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  • 1. FINAL GIRL Final girls are always dark haired and dark eyed, and a bit masculine. Their masculinity allows men to relate to them more as they are essentially the hero in the film, and they arent usually very sexually attractive.

2. MONSTER The monsters usually have some sort of mask or something that covers their face to hide their identity. They do this to make it more scary because it makes the audience wonder what is behind that mask, and why are they hiding it, the sense of curiosity makes the film more intense, but genuinely the monsters are meant to look scary, they usually have supernatural powers. 3. GROUP OF FRIENDS In the group of friends there is a blonde girl, usually a black person, and a dark haired female. 4. BENEFACTOR A benefactor is someone in the film who is constantly there to provide help and support, the audience is usually made to think that they are the monster 5. SEXUALLY ACTIVE GIRL The sexually active girls are usually blonde with blue eyes, and are very attractive, they usually die first or are one of the first and they are very sexually active during the film, and they possibly perform some sexual acts just before they get killed. 6. LOCATIONS The location of a slasher film is usually suburbia, meaning the outskirts of the towns and cities. Usually in quite and peaceful neighbourhoods , they do this because people who watch the film usually live in suburban areas which are quite and peaceful and it makes them feel like theyre not safe in their own home, which makes the movie more scary. 7. German expressionism and modern day Above is a poster which has evidently has used forms of German expressionism by using low level lighting, shadows and mainly black and white colours. 8. Film Noir Created by French critics who analysed how black and dark look. They then went on to create black and white films in which the coldness, fear, paranoia, criminal life, violence, and greed was shown in. These were called gangster movies which indicated the post war society. 9. Gothic Horror is a very gloomy and mysterious genre. It usually includes paranormal or supernatural elements such as ghosts or haunted houses. Gothic Horror 10. Modern Horror Major changes have been taken place in modern horror films. Before it was the good vs. evil style films, now theyre more confusing and morally ambiguous stories. This is more challenging for the audience. Happy endings are now a thing of the past, and it went from scary locations like woods and forests, to more familiar locations like homes and neighborhoods. 11. Movie Certificate HALLOWEEN FINAL DESTINATION CREEP SCREAM CHILDS PLAY A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE FRIDAY THE 13th SORORITY ROW I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER 12. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTES OF The advantages of having a 15 certificate is that you have a wider audience which could potentially generate more sales. You are limited to what you can include due to the restrictions. 13. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTES OF Advantages of having an 18 certificate is that you are not as restricted as a 15, and can include more gore etc. A disadvantage is that because its an 18, people below that age wont be able to watch it, this could lower sales. 14. Movie Budget Gross Halloween 1 $320,000 $60,000,000 Final destination 1 $23,000,000 $53,302,314 Creep 477,687 1,728,375 Scream 1 $15,000,000 $161,600,000 Childs play 1 $9,000,000 $44,196,684 A nightmare on elm street(2010) $35,000,000 $113,400,000 Texas chainsaw massacre(2003) $9,200,000 $107,071,655 Friday the 13th $19,000,000 $91,379,051 Sorority row $12.5 million $27 million I know what you did last summer $17 million $125.5 million 15. How do you usually consume film? Cinema 12 Internet Downloads 4 Television 3 DVDs 6 I asked people how they usually consume film, 12 people said cinema, 4 people said internet downloads, 3 people said television and 6 people said DVD. Taking this information into account I will definatley consider releasing my film in the cinema as it has the biggest audience and will then release it on DVD as that is the second most popular way of consuming film and also it will generate more profit. 16. Do you prefer 2D or 3D movies? I asked people if they prefered 2D or 3D movies. 16 people said 2D and only 9 said 3D. This shows that 2D films are more popular amongst my target audience there my film will be 2D. 17. How often do you go to the cinema? Once a week 1 Once every two weeks 4 Once a month 7 Every few months 8 Once a year 0 Randomly 5 Never 0 18. Which one of these horror movies would you be most likely to see? Saw 15 Dracula 2 Scream 8 15 people said Saw, 2 people said Dracula and 8 said scream. As the vast majority said they would most likely watch saw, I will analyse Saw movies and incorporate some of the functions into my film and trailer, also Saw is from the slasher genre showing that slasher is most popular amongst all horror genres. 19. Do you buy horror film merchandise? yes 4 no 20 20 people said no and only 4 said yes. This is the huge majority, therefore I will definitely not invest money into merchandising. 20. How much will you be willing to pay for a DVD? Under 5 5 5 - 10 12 Over 10 8 I asked how much will people be willing to pay for DVDs for I know how much to roughly price them so theyre affordable for more target market. 5 people said under 5, 12 people said 5-10 and 8 people said over 10. Therefore my DVD will definitely be between 5 and 10. 21. Do you prefer to watch an 18 certificate film or a 15 certificate film or either? 15 3 18 5 Either 17 3 people said 15 and 5 people said 18, and 17 said either. There isn't a big difference between 3 and 5 and the huge majority said either, this shows that my target market isn't really fussed with what certificate the movie is. 22. AUDIENCE PROFILE


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