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ME top50 2013


  • 2013Celebrating British mobile content

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  • 2013 03

    Welcome to the MobileEntertainment Top 50 MobileInnovators reception...

    Now in its third year, ME'sTop 50 Mobile Innovatorsproject has become a keycomponent of theindustry. The UK marketis surging just look atTech City and wewanted to gather aspiringBritish entrepreneurs in

    one room to celebrate their genius with anexclusive social gathering.

    It's amazing to be in a position that canhelp young businesses receive recognition fortheir achievements, and hugely rewardingwhen we see how appreciative they are tosecure a slot on the list. A number of startupshave sealed a place in the Top 50 for a secondand third year, demonstrating the high levelof innovation that continues to take place inestablished businesses which is key tosurvival while there has also been a bundleof new companies making the 2013 line-up.

    We've had a great response to this year'sassembly, who have taken creativity to newheights, with some of the new players inareas, such as: social, photos, payments, gamesand devices. Angel investor Russell Buckleygave an inspirational speech in 2012 andtalked about KFCs Colonel Sanders you hadto be there. Video games veteran PeterMolyneux, who has experienced wild successwith new mobile studio 22 Cans, will offer hisexpertise to guests at this year's champagnereception, which is supported by partnersGrant Thornton, Dentons and IMR Executive.

    Congratulations to you all!Zen Terrelonge

    Deputy Editor, Mobile Entertainment

    Top 50 Mobile Innovators Wednesday, September 18th 201330 Finsbury Square, London, EC2P 2YU

    The judgesME would like to thank its esteemed judges, whoadmirably endured the white-hot temperature of aLondon pub this summer while debating the nomineesfor the ME Top 50 Innovators list. They are:

    Alex Haffner, senior associate, DentonsAlex specialises in mobile content services for global lawfirm Dentons.

    Graeme Ferguson, board adviser and investorHaving worked at Vodafone as director of globalcontent for five years, Graeme knows development.

    Helene Panzarino, growth manager,GrowthAcceleratorHelene works with companies of varying sizes and helpssecure access to that all-important funding.

    Ross Wellby, director, IMR ExecutiveRoss guides big brands and startups alike on the bestway to recruit star employees.

    Russell Buckley, investor and government advisorRussell left Admob, which Google bought for $750m in2011, and has become an angel investor.

    Shashi Fernando, investor and founder of Boppland Juper. Director of Prism DigitalSince selling Saffron to HTC for $48.5m, Shashi hasapplied his business savvy to investments in apps,photography, recruitment and more.

    Steven Leith, Grant Thornton UK LLPSteve leads the early stage media and tech team forbusiness and financial adviser Grant Thornton.

    Richard Hancock, chairman of MobiForce andpartner at Argent Mayfair Private EquityRichard has spent more than 30 years in marketing andbusiness development. He held senior positions at Zedand PlayPhone and now works in investments.

    Katy Phillips, publisher, Mobile EntertainmentTells the ME team what to do.

    Tim Green, associate editor, Mobile EntertainmentUsed his handsome beard to secure order.

    Zen Terrelonge, deputy editor, Mobile EntertainmentBlame me if personal/company profiles are wrong.

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  • 2013

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    Legal representation is paramount when developing innovative technology and AlexHaffner, a senior associate at global law firm Dentons, explains how the firms technology,media and telecoms division has been helping startups prepare for the future.

    With such a widespreadfocus globally, howimportant is the UK toDentons?We describe ourselves aspolycentric, so the idea is that wedon't have a specificheadquarters in the UK, US oranywhere else, with therealisation that many of ourclients operate on aninternational basis.Obviously, UK mobile companieshave aspirations to roll things outglobally, while the UK is also a keymarket for foreign companies.

    Who are you working with?We've worked with Nokia formany years, while Essence Digitalis a successful digital advertisingcompany that we've seen growhugely. At the other end of thescale, Veoo is an aggregator in themobile premium rate/paymentsspace that has grown at a rapidpace since it started out two yearsago. We work hard to makepartnerships as effective forsmaller companies as we do forlarger companies.

    How exactly do you assistclients?Our ideal is to start withcompanies at their inception andhelp them along their journeyfrom when they're a startup to,hopefully, exit. We believe that'swhy we're different. Frankly,innovation comes from the

    entrepreneurs and that's wherethe most interestingdevelopments tend to take place.

    Do you think that the legalsystem is at the front of anentrepreneur's mind?Employing lawyers probably isn'tthe first thing that companiesthink about, but getting the legalside of things straight at the startcan help when it comes togetting outside investment,especially if prospective problemsare nailed from the beginning.

    Can you offer an example?A startup needs to make suretheir intellectual property isprotected and that they have key

    contracts in place. Investors areobviously looking at a company'sideas when they come in, butthey also want to know thebusiness is robust and has keythings in place to secure itself.

    What's usually the first plan ofaction?Putting the right building blocksin place to help them later on. Weencourage clients to think long-term and plan their path to exit.

    Law is a building tool

    Dentons has 2,500 lawyers in 52countries and houses a tech, mediaand telecoms division. It is a silverpartner of the ME Top 50 MobileInnovators project.

    Alex Haffner, senior associate at Dentons


    2013 Grant Thornton UK LLP. All rights reserved. Grant Thornton UK LLP is a member rm of Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL).GTIL and the member rms are not a worldwide partnership. Services are delivered by the member rms. GTIL and its member rms are not agents of, and do not obligate, one another and are

    not liable for one anothers acts or omissions. Please see for further details.

    Disruptive technologies, massive shifts in consumer trends, and a signi cant ow of risk capital in an e ort to not only be seen, but be seen rst, are presenting opportunities and challenges for companies in the sector. Many fast growing media and technology businesses may be early stage, but they are very quickly tackling complex challenges fuelled by rapid expansion. Founders have to deal with the pressure of transitioning from founder to CEO in record time they often do so with minimal support networks from outside the business in both a personal and business context. Transition is di cult when the business around you is changing, expanding, pivoting, hiring, and developing in multiple directions. The way in which a business articulates vision, positions its product and communicates its strategy is key in realising its potential. Providing that support, making those connections and unlocking that potential for growth is something we see as core to the way we help our clients. Now, more than ever, media and technology businesses need assistance from advisers, dedicated to the sector, to help them achieve their objectives.

    At Grant Thornton, our TMT team combines technical expertise with the intuition, insight and con dence gained from over 20 years of advising the sector and a deep understanding of our clients.

    For further information please contact:

    Steven LeithHead of early-stage TMTT 020 7728 2868E

    Liz BrionTax Partner - TMTT 020 7728 2326E

    Top companies need top advisers.

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  • 2013

    Do you feel thattechnology and mediaare distinctly different orare they one industry?Every business has differentneeds and requirements, evenwithin the same sector, but thereare some parallels and crossoversbetween the two. We're dealingwith traditional media companiesthat are publishing print titlesand they're grappling withtechnology to deal with thethreat and opportunity of digital,so tech is paramount to them.

    Why do you think the mobilebusiness has exploded sodramatically in recent years?It boils down to access andtechnology really. It's an excellenttool with which businesses canreach an enormous consumerbase, while the latter increasinglywant to be able to access contentand information at any time.

    What type of companies do youwork with in terms of theirbusiness model and size?Size isn't necessarily a criteria forus when we consider ourrelationships with businesses.What matters most for us are thepeople behind the business, theidea they've