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  • 1. Youre customers are talking.Are you listening? Commercial In Confidence Copyright 2005 Stellar Call Centres Pty Ltd May 2010ACN 082618148 ABN 86 082 618 148

2. Stellar Global1 3. Is anyone listening? 29% of contact centres d notft t tdo tmeasure customer satisfaction* Source: 2009 2 4. Is anyone listening? 3,800 contact centres in Australia* 3 800 Source: 2009 4 6. Our opportunity to listen?8 out of 10 customer interactions are handled by a call centre Source: 20095 7. Our opportunity to listen? 28,000 28 000 calls per week* Source: 20096 8. Our opportunity to listen? 2,000,000 2 000 000 calls this morning7 9. Our opportunity to listen? This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes . purposes. Who is really listening to these callers? 8 10. Why is listening to your customers important?I only call you because I have tomers ViewVI want you to own my problem t tbl I will give you every opportunity I can for you I The Customto keep my businessplease listen to me WhenWh I switch to your competitor, you will have it h t titill h to wait for them to mess up before I come back Active listening can increase customer satisfactionby 10-20% and reduce costs by 20-30%9 11. Simple RoadmapWho Wh are you? ? Can this be translated to every facet of the call centre? Listen from th customers perspective? Li t fthe t ti ? Attitude at the start & end of the call. Close the Loop Clth L 10 12. listeningCentreAA Typical Call Centre Quality Assurance Form Balanced Call Centre Quality Assurance Form Which of these two in customer retention improves profitability A 5% improvement does your quality assurance process by between 25 to 100%. (Bain & Co) match?Does your quality d f ti Cutting C tti customer defections by just 5% has the effect oftassurance b j t help you drive a better process h th ff t f customer profits between 25% and customer loyalty? boosting experience and improve 95% (Harvard Business Review)5/17/2010 11 11 13. Typical outcomes High transfer rates how much your call volume can be driven down? CE 20% lower for transferred calls Unnecessary calls Ull 27% of callers tried online channel first volume has awhat % of call 1 in 7 calls were able to hear and understand anothermissed revenue opportunity?pp y agent calling 60% of calls will require follow up involving call centre your Customers perceptionCustomer s What is driving repeat or follow upyour agents?of calls? Upstream/Downstream issues System slow S tl Significant hold times or dead time What are you sending yyg your customer Are you easy to deal with?5/17/20101212 14. Take Away are you really interested?This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.Who is really listening to these callers? Is your q yquality monitoring really about customers yg y or is it about internal processes?Listen to 15 calls & ONLY focus on how did the customer attitude change from the start of the call to the end of the call? 13