memory techniques phs 2009. lets test your memory…look at these objects

Download Memory Techniques PHS 2009. Lets test your memory…Look at these objects

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  • Memory TechniquesPHS 2009

  • Lets test your memoryLook at these objects

  • Write down the objects you rememberedThere are 20 different items!!

  • Try to remember these sets of lettersWMBLNFAICANBIBFBMLSLM

  • Write down as many sets of letters as you can

  • How about these sets of letters...MLBMLSNBABMWFBICIANFL


  • Different Memory TechniquesTeamworkStudy with friendsDivide up the workKnow different information

  • Different Memory TechniquesChunkingA technique used when remembering numbers Short term memory can store 5-9 numbers at once

    Examples of Chunking in real lifePhone Number= 847-991-1231Credit Card= 4473-8756-9900-1221Social Security Card= 223-87-4530

  • Different Memory TechniquesWacky WordsCombine the first letters of different sets of information.

    ExamplesPEMDAS= Parentheses, exponents, multiply, divide, add, and subtractFOIL= First, Outside, Inside, Last(m+5)(m-2)

  • Different Memory TechniquesSilly SentencesMaking a sentence using the first letter of each piece of information

    ExamplesPlease Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (PEMDAS)Never Eat Soggy Waffles (N, E, S, W)

  • Different Memory TechniquesVisualizationCreate a mental picture that represents information.

    Examples: How to pick an apple.Imagine you are walking in an orchard, looking up at red apples dangling over your head. You notice one apple is bigger than the others and you extend your arm to grab it. Once in your hand, you know its the perfect apple because it isnt too squishy or firm. Its perfect.

  • Different Memory TechniquesAssociationPairing new information with well known information

    Example:Mike SmithMichael Jordan eating a granny smith apple

  • Different Memory TechniquesRepetition:Repeating the information over and over to cement it in your brain.

    Examples:2+2=4, 2+2=4, 2+2=4, etc.Using flashcards for vocab

  • Different Memory TechniquesMental MapA diagram used to represent words or ideas linked to a central key word or idea

    Examples:WWII= Causes, battles, people, effects

  • IntelligenceIntelligence: The capacity to understand, know, apprehend, or grasp mentally

  • Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligence TheoryHoward Gardner believes that IQ tests do not completely measure human intelligenceIn his theory, Gardner believes that every individual has 8 different and independent abilities for solving problems or 8 different ways to be SMART!!!!Gardner believes that the capacity of each intelligence depends on how the individual is brought up or nurtured.

  • Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligence TheoryEveryone has all 8 multiple intelligences to some degree, but some may be more obvious in you because of your upbringing, family, schooling, likes and dislikes. The intelligences can be increased or developed.All the intelligences work together in everyday life to help you be smarter.

  • 8 IntelligencesVerbal-Linguistic word smartTypically good at reading, writing, and memorizing wordsLogical-Mathematical number smartNaturally excel in mathematics, chess, computer programmingVisual-Spatial picture smartHave a good sense of direction and can solve puzzles

  • 8 IntelligencesBodily-Kinesthetic body smartGenerally good at physical activities such as sports or danceMusical-Rhythmic music smartGreater sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and musicInterpersonal people smartCharacterized by their sensitivity to others' moods, feelings, temperaments.

  • 8 intelligencesIntrapersonal self smartTend to work alone and know their limitsNaturalistic world and nature smartHave greater sensitivity to nature and the ability to nurture and grow things