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  • Greater flexibility now comes in a smallerpackage Cutler-Hammers Narrow DesignType VCPW-ND. Reliable, maintenance-freevacuum circuit breaker technology designed into a space saving 26" wide switchgearsection.

    The Cutler-Hammer Type VCPW-ND VacuumCircuit Breaker was specifically designed tomeet and exceed ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, and IECStandards. Local codes can also be met with anexclusive VCPW-ND UL Listed option for breakersand switchgear. There is no longer a need to belocked into the industry standard, 36" wideswitchgear. This new space saving, 26" widedesign solves the problem of limited floor space.

    A Variety of Applications

    With its small footprint and the flexibility of aone or two-high design, the Type VCPW-NDVacuum Circuit Breaker is an ideal solution forapplications where space comes at a premium:

    Generator control Oil platforms Add-ons to existing switchgear Outdoor switchgear

    Quality and Reliability are Built-In

    All Type VCPW-ND circuit breakers aredesigned for reliability and minimal maintenance a direct result of engineering with provencomponents, quality materials and fewer movingparts.

    Each Type VCPW-ND Vacuum Circuit Breakeris assembled in an lSO 9002 certified facilityand provided with its unique Quality AssuranceCertificate that documents all tests and inspectionsperformed.

    Cutler-Hammer is a world leader in vacuuminterrupters and vacuum circuit breakers. TheType VCPW-ND Vacuum Circuit Breakerincorporates many design features which havebeen field proven through more than 30 years ofvacuum interrupter design and manufacturingexperience coupled with over 75 years ofpower circuit breaker design and manufacturingexperience.











    ANSI 5 kV at 250 MVA1200 Amperes, 60 kV BIL

    IEC 3.6 - 7.2 kV at 25 kA and 31.5 kA630 and 1250 Amperes, 60 kV BIL

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    Maintenance Free Vacuum Technology

    Spiral copper-chrome contacts provide superiorperformance characteristics, including lower chopcurrents. The spiral contact design provides a self-induced magnetic effect that moves the arc rootaround the contact periphery. This very efficient arccontrol prevents hot spots which minimizes contacterosion.

    The Industrys Best Systemfor an Electrical Connectionto a Vacuum Interrupter

    Our nonsliding current transfer system consists of aseries of tin-plated, high-conductivity copper leafconductors that are swaged onto the vacuum stems:

    Providing improved current flow through theincreased surface area (skin effect) of the multipleconductors while the multi-point contacts offer verylow electrical and thermal resistance.

    Unlike sliding or rolling designs, there are no movingparts to wearout therefore, no maintenance.

    Resulting in longer circuit breaker life.

    Plus, our unique, patented V-Flex system allows forvacuum stem movement thus creating less frictionand wear with fewer moving parts and a shorterstroke. This provides for a simpler, more compact,low energy mechanism with longer life and greaterreliability.

    Designed-ln Safety Features Provide OptimumOperator Safety

    Double dead front shields isolate the operatorfrom high voltage when the breaker is energized.Additionally, the circuit breaker can beconnected or disconnected with thecompartment door closed by utilizing anelectric levering device or a manually operatedlevering device.

    True mechanically and electricall trip-free storedenergy mechanism design means that whileholding a mechanical trip command, the breakercontacts will not close or touch even if anelectrical or mechanical close command isreceived .

    Safety interlocks provide added operator safety.The mechanism is held mechanically trip-freewhen levering the circuit breaker in or out.Additionally, closing springs will dischargeautomatically when the breaker is beingwithdrawn from or inserted into its compartment.


    Primary Contacts(finger clusters)

    Vacuum Interrupter



    Copper LeafConductors



    DrivingForceon theColumnarArc

    Controls and indicators are functionally grouped on the front panel of the VCPW-NDbreaker for user friendly operation.

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    Designed for Easy Access, Inspection, andMinimal Maintenance

    Removing the circuit breaker front panelprovides access to the stored energymechanism and control components, facilitatingease of inspection. Minor maintenance whenrequired, such as lubricating the mechanism andaccessing the control components, is simplified.

    When the circuit breaker is withdrawn from thecompartment on removable extension rails, thecontact erosion indicator (one for each vacuuminterrupter) can be visually inspected. Onlyoccasional visual inspection is required.












    Type VCPW-ND Dimensions - Inches (mm)

    Front View Side View


    Circuit Nominal Nominal Voltage Insulation Level Current Inter- Permis- Maximum Current ValuesBreaker Voltage 3-Phase Maximum Voltage Withstand Contin- Short rupting sible Voltage Maximum Closing ClosingType Class MVA Voltage Range Test Voltage uous Circuit Time Tripping Divided Symmetrical and and

    Class Factor Current Current Delay By K Interrupting Latching Latchingat 60 Hz (at Rated Capability Capability Capability

    Max. kV) Momentary

    Power Impulse K Times 2.7 K 1.6 KFre- Rated Short Times Times quency Circuit Rated Rated

    2 (1 min.) 3 Current24 Short ShortCircuit CircuitCurrent Current

    E K I Y E/KkV MVA kV rms kV rms kV Peak Amperes kA rms Cycles Seconds kV rms kA rms kA Peak kA rms . . lbs.

    50VCPW-ND250 4.16 250 4.76 1.24 19 60 1200 29 5 2 3.85 36 97 58 345

    ANSI Standards VCP-W Vacuum Circuit Breaker Types Rated on Symmetrical Current Rating Basis 1Identification Rated Values Weight

    Circuit Voltage Insulation Level Normal Short 3 Second Short CableBreaker Class Power Impulse Current Circuit Short Time Circuit ChargingType Frequency Withstand Breaking Current Making Breaking

    Current Current AmpskV rms kV Peak kV Peak Amperes kA rms kA rms kA Peak Amperes.. kg

    36VCPW-ND25 3.6 10 40 630, 1250 25. 25. 63 25 159

    36VCPW-ND32 3.6 10 40 630, 1250 31.5 31.5 79 25 159

    72VCPW-ND25 7.2 20 60 630, 1250 25. 25. 63 25 159

    72VCPW-ND32 7.2 20 60 630, 1250 31.5 31.5 79 25 159

    IEC Standards VCP-W Vacuum Circuit Breaker Types Rated on Symmetrical Current Rating Basis 5Identification Rated Values Weight

    1 Applicable ANSI Standards C37.04-1979, C37.09-1979, and C37.06-1987.Operating Duty Cycle CO-15 seconds-CO. Operating Time Values:Opening 30-45 ms, Closing 45-60 ms and reclosing 18 cycles (300 ms).

    2 Consult Application Data 32-265 for further information.

    3 Optional interrupting time of 3 cycles is available.4 Also 3-second short time current carrying capability.5 Interrupting time is 3 cycles at 50/60 Hz.

    Rated operating sequence O-3 min-CO-3 min-CO, in accordance with IEC-56.

    Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. listed option is available.UL

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  • Eaton CorporationCutler-Hammer business unit1000 Cherrington Parkway Moon Township, PA 15108United Statestel:

    2003 Eaton CorporationAll Rights ReservedPrinted in USAForm No. PA 01301003ESeptember 2003

    All circuit breakers and related switchgear shall conformto applicable [ANSI, IEEE, UL Listed] or [lEC] 1standards. All circuit breakers shall use vacuuminterrupter technology, be manufactured in a Cutler-Hammer ISO 9002 factory, and be Cutler-Hammer TypeVCPW-ND, rated as follows:

    Maximum Voltage:ANSI 4.76 kIEC 3.6 - 7.2 kV

    Insulation Level:Power Frequency - 19 kV rmsImpulse Withstand - 60 kV peak

    Short Circuit Current:ANSI - 29 kA (250MVA) 1IEC - [25 kA] or [31.5 kA] 1

    Close and Latch Capability:ANSI - 97 kA peak1

    Short Circuit, Making Current:IEC - [63 kA] or [79 kA] peak 1

    Interrupting Time:[Five] or [Three] cycles 1

    Continuous Current:ANSI - [1200A] 1IEC - [630A] or [1250A] 1

    The vacuum circuit breakers shall be horizontal drawout typecapable of being withdrawn on rails. The circuit breakersshall be operated by a motorcharged spring type storedenergy mechanism, charged normally by an electric motorand in an emergency by a manual charging tool. The primarydisconnecting contacts shall be self-aligning, silverplatedcopper. Each circuit breaker shall be of modular construction,containing front accessible mechanism with free andunobstructed access to control components for ease ofinspection or maintenance. Each circuit breaker shall containthree vacuum interrupters separately mounted in a self-contained, self-aligning pole unit, which can be removed ascomplete assemblies. The vacuum interrupter pole unitprimary phase to ground insulation system shall be glasspolyester. A contact erosion indicator for each vacuuminterrupter, which requires no special tools to indicateavailable contact life, shall be easily visible when the breaker

    is removed from its compartment. The vacuum interruptershall utilize copper chrome contact material. The currenttransfer from the vacuum interrupter