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Your iPad is a great tool, but you might not know ...


  • Master Your IPad With These Awesome Tips

    Your iPad is a great tool, but you might not know how to fully take advantage of it just yet.You will succeed if you have the correct information and know-how. Daily use of the iPadbecomes second nature when you use the great suggestions in the article below.

    Your folders are now supported with iOS. To create a folder, move an app and put it on topone. Instantly they will both merge into a folder named after their categories. Then, you canrename the folder.

    Did you just launch a noisy app by mistake? It is easy to mute the volume on the iPad. Allyou have to do is hold down the volume-down key until it turns off. The lock orientation canalso be configured to mute your device.

    If you are like most people, you receive many emails each day and do not need to be notifiedeach time. You can turn this notification off. Start by going to Setting and General. SelectSounds. Then you can change the volume or even turn off the sound for new mail.

    Are you annoyed or distracted by the constant battery life percentage displayed on youriPad's screen? If you want, you have the power to turn that off. Go to Settings. Find Usageunder the General tab. You will then have access to the battery percentage display and havethe option to turn it off.

    You can easily take screenshots while using your iPad. To pull this off, just hold down boththe "Home" and "Sleep" button simultaneously. Then you will have a screenshot you canorganize with your other photos.

    You are now able to quickly mute your iPad. There was no mute button on the original iPad.With the advent of iOS 4.3, it became possible to mute the audio easily. Just hold the volumedown button for a few seconds to mute.

    iCloud is an exceptional utility for iPad users who are always online. You can use the cloud tostore files and information so that you leave your iPad storage free and clear. Use the cloudservice as well as the device for storing important documents.

    Turning on auto brightness can extend battery life. The current level of light in any room canbe sensed by iPads, and they first class email solution for realtors can adjust based on this.This technique gives you longer battery life without the need to recharge so often. To do this,you just go to Settings and then choose Brightness and Wallpaper.

    If you want your battery to last longer, reduce your screen's brightness level. This can reallyhelp if you're expecting important messages while traveling. If you want the brightnesslowered, look on the menu for the icon with a sun.

  • The information that you have gleaned from this article should help you to better understandhow to use your iPad. You can use this handy and powerful little machine for lots of greatpurposes. Remember what you have just learned, and start maximizing your iPad usage.