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Name:Tan Yun Qiang (37) Class:3S1

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Mblj_tan yun qiang _3s1_37


  • 1. Name:Tan Yun Qiang(37)Class:3S1

2. Content page Reasons for the construction of the MBS,(It required a lot of money) The Marina City Gallery Eco-Friendly and Green Singapore Various ways used to conserve energy Clifford Pier 3. Due to the great foresight of theSingapore Government,theyhave came up with the plan ofbuilding the MBS to promotetourism and bring in foreigninvestments for the country togain Revenues $$ 4. *Initial building of the Marina Bay Sands ResortBecause of the great foresight that leaders ofSingapore have,anticipating changes and stayingrelavent,they had came up with this idea to attractforeign investments and bring in revenue for thecountry. 5. Great view of the Built MBS at night :DThe great leadership of our founding fathers and country leadershave brought us to greater heights and have boosted our standardof living and international reputation with the greater and betterwell-known foreign attraction hotspots we have each growing day 6. The Infinity Pool @MBS(skypark) With work for reward and reward for work,these new and great facilities have enabled Singaporeans to enjoy the efforts that have spent to improve the country in terms of finance and security. MBS brought in lots of revenue for SG This include investments,tourism and shopping 7. This has given us the initial plans that our governmenthad (Good governance) .This shows us that they hadgreat foresight of our country and they are greatleaders of Singapore. 8. Eco-Friendly and Green Singaporeauhu @F ss Big AFAn 9. Eco-Friendly and GreenSingapore This has helped Singapore tap on Solar energy toconserve the total amount of natural resourcesneeded to PRODUCE energy .Ways includehydroelectricity as well.*Water dam to produce hydroelectricitywith turbines inserted in it. 10. Why tap on solar energy? Natural resources are depleting at a rapidrate,Global warming happening.WE NEED TO CONSERVE ENERGY 11. One of the ways Singapore did toconserve energy 12. Clifford PierAttracting foreign talent: This place was once used as aplace for immigrants to enter Singapore via attracting themthrough the availability of work or they come here to surviveand feed their families. 13. Clifford PierBetter educated immigrants proved to be able to boost the quality of theSingapore work force and in turn increase the standard of jobs required day byday.By anticipating change and staying relevant,this Pier has been replaced with abetter one to boost the standards of singapore.This was once great infrastructurethat hooked manys past memories. 14. Acknowledgement http://g4station.com/blog/2011/03/20/578/ Google.com Google images http://thelongnwindingroad.wordpress.com/20 Appreciation to Ms Chuas help