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  • Cultural groundbreakers in music and film are always on the lookout for their next inspiration piece. Their choices influence others to adopt the look of their favorite star.

    Men have limited choice, but jewelry designed for masculine tastes offers a way to make a powerful style statement.

    Maybe thats why confident, top celebrities are drawn to limited edition jewelry from William Henry. Meet some of our famous collectors.

  • In a provocative cover story and photoshoot in Flaunt magazine for October 2014, Nick Jonas revealed more than his new album.

    He accessorized with a stunning William Henry necklace and pendant inlaid with green fossil dinosaur bone. Jonas represents the bold, young artist with an emerging sense of style.

    Currently, WH offers a tungsten guitar-pick shaped pendant, inset with rare green fossil dinosaur bone, 100 million years in the making.

  • Known for his gently androgynous look and original style, Leto appeared on the cover of Flaunt in May 2014, wearing William Henry jewelry.

    Letos independent take on red carpet fashion has made him a new industry icon, as much for his look as his Academy Award-caliber acting turns.

    On the cover, hes decked out in a sterling silver snake bracelet, and multiple WH pendants. In one image hes skewering a pile of dollar bills with a WH pocketknife, featuring Damascus steel blade and woolly mammoth bone.

  • Carve out your fashion niche and boost your manly cred with a William Henry pocketknife. Each is a limited edition that defines functional jewelrypart jewelry, part tool.

    The pocketknife is made-to-order for todays mobile lifestyle, air travel excepted. Its handy for serving cheese, opening an envelope, or cutting your way out of a tight spot (use your imagination).

    The current Pikatti WMMC folding knife comes framed in a wave Mokume Gane pattern, inlaid with 10,000-year-old fossil Woolly Mammoth bone.

  • Hollywood pro and actor Peter Facinelli has a long list of film and TV credits, and rocks a personal style that is tastefully classic.

    A fan of William Henry jewelry, he wears their cufflinks and collects the extraordinary carved knives, saying The quality and craftsmanship is undeniable.

    If you covet his cufflinks, like the rich-looking set CL2-2 DINO, make friends with this guy. He likes to gift William Henry jewelry as well as collecting it for himself.

  • When: with a formal tuxedo or semiformal suit; optional in a business environment; whenever you feel like it, with jeans, no tie, and the right kind of shirt and cuff.

    What type: collect different styles. On formal occasions, go for a black onyx face. Meeting with investors, impress with the CL2-3 CORAL set, inlaid with 100,000-year-old, blue-black fossil coral, set in sterling silver.

    What shirt: ideally French cuffs with open buttonholes and fine tailoring to show off cufflinks, extending two inches below the suit sleeve edge.

  • Mantegna is the ideal William Henry man, sure of his self-image. He is known to admire fine, well-made accessories.

    He collects William Henry jewelry, presenting pieces to his closest friends, like playwright David Mamet.

    Mantegna commissioned an original WH pocketknife when receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He also owns the stunning Masters Fairway golf tool in rhodium-plated nickel frame with diamond pave inset.

  • Strong women need strong accessories, and few can compete for an image of strength with the beautiful and buff Alexander.

    In high school she showed dual interests in theater and sports, great prep for starring roles in action films.

    Its no surprise that her knife collection includes a William Henry, featuring Mother of Pearl and aquamarine gemstones.

  • About William Henry

    William Henry is an American luxury brand creating jewelry for discerning men. Award-winning designs blend ancient arts with limited editions by master craftsmen. Each piece expresses an original vision, from writing instruments to pocket knives sought after by celebrities the world over. Visit William Henry at

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