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Download Mastering Document Management -   Document Management Melissa P Esquibel, MCT . Roadmap ... Setting up a Workflow •With library selected •Library tab, Settings group, Workflow

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  • Mastering Document Management

    Melissa P Esquibel, MCT

  • Roadmap

    SharePoint vs. Network Shares

    Dynamic Document Libraries

    Tools for Managing Change

  • SharePoint vs. Network Shares



    Multiple Content Types



    Network Shares




    Not so much!

  • SharePoint vs. Network Share

  • Dynamic Document Libraries

  • What can Document Libraries do?

    Organize content

    Keep track of versions

    Launch a review process

    Manage access

  • Create New Library

  • Create New Library

  • Other Libraries

  • Tools for Managing Change

    Draft Review Approve

  • Change Management Features

    Check in/check out


    Content Types and Workflows

  • Check in/Check out

    Checked out: No one else can edit

    Checked in: Others may now check out

  • DONT forget to check back in!

    From SharePoint

    From Word

    Hover for arrow to appear.

  • DONT forget to check back in!

    From SharePoint

    From Word

  • Versioning

    Click into Library

    Access Library tab in Ribbon

    In Settings, click on Library Settings

  • Version Settings

  • Versioning Settings

    Content approval

    Document version history



    Draft item security

    Require check out

  • Content Types

    Why use Content Types?

    Creating documents with a Content Type

  • Creating a Content Type

    1. Create your template

    2. Create custom content type at top site

    3. Add column type for 3-state workflow

  • Creating a Content Type

    4. Enable content types for library

    5. Add from existing content types

    Disable unwanted content types

    Modify columns

  • A 3-State Workflow

    Setting a status or state field

    Setting up a 3 State workflow

    Attach a workflow to a library

  • Setting up a Workflow

    With library selected

    Library tab, Settings group, Workflow Settings button

    Add a workflow

  • Starting a Workflow

  • Co-authorship

    Word 2010 and SharePoint 2010 required

    Must be edited in thick client

    Contact other collaborators

    Using the navigation pane


  • Question & Answer Session

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