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Discover the themes, brands, and celebrity affinities of network programs.


  • 1. Maximize Advertising Campaignswith Social TV Audience InsightsDiscover the themes, brands, andcelebrity affinities of network programs 2012 Networked Insights

2. Fans of Glee and Lea Michele are always interested indiscussing health and lifestyles; during the lastmonth, beachwear has become a popular conversation topic. 2012 Networked Insights 3. Fans of Revenge are also big Disney fans. Over the lastmonth, theyve shared spring break plans to visit Disneylandand Disney World. They also discuss which airlines theyprefer, and which ones they dont. 2012 Networked Insights 4. In the last month, Once Upon a Time viewers havediscussed playing online multiplayer games like the recentlyreleased Star Wars: The Old Republic. 2012 Networked Insights 5. Over the last month, some fans of The Voice began sharingtheir wedding plans with one another and discussing whichretailers offer the best wedding registries. 2012 Networked Insights 6. One of the top off-topics with viewers of How I Met Your Motherrecently has been home ownership and what online shopping dealsare available for new furniture. 2012 Networked Insights 7. A good portion of recent Two and a Half Men conversationscame from gaming websites based on simple Facebook gameslike Zyngas Words With Friends. 2012 Networked Insights 8. A significant number of recent Community-related conversationshave come from dedicated TV fan sites. Along with discussing variousshows, fans talk about the best places to purchase episodes on DVD. 2012 Networked Insights 9. Want to learn more?Networked Insights can help you: Determine which brands are best suited for certainTV shows Discover new audience segmentsto target withincertain TV shows Leverage real-timedata on a TV show to unlock newadvertiser opportunities Use social data to demonstrate valueof integratedmarketing campaigns across TV and digital 2012 Networked Insights 10. Ready to get started?Visit:NetworkedInsights.comCall 2012 Networked Insights