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Some top video marketing and top content tips from Jamie Andrei. See where you are missing valuable search, conversion and click to buy calls to action on YouTube. Learn about the powerful free YouTube tools (analytics, annotations, paid ads, live streaming) at your finger tips to increase marketing spend effectiveness. See where there are big opportunities to beat your competitors and reach new customers. Learn some fundamentals for using video in growing your business influence.


  • Video Marketing Essentials 35,000 year old cave painting
  • Super Powers Jamie Andrei +12 years professional experience in advertising and helping clients solve problems from strategy development, to project delivery, account service and content production. He has worked with the likes of: Network 9, Danone Nutricia, Jacobs Creek, Bayer, Lend Lease, CeBIT, Hannover Fairs, CSIRO, Onesteel, Kellogg's, Tourism Queensland, Jordan Tourism Board, Amazon Web Services, Rabobank, Australian Surf Life Saving, the Hon. Patrick Farmer, Crusty Demons of Dirt, Foxtel, Fairfax and Visual Jazz, Lowe Profero, Next Digital, and Bullseye. Digital Strategy Content Production
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  • Agenda 1. Video landscape/production overview 2. YouTube examples (whats your brand voice/niche) 3. Opportunities/Ideas (unlock the full value) 4. Technical case studies (practical examples)
  • Video Insights 1. 79% of marketers report their organisations are shifting to branded content Forrester 2013 2. Content from reputable sources is most shared UCLA 2012 3. Clicks from shared content are 5x more like to result in a purchase Voltier Digital 2012
  • Video Overview - Cost of production has come down - Easy access to distribution/viewers - Shorter is better (bite sized shareable chunks) - Powerful tools (YouTube, click to buy annotations, analytics etc) - Feed the beast (balanced diet for you digital channels) - Engagement, sharing, search (opportunity)
  • Video Landscape - Product videos (new product launches, events) - How to videos (cooking, technical, DIY kits etc) - Podcasts (easy to share, make it searchable, get off iTunes) - Screen capture/tutorials/help - Member only content/video (CRM) - Animated infographics (entertaining data) - Testimonials/UGC/G+/Live Streaming + more
  • Plan Ahead - Think - Mood board - Script - Shot list - Time = $$$ - Make the most of available light and sound (critical)
  • Tools of the Trade - Cameras (5D/GH4) - Audio - Screen capture - Quadcopters (DJI) - Editing software
  • EPIC Meal Time (shock) - Creative, specific, targeted - Weekly content - Collaborate with other top YouTube talent - Lots of calls to actions (annotations) - Simple production/editing
  • GoPro (action/lifestyle) - UGC super brand - Disruptive content marketing model (Red Bull brand jack) - People create free content - Emotive/insightful
  • Devin Super Tramp (action/adventure) - Stages/films epic events - Positive, healthy lifestyle - Polished production - Brand in his own right - Worked for Ford, Mountain Dew, EA etc - Loyal fan base
  • 6x Families. 1x Day - Mix of paid and organic drivers - Opportunities (click through/clear calls to action, metrics suggest shorter is better, optimise titles/description and thumbs, playlists etc)
  • Kathmandu - Current huge winter push/media spend - Beautiful content - No URLs - No annotation$ - Low subs - Huge opportunity!!
  • Worlds Best Treehouse (with spa!) - Simple story telling - Top of search - Social proof (436 likes, 89 comments, 147 shares, 172 favs) - Optimised titles, text, thumb - Keep an eye on analytics (high engagement) - Sweet spot length - Click through actions/annotations - Links/URLs added - All organic (solid foundation) - 312 book now clicks - Lots of PR and media
  • Treehouse
  • Gumby Cliff Jump - Bit of fun (show reel/skills/dog fooding) - Test some new production toys - Tried some paid Fiverr activity & PPC - Seeded on Reddit, Facebook etc - GoPro US contacted me for the footage - Low YouTube views but +168K on MSN/Bing - Syndicated across US Network TV - Featured online - Cool GIF
  • Cool Stuff
  • - Research, Plan, Think Do your home work - The Title Make it catchy, relevant, searchable - Thumb Nail Test, listen and optimise - Formatting Optimise description and layout - Call to Action - Video overlays, subscribe, recommended video - Social Sharing Encourage/make is easy to share/watch/rate - PPC Test and trial some paid media (test/optimise) - Measure/Test/Optimise Use the free tools to increase success Top Video Tips
  • Rap Up - Define your voice/brand story/angle - Develop and plan a content calendar - Research your video niche - Measure, test, learn - Never under estimate the basics - You would be surprised by the opportunity out there
  • Contact 0449 947 731 Jamie Andrei | Consulting Director