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Want to get your hands on the latest research on The State of Customer Experience in Asia Pacific', then download this sneak-peak presentation from The CMO Council, and be one of the first in line to get access to the full report when it is released on the 12th of December. Find out what Marketers in Asia are thinking about Customer Experience and how it helps them to differentiate their brands.


<p>Maximize_ppt_Webcast2.pptx</p> <p>Asia-Pacific Date &amp; Times: November 26, 2013; 7:30 am IST, 10:00 am SGT, 1:00 PM AEST United States Date &amp; Times: November 25, 2013; 9:00 pm EST; 6:00 pm PST </p> <p>The State Of Customer Experience in Asia-Pacific </p> <p>WEBCAST Revealing Best Practices from industry leaders </p> <p>MAXIMIZE HOW YOU INDIVIDUALIZE </p> <p>WELCOME vWhat we are here to do </p> <p> Provide a sneak peak of findings from the upcoming study focused on customer experience across Asia </p> <p> Hear from industry leaders to see if the findings are in line with their experiences across the market </p> <p> Share insights into how and why customer experience management is critical in this connected digital landscape </p> <p>WELCOME vWho we will be hearing from </p> <p> Nicolas Kontopoulos, Senior Director, Global CRM Marketing, SAP </p> <p> Chris Reed, Chief Marketing Officer, Mig33 Lea Wright, Head of Consumer CRM, Westpac Christel Quek, Regional Digital &amp; Social Strategist </p> <p>66% say positive customer </p> <p>experience can help differentiate </p> <p>their brand </p> <p>MAXIMIZE HOW YOU INDIVIDUALIZE </p> <p>MAXIMIZE HOW YOU </p> <p>INDIVIDUALIZE vOnline audit of 217 senior marketers across Asia vInterviews with XX vFull report and findings available December 12 </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>WHAT IS CUSTOMER CENTRICITY? </p> <p>60% say centricity is a corporate </p> <p>culture that places customer </p> <p>satisfaction above all else </p> <p>vProducts that reflect ongoing customer co-innovation (45%) </p> <p>vA senior management team committed to understanding and serving their markets (35%) </p> <p>vResponsible use of customer data and insight to advance the customer experience (35%) </p> <p>HOW CUSTOMER CENTRIC ARE INTERNATIONAL BRANDS? </p> <p>1% </p> <p>0% </p> <p>12% </p> <p>32% </p> <p>43% </p> <p>13% </p> <p>0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% </p> <p>Not Sure </p> <p>Poor </p> <p>Needs Improvement </p> <p>Moderate </p> <p>Good </p> <p>High </p> <p>HOW CUSTOMER CENTRIC ARE ASIAN BRANDS? </p> <p>2% </p> <p>3% </p> <p>24% </p> <p>36% </p> <p>28% </p> <p>7% </p> <p>0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% </p> <p>Not Sure </p> <p>Poor </p> <p>Needs Improvement </p> <p>Moderate </p> <p>Good </p> <p>High </p> <p>HOW VOCAL ARE APAC CUSTOMERS? </p> <p>VOICES GETTING STRONGER </p> <p>vSelectively Vocal: Feedback depends (42%) vProactive &amp; Private: Willing to share directly </p> <p>with brand (17%) vActively Social: Always ready to share (13%) </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>THE ONES TO WATCH </p> <p>vSilent But Act Fast: No sharingbut no warning when they stop doing business (5%) </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>DO YOU HAVE A FORMAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STRATEGY? </p> <p>6% </p> <p>9% </p> <p>30% </p> <p>20% </p> <p>35% </p> <p>0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% </p> <p>Not Sure </p> <p>Strategy in Place </p> <p>Strategy in Development </p> <p>No </p> <p>Yes </p> <p>EXPECTATION &amp; DIGITAL SPARK CXM STRATEGY </p> <p>vDigital Channel Explosion (64%) vRapid Behavior Change (62%) vMarket Expansion &amp; Introduction (40%) </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>HOW SATISFIED ARE YOU WITH CUSTOMER LISTENING &amp; RESPONSE? </p> <p>3% </p> <p>18% </p> <p>17% </p> <p>51% </p> <p>11% </p> <p>0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% </p> <p>Not Sure </p> <p>Not At All Satisfied </p> <p>Implementing Systems </p> <p>Moderately Satisfied </p> <p>Highly Satisfied </p> <p>LISTENING IN WRONG PLACES </p> <p>vWe Wait for Proactive Voices Email (71%) Sales Teams Corporate Website (54%) Customer Service Centers (50%) </p> <p>vNot Looking Beyond the Basics Social (59%) Blogs (28%) In-store (26%) </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>SYSTEMS CANT LIVE UP TO </p> <p>BRAND PROMISE vDo your back office systems and operational </p> <p>structures live up to brand promises &amp; marketing claims? 26% Yes 13% No 55% SOMEWHAT </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES TO MANAGE GLOBAL EXPERIENCE? </p> <p>BIG DATA BIG PROBLEM </p> <p>v38% battle data quality v34% challenged by IT infrastructure v31% have issues with data ownership v26% struggle to manage data complexity </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>only 23% have a comprehensive </p> <p>view of the stages of the customer </p> <p>lifecycle </p> <p>HOW (and where) ARE YOU USING CUSTOMER INSIGHT TO OPTIMIZE EXPERIENCE? </p> <p>PERSONALIZE FOR PROBLEMS </p> <p>v42% for service or support v39% use insight to up-sell or cross-sell v38% monitor customer lifecycle v36% use insight to fuel CRM v31% personalize web and social interaction </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>BUT WE ARE NOT </p> <p>v13% leverage insight for customer revenue optimization </p> <p>v17% for lead acquisition v11% account-based engagements v10% to improve sales cycles v 3% to recover or reactivate old accounts </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>DO YOU SEE GAPS IN THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? </p> <p>EMPOWERMENT LACKING </p> <p>vOperational structure (38%) vIndividualization of communication (33%) vEmpowering the employee (32%) vLocalization (27%) </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>HAVE CXM ISSUES IMPACTED BUSINESS? </p> <p>EXPERIENCE = $$$ </p> <p>v41% say customer experience has increased revenue 18% saw revenue increase between 5% - 10% 15% saw revenue increase between 1% - 5% 3% saw revenue increase in excess of 10% </p> <p>Source: ComScore </p> <p>Our Guest Speakers vNicolas Kontopoulos </p> <p>Senior Director, Global CRM Marketing, SAP vChris Reed </p> <p>Chief Marketing Officer, Mig33 vLea Wright </p> <p>Head of Consumer CRM, Westpac vChristel Quek </p> <p>Regional Digital &amp; Social Strategist </p> <p>Q&amp;A </p> <p>Please submit your questions in the question dialog box above </p> <p>This presentaCon will be available to view On-Demand soon aJer the live viewing </p> <p>WHATS NEXT? Download the Report &gt;&gt; December 12 Get connected &gt;&gt; (LinkedIn) The Marketing Edge </p> <p>This presentaCon will be available to view On-Demand soon aJer the live viewing </p> <p>THANK YOU! </p> <p>This presentaCon will be available to view On-Demand soon aJer the live viewing </p>