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  • Matthew Davison Bobby Harkreader David Mackey Dhivya Padmanbhan Artificial Intelliscents Robotic Chemotaxis
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  • Problem Goal Design Analysis Results
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  • People that work near volatile chemicals need to be alerted to the presence of high concentration levels Long response time in locating chemical spills Human sense of smell inadequate Difficult and expensive to use detection animals Problem Statement
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  • There is a lack of an affordable, effective, autonomous system to detect and contain chemical spills with a minimum response time and damage.
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  • Chemical sensor will direct the robot towards contaminant Good response time defined as less than 12 minutes It will navigate within 60 cm of the spill location and activate alerts Able to navigate a laboratory environment Meet safety standards Quickly deployable defined as 30 seconds
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  • Create an autonomous system for chemical detection System should track toward higher concentration levels
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  • Positive Chemotaxis defined as tracking towards higher chemical concentrations Performed by an autonomous robot with chemical sensor
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  • Alternative Solutions Chemical Sensor: PID, MOS Orientation Anemometer vs Internal Mapping Plume Tracking Gradient, Insect inspired approaches, geometric approaches Source Identification Geometric, Surge and Cast
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  • System Level Design
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  • Functionality of PID sensor PID characteristics PID interfacing Chemical Sensor: Photo Ionization Detector
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  • Activated by plume tracking algorithm when high threshold concentration reached
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  • iRobot with AtMega 168 microcontroller Bumper Detection System Alert system activated by Chemotaxis algorithms Alerts: Audio tones and Visual LEDs Robot Platform
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  • Demonstration Environment
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  • VerticalMapping Horizontal Mapping
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  • Matthew: Robot controls, Alert system, Documentation videos Bobby: Gradient based plume tracking, Obstacle avoidance with plume tracking David: Obstacle avoidance, Plume mapping algorithms, Building test environment and PID mount Dhivya: PID sensor interfacing, Spiral surge plume tracking, Source identification Team Artificial Intelliscents: Testing and validation Teamwork
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  • Meet or exceed OSHA standards Alert systems prevent monetary loss and bodily harm Use rechargeable batteries and promote proper disposal of batteries
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  • Enabling safety at chemical spill sites Avoiding moral issues for using sniffer animals Manufacturability Sustainability Economic viability
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  • Goal and Objectives Project Design Design Validation Project Management
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  • Questions