media film opening deconstruction youth in revolt

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Media Film Opening deconstruction: Youth in Revolt (2009)Director: Miguel Arteta

While his trailer trash parents teeter on the edge of divorce, Nick Twisp sets his sights on dream girl Sheeni Saunders, hoping that she'll be the one to take away his virginity.Camera WorkThe first shot we see is a close up shot of all the main characters possessions, so that the audience can get to know the sorts of things he is interested in which is a way of him trying to advertise himself because he is trying to get a girl friend as if he is on some sort of dating website. Throughout the out the opening the camera mostly does an over the shoulder shot to try and give the audience a feeling of how life his from his perspective.On one occasion he is faded in the back ground as his parents have a conversation, this is to give the impression of how insignificant and distant he feels from the rest of the world.SoundThe only major sounds you here are coming from a narration spoken by the main character. In this he is introducing himself to the audience as well as talking about his life and hobbies; this to give the impression that he is advertising himself as if he is on a dating website.EditingThe main use of editing in the opening is the use of animation during the title sequence, the fact that is plaster sine and looks very cartoony could symbols how big a joke the main character thinks his life is as well as how meaningless and pitiful it must seem on the outside.

Mise-en-scneDuring the scene, the main character is always seen to be standing in the dark and only ever utters a few words to anyone. The fact that he stands in the dark could be a way of making him seem alone or an outcast from the rest of the world, this is an example of low key lighting.The overall quality of living show by the main character is general very poor, with trash littering the front room and his house being a general mess could potentially explain the reason why the character is social awkward and separated because of where he lives.Representation of charactersThe representation presentation of the main character is very quiet and mysterious; this is shown by the fact he always keeps a straight face throughout the scene and only ever talks through his narration which represents his inner thoughts.The father figure in the opening is his mothers boyfriend, who is seen to a worth less slob and refers to the main character only by boy meaning he has no respect for him. Which is more or less a stereotypical representation of a step father; he does not like his wifes kids.Aspects I might useThe only aspect I may use is the way the film uses a narration to introduce the main character and also give a back drop to the story.