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3 track-able priorities for an effective social media strategyWhat to include in your social media crisis planImplementing social media guidelines into the employee handbook and why companies should have guidelinesLaunch LLC is a marketing and media agency based out of South Bend, IN. We specialize in Branding Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Event Coordination, and Media Coordination. Visit our site,


  • 1. MONITORING and @kellyjknutson
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  • 4. MONITORING and MEASURING3 track-able priorities for an effective social mediastrategyWhat to include in your social media crisis planImplementing social media guidelines into theemployee handbook and why companies shouldhave guidelines
  • 5. Lets 81% of people with an Internet connection use some form of social media. (To put that into some realtalk #s numbers, 170 million Americans are on Facebook.) 78% of these social media users interacted with companies via social networking sites and tools, like the companys Facebook page or their Twitter account. 89% of these social media users believe their favorite brands should interact with them on these social media sites. In other words, they want to hear from you. Source: Book by Jason Falls and Erik Deckers No Bullshit Social Media
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  • 7. How can we make a social media strategy more effective? 1 Traffic from social media sites things brands can track andsee measurable results from 2 SEO ranking 3 Leads
  • 8. Priority 1 Increasing traffic from social media sites The more links you create for your brand between social media and other online sources, the more value you add to your brand, which makes it more searchable and grows online exposure. Track specific links with . Insert specific link on bitly to shorten and track how many clicks you get from social media to a blog, website, video, etc.
  • 9. How to track it?1. Track your website visits using GoogleAnalytics.2. Make note of your current traffic level.3.Monitor traffic during the campaign.Make note of what sites bring traffic to yourwebsite.4. Evaluate traffic patterns. If using morethan one social site, track # of visits fromeach site. This may show you were you wantto spend more time communicating.
  • 10. Priority 2 Improving SEO ranking through social media For the most effective long-term SEO strategy, focus on great content, both on your website and across other sites, such as a blog and social media sites, which are your off-page SEO sources. Keep it FRESH! Every new piece of content you add supports, strengthens and showcases your online visibilty, making your web presence stronger as you grow bigger.
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  • 12. How totrack it? 1. Determine how you want your company to be found. 2.Then search for your brand using those keywords. 3. Take note of where you rank currently. 4. Develop content you want to share through original blog posts, videos, white papers, or links to related material. 5. Begin sharing the content via social media. 6. Check your rankings and evaluate your message.
  • 13. Take note of where LaunchFacebook is ranked, over thewebsite.Google found Facebook tobe relevant informationwhen Launch LLC SouthBend was searched.
  • 14. Competing with numerousbusinesses in Google searchfor term Launch LLC.Made it on page 1 because ofwebsite content, and alsobecause of Google+ account.
  • 15. Priority 3 Generating leads Take your social media beyond just chatting with your customers, begin driving leads. 80% of Facebook users want coupons, promotions, discounts After spending time creating the 84% of Facebook users are relationships with customers and active daily gaining their trust, it is time to start 51% of Facebook users said they utilizing this channel to develop are more likely to buy a product the buying relationship . since becoming a fan *Source: Mashable
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  • 17. How to track it?1.Decide what you want to capture from a user.Emails, demographics, product reviews .2. Give them a reason to give you information, thinkback to what 80% of users want from Brands!3.Begin asking users and display the call to action onsocial media sites. Use entry form to collect info,make it easy for them. -Use apps or create one to custom fit your brand4. Take the information and filter contacts to salesTeam to follow up and keep track of sales made.
  • 18. Use a stock form suchas ContactMe, easyto integrate on yoursite.
  • 19. Contact form integrated with a giveaway.Think about what makes users want to share their info with you. INTERACTION IS KEY
  • 20. Protect YourBrand
  • 21. Focus here, userpoints out companyis ignoring posts.
  • 22. Company respondsquickly after userposts about theincident and asks toget in contact withher directly.
  • 23. Crisis action planInform those involved how youexpect things to be handled.Include answers to these important questions:Who is responsible for reacting ?What action is to be taken?How do you respond? Publicly or reach out to the individual privately ?What time frame do you allow before taking action?If action needed from higher level employee, who makes the decision?Who is responsible after hours?
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  • 25. What to include in your employee handbookStop Work usage: On and off the clock Personal usage: Can employees use personal page to post company newsTHINK or is that kept separate Disclaimers: Such as Opinionengage represents my own, not that of my employer
  • 26. What Apple expectsNo speculating on rumors is allowed. This includes confirming or denying anyinformation concerning new products, Apple regulations, or services.Blogs, wikis, social networks and other tools should not be used for communicationamong fellow employees. This regulation goes further in stating that differencesshouldnt be aired online, co-workers should not be discussed without theirpermission, and any images relating to other staff members cannot be postedanywhere without their expressed permission.Staff are not permitted to post messages or commentary on any Mac or Apple relatedwebsites; whether they identify themselves as Apple employees or not.If you identify yourself as an Apple employee, you connect yourself with co-workers,products, and the global brand itself so conduct online needs to be consistent withApple policies.Customer privacy is viewed as a priority for Apple as a brand. Any informationconcerning customers is not to be discussed online in any circumstance. Appleemployees are also not permitted to contact customers for social reasons or solicitingoutside of business.