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  • Gamification: Maximizing CRM Success through Employee


  • Intelestream • Chicago-based CRM consulting

    firm • SugarCRM Elite Partner • Founded in 2007 by former

    SugarCRM employees • Specializes in manufacturing,

    transportation, and logistics

  • Session is Gamified! • Answer questions: get tickets

    • Win team challenges: get more tickets

    • Stay in the game!

    • Lack of participation = negative tickets

    • Members of team challenge receive a prize • Top 2 ticket winners get gift cards!

  • Why Do CRM Project Fail?

    “No one used the system”

  • Holy Grail: 100% User Adoption

  • Low Adoption

    Stale Data

    Inaccurate reports

    Lost Interest

    Lost sponsorship

    Why is Adoption so Important?

  • Everyone Grows Frustrated

  • CRM Maturity: Why is it important?

    1. What is CRM Maturity? 2. Why is it important? 3. CRM Maturity Framework 4. How mature is your organization?

  • Ad Hoc Captured Managed Optimized

    Activity Management

    Pen & Paper In memory Outlook/Phone

    Some activity tracking in CRM, Opp Mgt.

    Archived from Outlook

    Connected with ERP and Marketing

    Process Individually defined. Siloed

    Some stages in CRM

    Fully defined in CRM

    Connected with workflow

    Reporting None/Excel Some run from CRM

    Dashboards and complex reports


    Where you want to be heading

    CRM Maturity Framework

  • CRM Maturity

    What level is your organization?

  • Spectrum of Outcomes

    Epic Fail Nirvana

  • Excuses

    “People claim they are too busy to enter data”

  • Rollout Complete

    “The old way is faster”

  • Riot!

    “Our users say the system is not easy enough to use”

  • Missed Quotas

    “We couldn’t use the CRM properly”

  • Team Challenge

    What is the best excuse you have ever heard?

  • How Can We Fix This!?

    “Please help!"

  • Improving User Adoption

    • Structured User Acceptance Testing • Voice of the Customer • Focus on simple UI and UX • Running meetings from CRM • Gamifying the system

  • How Do We Target Behavior?

  • Humans Love Games

  • We Play as Kids

  • We Play as Adults

  • We Play When We Get Old

  • All Kinds of Games…

  • Driving Human Behavior

  • Gamification is All Around Us

  • Impact of Gamifying

    • Sales and Service Teams • Higher adoption • Better employee engagement • More collaboration

  • Team Challenge

    How would you gamify CRM?

  • Three Pillars of Gamification

    Improve User Adoption

    Engage Employees

    Drive Measurable Results

  • Broadcast Leaderboards

  • Splash CRM Gamification Engine

  • Company Specific Game Elements

  • • Custom label manufacturer • Service team enters orders and responds to

    customer inquiries • Using gamification to motivate service team • Resulted in reduced response times • Better employee engagement

  • • Large Midwest roofing company

    • Heavy mobile use-case

    • Difficulty getting users to enter data

    • Multiple offices

    • Using gamification to increase engagement

  • Team Challenge

    What gamification strategies have

    you tried in other parts of your


  • Beyond CRM

    • Customer Interaction and Loyalty • Channel Management • Employee Training, Review, and Motivation

  • Team Challenge

    What program would you put in place to gamify another aspect of your business?

  • Review

    • User Adoption is critical • Target Behavior • Gamification is a strategy • Implement in your CRM with Splash • Better CRM Success

  • And the Winner is...

  • Any Questions?

    Jason Green 312-244-3767