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What makes a good MELODY? Alexandra Zablotsky 2014

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  1. 1. Alexandra Zablotsky2014
  2. 2. Pitch the highness orlowness of a note Rhythm a pattern ofsound
  3. 3. Stepwise motion:The pitches areorganized one stepaway from each other Leapwise motion:The pitches areorganized more thanone step away fromeach other
  4. 4. Theme: a musicalexpression oridea Themes are madeup of MOTIFSMotif Theme
  5. 5. The melodic contour is traced in red. The melody builds up to thehighest point on the last note.
  6. 6. More examples of shape; here the melody starts higher andmoves down.
  7. 7. Ludwig VanBeethoven,Symphony No. 5in C minor
  8. 8. Motive: smallsections thatmake up amelodic theme
  9. 9. Transposition ismoving thepitches up ordown: Diatonictransposition ChromaticTransposition
  10. 10. Augmentation slowsdown Diminution - Speeds up
  11. 11. Melodic transformationtechniques Stepwise and leapwisemotionMelodic shapeMotivic transposition diatonic and chromatic Rhythmic transformation augmentation anddiminution
  12. 12. Practice listening Write your own melodies incorporating thesetechniques Practice soloing using these techniques
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