertFrench marketexpert Spanish marketPortuguese marketexpertexpert 6. Clients 7. Client: VOKE IIINorway, Sweden|Kitchen, bathroom furnitureTask: To attract potential partners in Norwegian marketPartner searchDefining the partners ResultOverall 22 companies were-Housing developers selected in Norwegian and Trade missions to Norway and26 in Swedish market. Sweden were organized to- Construction companiesmeet 16 potentialAfter communication, 8cooperation partners and- Loghouse and panel house builders companies from each discuss the possiblecountry have expressedcollaboration in the nearwillingness to meet withfuture.the representatives.As a result of the project VokeIII has done the first deliveryto Norwegian market.Feedback from client: We really appreciate our cooperationand in our opinion Your company is inmuch higher league than other consultantservices. The business meeting in Norwaywas very useful; companies are willing tocooperate with us in the future. 8. Client: BelmastNorway| MetalworkingTask: To identify and communicate with potential partners inNorwegian market to develop export for fabricated steel structuresDefining the partnersPartner searchResult- Construction Identified 20 potential Organised two day trade missioncompaniespartners in Norway. to Norway to meet 5 companies with assistance of representative- Mashine building After communication with from GatewayBaltic.manufacturers in potential partners, fiveenergy sectorexpress interest to meetAfter the business visit to Norway, with Belmast to discuss Belmast received first order from- Similar producers potential cooperation Norwegian partner for custom possibilities.made steel constructions. 9. Client: WindexSweden| PVC windows and doorsTask: To assist company in finding partners in theSwedish marketDefining the partnersPartner search Result- Wholesalers of PVC windows Overall 24 companies have been Paulius Berezuckis, Business developer,- Construction companies identified and included in the potential Windex partner list. 20 companies have been- Manufacturers of PVC windows successfully contacted.Within a short period of time andreasonable cost Gatewaybaltic managed 5 companies have expressed to select potential target customers as willingness to meet with Windexwell as arrange business meeting with representatives. them. GatewayBaltic most definitelyhighly professional team, providing its 7 companies were interested to services right on schedule and according consider a meeting in the our expectations! Great job! 10. Client: TenaporsNorway| Sandwich type panels /construction materialsand heat insulation materialsTask: Identify potential partners in Norwegian market to findnew cooperation opportunities Defining the partners: PARTNER IdentificationRESULT - Wholesalers of building20 enterprises working in Business trip to Sweden were materialsconstruction sector wereorganized to meet four of theidentified as potential potential partners and have a - Construction companies cooperation partners. discussion about possibleAfter communication, 6cooperation opportunities incompanies showed interest the near future.regarding potential cooperation With one of the largestpossibilities with companies inNorway, Tenapors has startedcooperation. 11. Client: Eco House IndustriesSweden| Manufacturer of timber frame housesTask: To attract new cooperation partners to expand its operationsin Swedish market Defining the partnersPartner searchResult - Real estate companiesWe selected 31 potentialOrganised three day tradecompanies in Sweden.mission in January 2010 to - Building companies Sweden to meet 7 companiesAfter the communication, 9 - House manufacturerscompanies expressed interestand discuss the furtherbut 6 from them were willing to cooperation opportunities formeet with EHI to talk about sales of wooden frame housespossible plans in the future. to Sweden. 12. Client: AmberWoodSweden| WoodworkingTask: Identify and communicate with potential partners in Swedishmarket to develop export for fabricated solid wood flooring boardsDefining the partners Partner search Result- Importers of wood flooringIdentified 20 potential partners Organised one day trade missionin Sweden. in February 2010 to Sweden to- Wholesalers of wood flooring meet 1 company. And organisedAfter communication with- Similar producers potential partners, twoone day visit of Swedishexpressed interest to meet withcompany in Latvia.- Flooring installation servicecompanies Amber Wood to discussFirst order from Swedish partnerpotential cooperationwas received in February 2010 .possibilities. 13. Common characteristics Amongh top countries in means of GDP per capita and income in Europe Developed markets, but with a strong focus on workers rights and socio-democratic principles, and high tax rates(up to 60% of income): the Nordic capitalism model Infrastructure construction more stable than residential, but trends still vary in each country Very strong trade unions that have a significant impact on the labour market and are closely following foreignworkers inflow Unions are organized into 3 levels: a pan-country union, sector unions, and profession-unions Registration requirements for foreign workers in all 4 countries, and only Denmark does not have a construction workers ID cards system yet No universal minimum wage: collective agreements with the relevant unions in the industry determine the minimum pay levels The Laval case in 2007 established some protection for foreign subcontractors against unions industrial action (blockades), though Laval still went bankrupt Foreign firms still typically work as subcontractors and their specialists as unskilled workers, as mostly just local professional qualifications are recognized Main pan-EU legislation: Posted Workers Directive 96/71/EC Posted workers must have a clear, temporary posting period and stay in the country for less than 183 days/year in order not to be regarded as local tax residents The number of illegal construction workers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark is estimated at 20,000 or more per country Social security laws, due to EU regulations, permit home country social insurance for posted workers, if they candisplay an E101 form by their home countrys social insurance authority Retrieve such forms timely, so that contracts in the Nordics are not delayed; local work time, sick pay, holiday regulations and work safety requirements still must be observed 14. Sweden Population of 9.1 million, average salary of 3,900 EUR/month Construction turnover in 2010 reached 1,000 billion SEK, or 112.3 billion EUR, andforms 8% of GDP About 500,000 or 11 % of total workforce is employed in construction Investments into construction were at 29.9 billion EUR in 2010: one of the lowestlevels in the EU: the market only dipped in 2009 and early 2010, but constructionvolumes will have to increase, especially around Stockholm and other big cities Stockholm area expects population growth by up to from 2 million to 2.5 million by 2030: heavy need for scaling up new housing construction Housing construction still makes up the most of new projects in means of total floor area Undeclared construction still frequent, but also targeted by the authorities Current illegal employment estimated at about 20,000 foreign construction workers Inspections at sites carried out both by authorities and by own monitoring activities of the relevant unions 15. Key legal features: Sweden Foreign workers from the EU do not need a work permit, but, if staying for longer than 3months, must register with the Swedish Migration Board If staying in Sweden for 183 or more days per year, foreign workers are considered taxresidents and must pay Swedish income tax If exceeding the 320,000 SEK/year sales threshold in Sweden, a company must registerlocally for VAT Workers with a valid E101 form from their home social security authority do not have to paylocal social security contributions, unless they qualify as tax residents Collective agreements set the minimum pay rates in construction, which are not publiclyavailable, but the average wage in construction is at about 150 SEK/hour; the average wageoverall in Sweden in 2010 was 28,400 SEK/month Building defects insurance is required for at least 10 years as of the date of the finalinspection of the building (but not for works that do not require a building permit, though itis also expected to have 2-5 years warran

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