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  • 1. mele e portfolio
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3.
    • Name: Mele Broughton
    • Date: 30/07/08
    • Age: 7.9
    • Teacher prompts:
    • I want you to tell me all about this person
    • Can you tell me more
    • What else
    Mele is currently working at Stage 6 for Oral Language Oral Language JOST 6. Expanded sentence with possible prediction. 5. Full sentence plus conjunction. The girl is riding on her bike and she looks like shes riding round in circles. 4. Simple sentence with phrase. A girls riding her bike to the park. 3. Simple sentence. (and) A girls riding a bike. 2. Functionally complete. (2 words) Theres a bike. 1. Incomplete Sentence. (1 word) The/A bike.
  • 4. Success Criteria for Processing Information : This speech should display the following features Speeches Term 3 2008 Closing Mihi : No reira tena koutou Ka pai, Mele! Ending : rounds off speech, sums up, uses I statement in conclusion She did very well considering she had not long moved into the class from Room 10 Stance : Makes eye contact, faces audience, uses hand gestures, confident, She needs to remember to face the audience when speaking and to speak in a loud, clear voice. Tone of voice : Interesting, monotone, confident, clear, articulate Mele presented an informative speech about hangi and how hangi is made. Content : Interesting, Humorous, factual, phrased, uses props Introduction : My speech is about. Mihi/Pepeha : Tihei mauriora, Tena Koutou .
  • 5. Health and PE Term 3 2008 B1 Movement and Skills: Science and Technology B2 Positive Attitudes, challenges and social and cultural factors Key Areas of Learning Body care and Physical Safety Physical Activity Gymnastics
    • Put together a sequence of movements and perform them
    • Accept advice & guidance re safety
    • Use the vaulting box safely to : side jump, stand up and walk across, forward roll, through jump
    • Use the spring board correctly : with both feet together and timing
    • Perform a backward roll using correct technique : squat, roll back using hands to push up and over, legs together
    • Perform a forward roll using correct technique : crouch, roll, straight legs, into standing position
    • Support own weight on hands moving : cartwheel, walkover, handspring using good technique and posture
    • Support own weight on hands stationary : handstand using good technique and posture
    • Balance using 2 parts of my body
    I enjoyed the beam and the vault I learned how to jump over the high vault. I would like to be better at backward rolls
    • Balance on 1 leg
    Comment I can . Post
  • 6. Understanding the Arts in Context Dance L2 Demonstrate an awareness of dance in their own lives and in their communities Developing Practical Knowledge L2 Identify and explore elements and principles using a variety of materials and techniques Communicating and interpreting L2/3 Present their work and describe the ideas communicated by their own and others objects and images. Term 4 2008 Nga Toi The Arts Kapa Haka Mosaics
  • 7. Athletics Personal Health and Physical Development L2 A 2 Students will maintain regular enjoyable physical activity with an increasing understanding of its role in self care and well being Term 4, 2008 Mele is working at Level 2 for Health and Physical Education My goal for athletics is to run faster I can achieve this by practicing I participated in the junior athletics
  • 8. Te Reo Maori Mele can name ___ of 10 words pertaining to the forest correctly and is working at Level ___ for Te Reo Maori Term 4, 2008 Te Reo Whakaari: Presenting = Use selected features of Visual Language to add meaning to simple Written or Oral text
  • 9. Cool webpages You can find answers to a lot of your questions here This is our class page to show whats happening in our class
  • 10. My friends
  • 11. Home Learning Goals My learning goals for home are To practice my reading and spelling and maths November, 2008