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  • 1.InjectionsPrepared byMrs / Hamdia

2. Learning objectives:At the end of this lecture each student shouldbe able to:1- Define the injection2-List ten rights of medication administrations.3-Identify the components of medical order.4-Mention the different types of injections.5- Enumerate steps of injections procedure. 3. Definition of the injection:Injection involve forcing a liquid into thebody via a syringe. 4. Ten Rights of Medication Administrations1.Right medication2.Right dose3.Right time4.Right route5.Right client6.Right client education7.Right documentation8.Right to refuse9.Right assessment10. Right evaluation 5. COMPONENTS of A MEDICATION ORDER Clients name Date and time the order is written Drug name Dose to be administered Route of administration Frequency of administration Signature of the person ordering the drug 6. Types Of Needle & Syringe 7. Needle 8. Syringes 9. Different types of Syringes 10. Types of InjectionsID.SC.IM.IV. 11. General Preparation for allInjectionsBefore giving any kind of injection you will consider the following: Hand washing. Prepare the medication. Check up Prepare the client. Explain the procedure. 12. Cont Provide privacy. Select and clean the site. Prepare syringe for injection. Inject. 13. AssessmentInjection Site.Drug action and response.Specific procedure (vital signs laboratory result). 14. ID InjectionIndication:TB BCG Allergytest.Drug dose:0.1 ml of medication is used& administer with5-15 degree 15. Equipments 1 ml syringe (tuberculin syringe) Needle #25 - #27 gauge (1/4 5/8 Inch long) Alcohol swab Gloves Gauze 16. Mrs / HamdiaMohammed 17. Correct Way of ID 18. SC InjectionsIndication:Insulin Heparin.Drug dose:0.5 1 ml of medicationused & administerwith45 degree. 19. Site of Injection 20. Mrs / HamdiaMohammed 21. Equipments Syringe 2 ml Needle # 25 gauge (3/8 5/8 Inch). Alcohol swab Gloves Gauze Insulin #30 gauge and 100 unitsyringes. 22. IM Injec tion 23. Equipment 2-5 ml syringe # 21 - # 22 gauge needle or #23 25 gauge for the small muscles. 1 inches needle. The Medication- 90 degree foradminister. 24. FactorsThe size and length of the needle chose : The muscles. The type of the solution. The amount of the adipose tissue.covering the muscles. The age of the client. 25. Sites of IM injectionVentrogluteal site.Vastus lateralis site.Dorsogluteal site.Deltoid site. 26. Dorsogluteal site 27. Ventrogluteal site 28. Vastus laterals site 29. Deltoid siteMrs / HamdiaMohammed 30. I. V Injection 31. The equipment: Infusion set. Container of solution IV stand. Adhesive tape. Clean gloves. Tourniquet Antiseptic swabs Intravenous catheter. Sterile gauze. Towel or pad Electronic infusion device or pump. 32. Cont 33. Main Veins of the Arm 34. Injection Procedure 35. General steps for all different type of injection Apply medication rights Explain the procedure to the patient Keep privacy. Hand washing. Prepare necessary equipments &injection. Drape the patient, only expose wantedarea . Put p.t in suitable and comfort position. 36. Wear gloves. Locate site by identify anatomical landmark. Clean skin in circular motion outward &hold swab between fingers of nondominant hand. Pull cap of needle without cause fingerinjury. Hold syringe with dominant hand, withbevel point upward . 37. Inject needle at suitable degree for I.M, I.D, S.Cor I.V Administer medication slowly Wait 10 sec then withdraw needle Assists patient to comfort position Remove disposable gloves & wash hands Return to evaluate pt response in 10 to 30Minutes Recording & reporting


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