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  • May - June 2015

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  • 4 DDBC News, May-June 2015

    OFFICIAL PUBLICATION DDBC of Southern California

    Dave Daniel, Editor

    VOL. LII NO. 3 2015 • ISSN 00117862 Executive Director: Susan Steele

    OFFICERS: President: Cheryl Van Den Hende (Monterrey); First Vice Presi- dent: Patti Winsell; Second Vice President: Sue Bargsten (DPI Specialty Foods); Third Vice President: Lisa Juarez (Cacique); Secretary: Cynthia Yarak; Treasurer: Bill Mackie (Processor’s Marketing and Research); Advisor: Connie Thatcher (Advantage Sales & Marketing).

    DIRECTORS: Tracy Gemoll (Food 4 Less); Matt Hebert (Insight Food Sales); Dave MacDonald (Stremick’s Heritage Foods); Silvia Quiroz (Cardenas Markets); Laura Taketomo (Food 4 Less), Nancy Tyler (Acosta), Jim Veregge (Unified Grocers), Liz Wilson (Ralphs), Miriam Welch (Albertsons).

    PAST PRESIDENTS: §Sydney Fisher, 1960; §Loyd Knutson, 1961; §Sam Freed, 1962; §Harry Schneider, 1963; §Earl Anderson, 1964; §Leo Cohen, 1965; §Art Jelin, 1966; §George Hobbs, 1967; §Eli Coleite, 1968; Bill Trapani, 1969; §Pete Uraine, 1970; §Otto Schirmer, 1971; §John Andikian, 1972; Ted Hopkins, 1973; §Stan Coop, 1974; §Ray Ferry, 1975; §A.A. “Bud” Moorman, 1976; Bill Schwartz, 1977; Eleanor Bennett, 1978; §Bob Garcia, 1979; §Harold Davis, 1980; Randall Chew, 1981; Gary Illingworth, 1982; §Ken Tisdell, 1983; John Vitale, 1984; Gary Provenzano, 1985; Joe Jimenez, 1986; Dick Schwebe, 1987; Diane Beecher, 1988; Joe Matyasik, 1989; Don Fisher, 1990; Mark Stringer, 1991; §Jerry Lewis, 1992; Mark Dixon, 1993; Kathie Porter, 1994; Jim Allumbaugh, 1995; Jim Veregge, 1996; Rona Reeves, 1997; Joy Sawhill, 1998; Debra Zimmerman, 1999; Peter Hejny, 2000; Jeff Merrill, 2001; Bill Hankes, 2002, Manny Marin 2003-04; Bob Dressler, 2005; Jon Amidei, 2006; Sue Bargsten, 2007; Rigo Landeros, 2008; Rey Garza, 2009; Lisa Juarez, 2010; Stacy Gilbert, 2011; Neil Swanson, 2012; Bill Mackie 2013; Connie Thatcher 2014.

    HALL OF FAME: §Harry Schneider, 1983; §Sam Freed and §Ralph Levey, 1984; §Pete Uraine, 1985; §Al Berger, 1986; §Eddie Goldstein and §George Hobbs, 1987; §A.A. “Bud” Moorman, 1988; §Morrie Rosenfeld and §Claus Simon, 1989; §Otto Schirmer and §Andy Stylianou, 1990; §Ray Ferry, 1991; §Bob Garcia and

    §Art Jelin, 1992; §Lou Agrati, 1993; §Bernie Brener, 1994; Mark Levey, 1995; §Harold Davis, 1996; Eleanor Bennett and §Joe Malin, 1997; Gary Illingworth and §Ken Tisdell, 1998; §Jo Ann Benci and Ken Hanshaw, 1999; Tom Keyes, 2000; John Vitale, 2001; Bill Schwartz, 2002; Ted Hopkins and Dick Schwebe, 2003; Diane Beecher, §Stan Coop, and §Jerry Lewis, 2004; Don Fisher and Rona Reeves, 2005; §Bill MacAloney and Rob Willardson, 2006; Jim Veregge, 2007; Mark Dixon, 2008; Kathie Porter, 2009; John Brass, 2010; Jim DeKeyser and Burhan Nasser, 2011; Jack Taylor, 2012; Jeff Merill and Judy Norton, 2013; Dave Daniel and Cheryl Kennick, 2014.

    RETAILER OF THE YEAR: §Stan Coop, 1975; §Bill MacAloney, 1976; §Eddie Goldstein, 1977; §Pete Uraine, 1978; §Art Jelin, 1979; §A.A. “Bud” Moorman, 1980; Ken Hanshaw, 1981; Eleanor Bennett, 1982; Gary Illingworth, 1983; §Harold Davis, 1984; John Vitale, 1985; Eddie Hoggatt, 1986; Don Fisher, 1987; §Fred Brandt, 1988; Diane Beecher, 1989; Les Taylor, 1990; Bob Johnson, 1991; §Jerry Lewis, 1992; Dave Wolff, 1993; Dave Fernandez, 1994; Kathie Porter, 1995; John Brass, 1996; Jim Veregge, 1997; §Bernie Brener; §Jean Dreshner, 1998; Cindy Mulvaney, 1999; Mark Miale, 2000; Mickey Gold, 2001; Andre Mesropian, 2002; Joe Rodriquez, 2003; Pete Hejny, 2004; Manny Marin, 2005, Jim Roesler, 2006; Sue Bargsten, 2007; Steve Nguyen, 2008; Matt Reeve, 2009; Robin Bell, 2010; Gayle DeCaro, 2011; Dennis McIntyre, 2012, Silvia Quiroz, 2013; Laura Taketomo, 2014.

    PRESIDENTS AWARD: §Don Lee, 1992; §Louis Vitale, 1995; §A.A. “Bud” Moorman, 1997; Diane Beecher, 1998; Eleanor Bennett, 1999; Mark Dixon, 2007; Debra Zimmerman, 2012.

    LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: §Walt Scheck, 1999; §Ken Tisdell, 2001; Larry English, 2001; Charlice Makowski, 2005; Mark Roth, 2006; Tom Ilharreguy 2006; John Vitale, 2010; Terry Fyffe, 2011; §Bill MacAloney, 2012; Gilbert de Cardenas, 2013; Eleanor Bennett, 2014; Kevin Davis, 2014.

    SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR: §George Hobbs, 1975; §Lou Agrati, 1976; §Chico Santillan, 1977; Mark Levey, 1978; §Morrie Rosenfeld, 1979; §Ken Tisdell, 1980; §Walt Scheck, 1981; Larry English, 1982; §Bob Garcia, 1983; Ted Hopkins, 1984; Bob Fetzner, 1985; Joe Wilson, 1986; §Claus Simon, 1987; §Joe Malin, 1988; Tom Keyes, 1989; §Creighton Wiggins, 1990; Gary Illingworth, 1991; Paul Yates, 1992; Rob Willardson, 1993; Mark Dixon, 1994; Dick Schwebe, 1995; Jim Allumbaugh, 1996; Paul Christianson, 1997; Rona Reeves, 1998; Bill Schwartz, 1999; Jim DeKeyser, 2000; Burhan Nasser, 2001; Jeff Merrill, 2002; Bill Hankes, 2003; John Brass, 2004; Debra Zimmerman, 2005, Jack Taylor, 2006; Jon Amidei and Bob Dressler, 2007; Paul Miller, 2008; Monica Stone, 2009; Judy Norton, 2010; Ann Dressler and Rey Garza, 2011; Lisa Juarez, 2012; Fred Rowen, 2013; Craig Covell and John Nielsen, 2014.

    § — Deceased.

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  • 6 DDBC News, May-June 2015

    OFFICIAL PUBLICATION DDBC of Southern California


    About the cover

    In This Issue: 47th DDBC National Seminar Valerie Jabbar, Vice President of Merchandising for Ralphs Grocery Co., and celebrated Chef Aarón Sánchez, star of “Chopped” on the Food Network, who is sponsored by Cacique, Inc., have joined Greg McNiff (Albertsons) as keynote speakers for the 47th National DDBC Seminar scheduled for Sept. 11-13 at the Laguna Marriott Resort and Spa in Dana Point, according to General Chairman Laura Taketomo (Food 4 Less). See more information on the Seminar on Pages 8-13.

    A look back at DDBC March meeting Kevin Coupe wowed the membership at the March meeting in Garden Grove with his look into the future. “Every business will change in the next five years,” he said. “The way we see things now are not the way we will see them soon.” Story and photos begin on Page 22.

    The Big Cheese(s) Luke Abbott (Monterrey) and Emily Aguilar are profiled as the May and June Big Cheese Award honorees. They will be presented their Awards at the July meeting. Find out more about both Big Cheeses beginning on on Page 16.

    Advantage Sales 19 Bay Cities 15 Cacique 2-3 Daisy Brand Cover, 19 DSW Distribution 29 Horizon Sales Corp. 4 IDDBA 5

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