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  1. 1. Master Your IPad With These Great TipsSo you like to play games? Are you in school this semester? Do you currently work hard at your job?Are you trying to get in shape? Are you going to have a baby? Did you know the iPad can help youwith all of that and more? There is an app for nearly everything, but this device is way more thanapps. The following piece will give you helpful advice so you can use your iPad effectively andefficiently.If you plan to use your iPad to stream movies, play games or listen to music continuously, battery lifemay be shortened significantly. One way to make you battery last longer is to adjust your screen'sbrightness. It is unlikely that you will prefer the brightest setting and the improvement will be worthit.You can access all of your running apps on your iPad. Press the Home button twice to view all ofyour current apps. This is a great way to switch between apps. To get rid of this bar, swipe thescreen in a downward direction.A good way to keep the pages from closing is to open other one in a new tab. If you are using Safari,you can access this feature by tapping on a link and holding your finger there for a couple secondstill a menu of options appears. You can choose to see the link in a second tab this way.Do you get annoyed by the battery charge icon on your iPad's screen? You can disable that. Start bygoing to Settings. Select General and next locate Usage. Under the Usage menu, you will be able toturn off the display.Google does not have to be the only search engine you use. To change these settings, navigate yourway to your Safari setting and choose search engine. In addition to Google, you have a choice ofusing Yahoo and Bing as your search engine.Many people know their iPads have an iTune store, but are not aware of all its features. If you areinterested in learning, try out the iPad's iTunes U application. There are many educational podcastsand you can learn a lot.Decrease the screen brightness in order for the battery to last longer. Try this option if you areconcerned about your battery life while waiting for an urgent email or message. Double tap yourHome button until you find the sun icon.Tabs can help you browse more efficiently. You do not need to leave the site you're on in order to goto a link. Instead of tapping on a link, hold it and you will have access to a menu. Choose "open linkin new tab" so that both the new page and previous page will remain open.The same light settings are not necessary when you are in different environments, which is why youare given the option to change that. If you want to dim your screen, tap the home home button acouple of times and swipe on the screen until the brightness setting appears. There, you can selectoptions to match the brightness to the ambient light in your environment.It is always a good idea to utilize the security features of your iPad, even if you don't think you needthem. It is impossible to know when you might lose an iPad accidentally or to theft.
  2. 2. Lots of people hate having to see the percentage of their iPad's battery charge. But you can removeit! Navigate to Settings, select General, and find Usage. This is the place to remove the indicatorfrom your screen. Follow these steps if you later want to turn it back on.It is very easy to capture a screenshot on your iPad. Simply press the home button at the same timeas the sleep button. You will see a flash and hear a click. It means that a photo has been taken. Thescreenshot is automatically saved in your Photos.You now have the basic knowledge needed to get started.Your iPad can be used for a number of things, like figuringout the weather or doing your banking. You'll find itbecomes an indispensable tool in your arsenal, replacing somany gadgets you'll find obsolete, and the tips above willhelp you make this possible.