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Understanding how digital has changed brand measurement; Latest trends in measuring social media initiatives to gauge the effectiveness of digital branding programs; A KPI-based measurement methodology (with examples from companies); Deep dive case study on how measurement analysis changed a telecommunications company's branding approach; Understanding big data and the future of measurement


<p>Meaningful Brand Measurement: Turning Social Media Activity Into Business Outcome</p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>Meaningful Brand Measurement Turning Social Media Activity Into Business Outcome </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Jeremy Woolf </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p> </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>Agenda </p> <p> How has digital changed brand measurement? </p> <p> Latest social media measurement tools KPI-based measurement methodology Deep dive case study (telecommunications) Understanding Big Data The future of measurement </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>How has digital changed brand measurement? </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>Measurement GOAL: Determine results Use tools like Google </p> <p>Analytics to measure how many clicks youve had, or Social dashboards to measure conversations and trends </p> <p> Must set goals that link to objectives to make sense </p> <p>Monitoring GOAL: Insight and Research Gathering information about </p> <p>whats out there and what people say about us to who are the most important influencers </p> <p> Gathered from various sources then analysed for meaning and learning </p> <p> Either conducted prior to beginning the campaign or on an ongoing basis </p> <p>Measurement vs. Monitoring </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>PR has traditionally been hard to measure </p> <p>Clippings </p> <p> Volume of coverage </p> <p> Doesnt tell you anything meaningful </p> <p>AVE </p> <p> Approximate cash value of coverage </p> <p> Doesnt account for power of editorial recommendation over paid advertising </p> <p>Brand perception </p> <p> Measures public perception of a brand, product or idea </p> <p> Expensive and highly inaccurate </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>PR has traditionally been hard to measure </p> <p> Your message, interpreted by the media We know approximately how many </p> <p>people might have seen the coverage We sometimes have demographic data </p> <p>about the audience We can only guess at what has really </p> <p>been achieved </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>If its online, it can be measured. </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>Digital changes everything </p> <p> Brands can become publishers, no longer relying on independent media to reach audiences </p> <p> Everything that happens online can be tracked and measured </p> <p> Data tells us how people behave Data mapped against business objectives to </p> <p>provide real insight </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>Why measure? </p> <p> Not optional - a core component of any campaign </p> <p> Demonstrate value of Social Media / PR campaign (ROI) </p> <p> Optimize strategies and tactics based on measurement feedback </p> <p> Opportunity to learn and access real data about your consumers and markets </p> <p>Photo Credit: Kayaker1024 </p> <p>Latest brand measurement tools </p> <p>Photo Credit: Kayaker1024 </p> <p>1. Facebook and twitter </p> <p>2. Influence 3. Dashboards 4. Web analytics </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>KPI-based Measurement Methodology </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>What can we measure? </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>What can we measure? </p> <p>Analytics </p> <p>(Clicks, Uniques etc.) </p> <p>Interactions (comments, likes, on a Facebook page or </p> <p>equivalent, etc.) </p> <p>Conversations on external platform (number of mentions, </p> <p>etc.) </p> <p>DIFFIC</p> <p>ULTY</p> <p> TO A</p> <p>CC</p> <p>ESS THE D</p> <p>ATA</p> <p>Google analytics </p> <p>Facebook insights </p> <p>Crowdbooster </p> <p>Owned platform </p> <p>Third party estimates </p> <p>Public platforms </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>Web measurement </p> <p> Hits Each file sent to the browser from server is a hit </p> <p> Pageviews how many times a visitor viewed your webpage, even if its the same visitor </p> <p> Uniques how many visitors you had from a unique IP address ( </p> <p> Clicks how many times someone clicked on your link </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>Social Networking Measurement </p> <p> Likes, page views, referrers, etc. Users, languages, location, type of </p> <p>feedback Positive share of voice Time on site Interactions, retweets, reports, repins, </p> <p>clicks, etc. </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>What cant be measured? </p> <p> Private conversations Things you cant track You cant automatically track platforms you </p> <p>dont have access to (LinkedIn, Facebook) The special case of sentiment (a bit tricky to </p> <p>play with - works in some circumstances) </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>Google analytics </p> <p>Facebook insights </p> <p>Crowdbooster </p> <p>Challenges </p> <p> Disparate sources Inconsistent dataset Filtering issues Regional issues Language issues (local languages, irony, industry </p> <p>terms) Tracking new behavior / tools Different analytical approach No single consolidated and industry-wide </p> <p>reference indicator </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>BUSINESS GOALS </p> <p>Revenue </p> <p>Customer service </p> <p>Cultural </p> <p>KPIs </p> <p>Market share </p> <p>Customer churn </p> <p>Employee satisfaction </p> <p>Response time </p> <p>Repeat purchase </p> <p>Cost per lead </p> <p>Customer satisfaction </p> <p>Recruitment </p> <p>Innovation </p> <p>Digital KPIs </p> <p># sales made </p> <p># customers / channel </p> <p>+ve SOV / channel </p> <p>Response time / channel </p> <p># recurring customers </p> <p># value of $ / lead </p> <p># complaints rectified </p> <p># hires / channel </p> <p># products / channel </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>Business goal What is the business trying to achieve? </p> <p>KPI: Awareness Changing key audiences level of awareness in support of the goal </p> <p>KPI: Perception Changing key audiences positive perception in relation to the goal </p> <p>KPI: Action Changing key audiences behaviours in direct support of the goal </p> <p>Tactics What can we do to change audience awareness, perception or reaction? </p> <p>Digital KPI What is a measurable benchmark of success? </p> <p>Measurement tools Which tools can help us prove success? </p> <p>Digital KPI Tools </p> <p>Level of awareness Surveys (Survey Monkey) </p> <p>Change in topics discussed by community </p> <p>Manual, tools, StatsIT, Buzz, Radian 6 </p> <p>Content created (number of posts, tweets, videos) </p> <p>Manual count, Facebook insights, Hootsuite, tweetdeck etc. </p> <p># of search results, ranking number Google blog search, Alexa rankings, Technorati ranking, Klout / Peer Index ranking </p> <p>Reach Facebook Insights, Tweetreach </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>Business goal What is the business trying to achieve? </p> <p>KPI: Awareness Changing key audiences level of awareness in support of the goal </p> <p>Digital KPI Tool </p> <p>Unique monthly visits, time on site, number of downloads </p> <p>Web analytics Google Analytics </p> <p>% change in brand preference Online survey Survey Monkey </p> <p>Number of positive online conversation / endorsements </p> <p>Social media analysis manual, tools (StatsIT, Buzz, Radian 6) </p> <p>Number of followers / likes / +1s / size of community </p> <p>Facebook Insights, Hootsuite / TweetDeck etc., Social Mention </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>Business goal What is the business trying to achieve? </p> <p>KPI: Perception Changing key audiences positive perception in relation to the goal </p> <p>Digital KPI Tool </p> <p>Direct sales Google Analytics, Omniture, Eloqua </p> <p>Registrations Google Analytics, Omniture, Eloqua </p> <p>Cost of customer acquisition Google Analytics, Omniture, Eloqua </p> <p>Sales leads, Marketo, Google Analytics, Omniture, Eloqua </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>Business goal What is the business trying to achieve? </p> <p>KPI: Action Changing key audiences behaviours in direct support of the goal </p> <p>Business goal Increase profit by 10% by next quarter </p> <p>KPI: Perception Improve positive brand engagement by increasing expert participation in earned media channels while activating twitter and Facebook communities </p> <p>Tactics Increase participation in key blogs and forums </p> <p> Increase interaction in Facebook and twitter </p> <p>Digital KPI: Increase number of positive online conversations / endorsements </p> <p>Measurement tools StatsIT benchmark of earned media participation. Monitor at campaigns completion Facebook Insights and SimplyMeasured to benchmark FB and twitter engagement, review at campaigns completion </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>Photo Credit: Big Swede Guy </p> <p>Business goal Make Cisco Flip the number one shoot and share HD camera in Asia </p> <p>KPI: Awareness Raise awareness of Flip amongst key audiences by associating the brand with animated video Facebook profiles </p> <p>Measurement tools App analytics Facebook Insights Tweetreach Sales figures </p> <p>Tactics Create Facebook app that allows people to create </p> <p>animated video Facebook profiles Target key influencers to use the app on their </p> <p>Facebook profiles Promote through Facebook, twitter, mass media </p> <p>Digital KPI: Number of FB users that flipped their profiles Number of video views Social media reach Sales </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Case Study: Measurement Helps Set Strategy for Telecommunications Company </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Listening / Benchmarking Report </p> <p> Developed to provide the company with insights to inform a social media strategy </p> <p> Complete analysis of online conversations pertaining to the company and its chief competitor </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Assessed Owned Media Assets </p> <p>Assessed: Popularity Engagement Subscribers Content updates Socialization </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Online SoV: Owned / Earned Channels </p> <p>Insights: # of </p> <p>discussions Channels Media types </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Online SoV: Categories </p> <p>Insight: Year-on-year Discussion </p> <p>topics Focus </p> <p>discussions on Products and Services </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Online SoV: Key Topics </p> <p>Insights: Year-on-year Hot topics Physical </p> <p>stores and mobile led discussion </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Online SoV: Competitor </p> <p>Insights: Competitor </p> <p>has much larger share </p> <p> But client share grew y-y </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Online SoV: Competitor / Channel </p> <p>Insights: Micro-</p> <p>blogging, forums and blogs dominate </p> <p> Share is consistent </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Key Influencers: Top Domains </p> <p>Insights: Forum most </p> <p>critical Customers </p> <p>supporting each other </p> <p> Typically hard to track </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Key Influencers: Popularity </p> <p>Insights: Differs between </p> <p>brands Target </p> <p>competitors influencers and channels of influence </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Positive Topic Sentiment: Competitive </p> <p>Insights: Topics vary </p> <p>between brands Comparative </p> <p>share OK Competitor </p> <p>viewed more positively </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Brand Sentiment: Positive </p> <p>Insights: Broadband </p> <p>product, speed, pricing well received </p> <p> Compare against brand positioning priorities </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Brand Sentiment: Negative </p> <p>Insights: Customer service </p> <p>is a recurring issue </p> <p> Confusion between business and consumer brands </p> <p>Photo Credit: Timlewisinm </p> <p>Overall Recommendations </p> <p> Promote wider business priorities Focus on earned media (vs. owned) Emphasize twitter, forums, video </p> <p>sharing Engage your experts Focus on competitive differentiators </p> <p>of price and roaming Attack identified competitive </p> <p>weaknesses Respond proactively to customer </p> <p>service issues using twitter Respond to negativity around fiber </p> <p>and Internet </p> <p>Photo Credit: ZeroSkill </p> <p>Future of Measurement </p> <p>1. Measurement Isnt Optional </p> <p>Source: IBM Photo Credit: Texas 713 </p> <p>Mayo Clinic Puts Social at the Heart </p> <p>Source: IBM Photo Credit: Texas 713 </p> <p> Long time online resource </p> <p> Presence in big networks </p> <p> Measurable social first campaigns </p> <p> Own social network Getting experts engaged SCAD survey resulted </p> <p>from social media engagement </p> <p>2. Influence is Currency </p> <p>Photo Credit: Jeff Hester </p> <p>Secret Targets fearless influencers with Klout </p> <p>Photo Credit: Jeff Hester </p> <p> Secret deodorant campaign </p> <p> Targets influencers (based on Klout score) </p> <p> 78% recommend 294% brand awareness 64% influencers switched </p> <p>3. Big Data Becomes BAU </p> <p>Photo Credit: Koenvereeken </p> <p>Using a range of data sets including competitive information, online data such as social networking behaviours, offline data and customer information to enable a three dimensional approach to business decisions </p> <p>Facebook Data Changes Strategy for Healthcare Providers </p> <p>Photo Credit: Koenvereeken </p> <p> Which channels are effective? </p> <p> Research project Which Facebook posts drove </p> <p>action Assessed click-throughs Determined which posts </p> <p>were most popular Change in tone - manual blog </p> <p>updates Change in content - </p> <p>Community events popular </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>Summary </p> <p> Measurement isnt easy Measurement isnt optional Set measures to support business goals Understand measurement goals and </p> <p>tools Plan to measure Benchmark, review and revise </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p>Discussion </p> <p>Photo Credit: Ansik </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Jeremy Woolf </p>