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Presentation held at a local meeting in a mathematics department. The project presented is about uncovering beginning mathematics teacher students' beliefs and attitudes towards mathematics and mathematics teachers.


  • 1. What about mathematics teachers? A project about uncovering the aspiring mathematics teachers beliefs about mathematics and mathematics teachers

2. Students first task at HiST Draw a mathematics teacher NO Stick figures allowed!You have 4 minutes! 3. Why would this be of interest? Insight into students beliefs about mathematics teachers Friendly activity to ease up on the first day Great for discussing myths and meanings about mathematics and mathematics teachers. We can refer back to the students drawings as knowledge constructed in class 4. What made me thinkThe students who drew these did it in different years with a background from different parts in the country. How come they were so similar!? 5. What did the students draw? Around 500 drawings matematikklreren-2010 6. Tiresome categorizing and coding 7. The human being - Mostly men (70 %) - And they were drawn by mostly women (ca. 80 %?)- Most of them have glasses (70 %) - Lot of facial hair and at the same time loss ofhair - Unfriendly appearance - Checkered clothes (oh, this is so true) - Vests (!) - Clothes with mathematics on (!!) 8. Loss of hairFacial hairGlassesUnfriendly appearanceCheckered clothing 9. The mathematics In the shape of finished products on the blackboard Almost never as a process or activity Often mathematics that make no sense at all 10. The pedagogical practice Many teachers are drawn with some tools Rulers Pointers and other dated resources Almost no calculators One single teacher (1) drawn with a laptop or desktop 11. Some favorites 12. Wow. What happened here? 13. Lrerne gikk som om de gikk igjen. En vissen, grinet flokk, som gjennom rene utviklet hver sin srhet til karikatur; fordi deres ensomme liv var sitte p kateteret og str stv p en ungdom de ikke forstod.Alexander Kielland, Gift, 1883. 14. The teachers were walking as were they spectres. A withered, cranky herd that through the mists of time transformed their own peculiarities into caricature. Because their lonely lifes were to be sitting by their desks, sprinkling dust on a youth they could not understand.Alexander Kielland, Gift, 1883. (My translation)


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