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  • megan barber designs

    logo designs publications annual reports advertising

    This document is intended to offer a succinct and pertinent introduction an extended business card but abridged CV -

    to myself as a skilled and experienced graphic designer and businesswoman.

    I am happy to offer any additional detail you may need and am proud to show my portfolio of work.

  • My clients include:

    The South African Breweries World of Beer

    The South African Breweries (Alrode Brewing)

    Kgalagadi Brewing Company of Botswana

    Richmont International

    The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management

    The Country Club Johannesburg

    The Parkview Golf Club, Johannesburg

    The Association of Responsible Alcohol (ARA);

    Arcus Gibb Consulting Engineers

    APS PlanAfrika Town Planning

    The National Occupational Safety Association

    The Gauteng Economic Development Agency

    African Defence Systems (ADS)

    (I am happy to provide contact references).

    My work for these organisations has includeddesigns for:

    Corporate identities

    Corporate literature (annual reports, marketing literature, posters, magazines etc)


    Below the line material (such as promotional clothing, sales material etc)

    All this has necessitated my direct involvement in:

    Consulting with clients to determine time frames, budgets and other objectives;

    Analysing clients needs, undertaking researchand planning presentation of material;

    Preparing concepts and illustrations of other visualrepresentation of final material;

    Submitting designs to clients for approval

    Preparing notes and instruction for finishing artiststo assemble and prepare final artwork for printing,display or electronic use;

    Reviewing final layouts and suggest changes andimprovements through proofing stages;

    Directing photography and reproduction of illustrations and other graphics.

    Commissioning and briefing copywriters and liaisingwith printers and mailing houses.

    For almost the past decade, I have managed a successful design studio under my own name MeganBarber Designs cc in Johannesburg, South Africa, and provided designs for a number of blue chip SouthAfrican corporations.

    During this time, the studios profitability has grown consistently.

    I am the sole owner of the studio and work alone, outsourcing allied requirements such as copywriting andprinting, where necessary.

  • logo designs

    To do this work, I am proficient in the electronic design programmes of Quark Express, Photoshop and Freehand.

    Proficiency in the designing art has evolved from a three-year apprenticeship with what was, at the time, a leadingJohannesburg studio, Graphicor, and thereafter at three other South African studios.

    I opened Megan Barber Designs in 1999.

    Success at my own business has demanded design qualities covering:

    Thoroughness and meticulousness

    Ability to work quickly and under pressure

    Ability to meet deadlines,

    Ability to offer a wide range of styles rather than just one, personal approach;

    Ability to adhere to the creative brief and other client guidelines

    Excellent knowledge of design and typography.

    At a personal level, I am:

    Friendly, hardworking, a perfectionist, accommodating, co-operative and committed.

    My personal interests include all facets of art and design, birds and other wildlife, and personal psychology.

    I was born and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and completed my schooling there before traveling in theUnited Kingdom and Europe for three years.

    Since my return, I have lived in Johannessburg, where I own my own home.

    I have also traveled on numerous occasions to Australia, where I have a married sister, a niece and nephew.

    I am aged 42, single and in good health.


    annual reports


    megan barber designs

  • C U L L I N A N


  • Stylish living in space and tranquilityCOUNTRY ESTATE

  • Issue 1. February 2008

    Inside: TT100 Awards 2007


  • Youre holding a new magazine intended for

    readers with a commitment to developing

    technology, innovation, people and systems

    thinking in South Africa.

    Its a venture between the Mail & Guardian

    and the Da Vinci Institute for Technology

    Management, South Africas foremost

    private higher education institute.

    Edge will offer readers an insight to the

    latest trends, developments and thinking in

    the management of technology, innovation,

    people and systems, in a bid to foster the

    empowerment of organisations and the

    extension of individual potential.

    It will also offer readers valuable, usable

    information developed by the enterprises

    recognised as South Africas Technology

    Top 100.

    Edge will be pubished quarterly.



    Introducing Edge 2Good ideas must benefit 4economy, says Dr Phil Mjwara

    SA Experiment will 6transform service delivery

    Technology Top 100 8Technology Top 100 winners 11Altech Netstars vehicle 12tracking ideas

    DebTech ready to share 16its know-how

    ATE flies high in 18new thinking

    Accsys makes sure 22people really are most important assets

    PFK Electronics takes its 24security innovations abroad

    Altech moves into broadband 28Innovative protection 30for hot water geysers

    Young entrepreneur 34captures eye-care market

    New platinum moulding 38technology aids jewellery industry

    New bone graft material 40ready for surgeons

    Technology combats stress 42How to read employees 44minds

    edge february 2008 | 1


    The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Pty) Ltd - Registered with the Department of Education as a private higher education institutionunder the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration Certificate No. 2004/HE07/003

    An MSc in the Management ofTechnology and Innovation,

    takes todays business managerinto the beyond.

    Its essential to every manager, ofwhatever qualification or position

    in the company; crucial tostudents seeking increased

    business competence;the very essence of achieving

    competitive supremacy globally.

    perfect for everyonewith bright ideas

  • business decisions in the complex

    world of technology goes way

    beyond financial justification to

    the realms of the triple bottom

    line, short-term obsolescences and

    much else.

    South Africas uniqueness, history

    and innovative mindset among all its

    people have earned it recognition as

    a leader in technology management.

    Navigating an operation through the

    complexities of the modern business

    environment demands an ability

    to move away from Newtons world

    of either/or to the notion of


    As technology increasingly permeates

    virtually every move by globally

    successful organisations, managers

    exposure to the essence of the

    technology management grows ever

    more critical.

    Our sincere hope is that Edge will

    prove valuable to minds that seek to

    grasp the ubiquitous impact of

    technology, innovation, people and

    systems, to foster understanding of

    the issues facing those who develop

    technology and those who use it.

    Professor Roy Marcus

    CEO of Da Vinci Holdings

    2 | edge february 2008 edge february 2008 | 3


    Edge is intended to expose you to the

    ideas, mindsets and approaches of

    some of the worlds smartest thinkers

    in their management of technology,

    innovation and people.

    Welcome to this, the inaugural issue.

    Edge will carry news, interviews and

    case studies, in the hope that readers

    will learn something from them, be it

    profound or just a neat new way of

    doing things, and be able to apply

    it to their advantage in their personal

    lives or businesses.

    Its focus is sharply on Technology,

    Innovation and People. The magazine

    comes to you jointly from:

    The Da Vinci Institute, an

    international centre of excellence in

    the field of technology management

    and innovation, where we pride

    ourselves on a development model

    founded on international best

    practices; and

    The Mail & Guardian.

    At Da Vinci we believe we

    understand the business world; we

    have pioneered new thinking around

    the human-technology interface and,

    through our collaborators and our

    industrial, research and academic

    associates, we bring a spectrum of

    best-of-breed offerings to operations

    striving to be globally competitive.

    Our cutting-edge thinking in all

    aspects of technology management

    and our high-level think tanks

    are catalysts for action both by

    governments and by leading


    Several convictions are integral to

    our ethos.

    As technology becomes more

    pervasive, no manager in any

    operation irrespective of training or

    position - can contribute adequately

    to business performance without

    appreciating the fundamentals of

    managing technology. Making

    Success for people and businesses in todays world demandscutting-edge international thinking on managing organisations.

    Learn what thesmart thinkersare thinking

    As youll read alongside, Edge exists to expose the ideas and approaches of

    smart thinkers in their management of technology, in