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MEMS MicrophoneBetter communication through better listening Report SAMPLESource: Analog Devices Source: Akustica Source:: AAC acoustic Source: ST Source: Apple Source: Knowles


Table of contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Methodology 3. MEMS Microphone Definition and Technologies Overview Advantages compared to ECM Detection principals Monolithic VS. Several chip solution Analog/Digital microphones Packaging & Patents Medical, Automotive and Military application Penetration rate of MEMS microphone MEMS microphone market forecast split by application

4. MEMS Microphone Industry Supply Chain and Main Players Supply chain overview Evolution of business models Main Players Profiles and Products Strategy of Main Players / New Challengers Geographic evolution Inactive players, M&A and latest announcements 5. MEMS Microphone Applications and Market by Application Mobile phone application Laptop and other consumer application 2011

6. Technology Evolution and Trends MEMS Microphone Technology roadmap Manufacturing and packaging evolution Challenges and opportunities From microphone to speaker? 7. Conclusion 8. Appendix 8.1 General overview of the MEMS Business MEMS History & Genealogy MEMS market challenges 8.2 MEMS Manufacturing Overview Micromachining technologies MEMS processes challenges MEMS manufacturing and packaging roadmaps


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Objectives of the report The objectives of this report are the following: To provide overview on MEMS microphone technologies, packaging & patents To provide market data on MEMS microphone market: key market metrics & dynamics: Unit shipments and revenues Penetration rate by application Complete market forecast in 2010-2016 Average selling price analysis and expected evolution Market shares with detailed breakdown for each player

To provide a deep understanding of MEMS microphone value chain:

Exhaustive list of players for each step: die, ASIC, packagingAnalysis on the new players and potential new entrants Analysis on the change of business models and strategies of the main players and new challengers

To provide application focus on key existing markets and most promising emerging ones: new features, technology evolution, insight about future opportunities & challenges: Functions that are used, new features and specification requirements

Technology roadmaps with functionalitiesInsight about future technology trends & manufacturing challenges: evolution of front-end MEMS manufacturing, new packaging technologies



2011 Copyrights Yole Dveloppement SARL. All rights reserved.

Who should buy this report? MEMS microphone manufacturers Evaluate market potential of future technologies and products for new applicative markets Understand the differentiated value of your products and technologies in this market Identify new business opportunities and partners Monitor and benchmark your competitors advancements

Consumer Electronic OEMs Evaluate market potential of future technologies and products for new applicative markets Screen potential new suppliers of microphones Evaluate the benefits of using MEMS microphones in your end system

R&D centers Understand the impact of new MEMS microphone manufacturing and packaging technologies Evaluate market potential of future technologies and products for new applicative markets

MEMS microphone & packaging foundries Understand what are the applications that will drive the volumes Identify new prospects business opportunities and

Financial & strategic investors Understand the structure and value chain of the MEMS microphone industry Estimate the potential of new devices Get the list of the key players and emerging startups of this industry worldwide

Mixed-signal companies & ASIC manufacturers, Software specialists Spot new opportunities and define diversification strategies



2011 Copyrights Yole Dveloppement SARL. All rights reserved.

MEMS Microphone TechnologiesDetection Types Five types of silicon microphones have been identified so far: Capacitive detection is of high growth and interest today Dedicated to low cost and moderate performances devices: i.e. the replacement market of the ECM

Microflow detection is related to fine sound measurements Oriented toward measurement market

Optical detection is more military / security oriented This detection is very accurate and allow lot of noise reduction It main feature is to be undetectable compared to other technologies They are mainly developed for military applications

Piezoresistive and piezoelectric detection principle are rarely seen

Detection principlesCapacitiveKnowles Electronics EPCOS / Sonion MEMSTech Infineon Bosch / Akustica Panasonic NXP Semiconductor VTT Electronics 2011

OpticalPhone-Or (stopped) Toshiba NASA .

MicroflowMicroflown .

PiezoresistiveAvagoTech Auxitrol



2011 Copyrights Yole Dveloppement SARL. All rights reserved.

Supply Chain for MEMS microphonesMEMS dieDesign Manufacturing Design

ASIC dieManufacturing

Packaging & moduleSubstrate Assembly Test


Knowles (USA)

MEMS die designersKnowles, Wolfson, STM


MEMS die foundriesOmron, Sony

BSE (KR) Infineon / Hosiden (D, J) ST (IT)

ASIC suppliersADI, Xfab, Infineon

Packaging and Assembly playersTong Hsing, ASE

ADI (USA) Epcos (D) Akustica / Bosch (USA)

MEMS die design & manufacturingInfineon, Akustica/Bosch

3S (TW) Wolfson (UK) Merry Electronics (TW) GoerTek (CN)

The detailed supply chain is presented in the report 2011


2011 Copyrights Yole Dveloppement SARL. All rights reserved.

Example of Die Size Reduction for Microphones

2006 Knowles S2.14, 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm, MEMS microphone die, with a 0.64 mm diameter diaphragm. The Knowles microphones use a separate ASIC 2011 7 die.

2007/2008 S3.15 is 1.35 mm x 1.35 mm and features only two bond pads, as compared to the four seen on the S2.14. The diaphragm is 0.64 mm in diameter.

2010 S4.10 microphone. The microphone die is only 1.1 mm x 1.1 mm, with a 0.64 mm diaphragm. It is worth noting that Knowles does not appear to have changed the basic layout of the technology, rather they have been shrinking the die, thus allowing them to lower the cost. They have achieved greater than 50% shrink in the die area between the S2.14 product and the newer S4.10 product, implying a doubling of the chip yield per wafer, while keeping the microphone diaphragm constant in size.

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Knowles Acoustics SPM0408HE5H MEMS Microphone (current generation) The Package is composed by three portions of FR4 PCB electrically connected with a conductive adhesive. The two dies are glued on the bottom portion of the package and wire bonded. 4.72mm x 3.76mm x 1.25mm

The ASIC die is encapsulated with a glob-top epoxyresin. Package Side view



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MEMS Manufacturing Roadmap

Bulk MM MEMS Product Dimensions Inertial MEMS for consumer applications

Cost Reduction

Surface MM Higher design freedom More sophisticated devicesUp to 500m structures Pressure sensors mostly Low cost but restricted design Repeatable process No IC process compatibility

Thick SOI Thin SOI

W2W or C2W Use of Through Si Vias Most likely scenario for CMOS MEMS stacking in the future But will cost be competitive?

Inertial MEMS, micro-mirrors, RF MEMS

Integration with high-voltage CMOS (reduced parasitances) Structure increased vertical deflection (micro-mirrors); higher design freedom

?3D Integration

Cavity SOI New design freedom improves electrical perf. improves yield CMOS standard

CMOS MEMS reuse semiconductor manufacturing lines cost can be lower compared to hybrid increased performance BUT process compatibility is an issue XeF2 use

70-80s 2011




Today/Future2011 Copyrights Yole Dveloppement SARL. All rights reserved.

Companies Cited in this Report

AAC Acoustic Technologies, Akustica/Bosch, Analog Devices, APM, Apogee, Apple, ASE, AudioPixels, Auxitrol, AvagoTech, B&K, BenQ, BSE, Continental, CSIL, CSMC-Tech, Draper Lab, Goertek, Google, GMEMS, Hosiden, Infineon, INN, Knowles acoustics/SonionMEMS, LG, Lingsen Pecision Industries, MEMSensing, MEMSTech, Merry electronics, Microflown, MosArt Packaging, Motorola, NASA, NCT, Nokia, NXP, Omron, Panasonic, Phone Or, Samsung, Siemens, Silicon Matrix, Solid State System, ST Microelectronics, Tong Hsing, TDK-EPC, Toshiba, UMC, VK mobile, VTT Electronics, Wolfson, Xfab, Yamaha



2011 Copyrights Yole Dveloppement SARL. All rights reserved.

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